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    Looking for something new and exciting? From towering 6ft superpipes to mind-blowing multi-chambered masterpieces with psychedelic finishes, our collection is sure to catch your eye. But, if simplicity is more your style, no worries! Their high-quality acrylic pipes are built like tanks and come at a fraction of the cost of glass. So, why not try something new or stick to a classic, either way, Headway Designs has got you covered!

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    Headway Designs believes that sometimes, the simplest things are the most elegant. That's why they have designed their flagship straight collection with the original straight water pipe design, combining innovation with classic style. In addition to the straight pipe, bubble, double bubble, and triple bubble pipes are also available.

    Made from durable high-quality acrylic, these pipes are both functional and visually striking, offering an affordable and stylish smoking experience. Headway Designs offers a range of vibrant colors and sizes, allowing customers to choose the perfect pipe that fits their unique style. Headway Designs is committed to providing top-quality products that exceed customer expectations while maintaining affordable prices.

    Why Acrylic Pipes?

    • Acrylic pipes are a smart choice for many reasons. First, they offer unbeatable value for your money. Compared to other materials, acrylic provides the same high quality at a fraction of the cost. This allows us to offer unique and stylish products without breaking the bank.
    • In addition to affordability, acrylic pipes are incredibly durable. Whether you're always on the go or tend to be a bit clumsy, you can rest easy knowing that your pipe is virtually indestructible. No matter how many times it falls or gets bumped, it will stay safe and sound.
    • But durability doesn't have to mean boring. Acrylic pipes come in a stunning array of colors and designs, so you can find one that truly reflects your personality. Plus, they're sure to turn heads and get your friends or customers talking.
    • Finally, acrylic pipes are incredibly easy to clean. They can be quickly disassembled for hassle-free cleaning, so you can spend more time enjoying your pipe and less time maintaining it.