INHALCO is a progressive online smoke shop that offers a wide variety of high-quality smoking paraphernalia that includes pipes, nectar collectors, vaporizers, accessories, and more. From one-of-a-kind dab rigs, bongs, and bubblers, to wax pens, dab pens, and silicone nectar collectors, INHALCO offers it all.

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    About INHALCO

    Originally the company was exclusively about providing the best shopping experience for smokers at their online store. However, the INHALCO brand has grown into a highly respected and trusted head shop.

    At INHALCO, their mission is to provide convenient and enjoyable cannabis shopping solutions for smoking products and accessories at their one-stop shop. Every product is tested with customers in mind to ensure the highest quality. The company hand picks only the best quality and the most popular products available in the marketplace.

    INHALCO offers unique glassware, bongs, bubblers, dab rigs, honey straws, and other accessories. It also offers dab attachments, reclaim catchers, dab mats, dab accessories, and more. Customers can choose from some of the best dab kits and nectar collectors made from glass and silicone. They can also select from a wide variety of water pipe accessories such as terp pearls, carb caps, dab mats, grinders, and 510 batteries, bowl screens, ash catchers, glass adapters, and more. Some popular favorites are detailed below. 

    INHALCO Toker eStraw Electric Nectar Collector

    The popular INHALCO Toker eStraw Electric Nectar Collector has a new hollow ceramic heating tip without a coil which evenly distributes the heat, which differs from other products where the coil directly contacts your materials. Smooth and flavorful hits with no combustion.

    INHALCO Silicone Glass Dab Straw

    The INHALCO Silicone Glass Dab Straw is made of high-quality odor-free, nonstick, food-grade, BPA-free silicone that quickly heats and cools, and is super easy to use.

    INHALCO 10mm Reclaim Catcher

    Another favorite is the INHALCO 10mm Reclaim Catcher can be used between a dab rig and a banger to reclaim and reuse leftover wax while keeping the rig clean. Simple to use, this reclaim catcher helps customers save money.