Handheld Pipes

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    Handheld pipes (also called hand pipes or glass pipes) are traditional, old-school pipes to pack your favorite dry herb in and toke on the go. Glass pipes usually provide a smooth, dry smoke without water-based diffusion.

    80 products
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    While some users may prefer a bong or dab rig instead, handheld pipes like spoons and sherlocks offer ease, convenience, and portability.

    We carry a wide range of classic handheld pipes at Headshop, including high-quality spoons, steamrollers, and chillums at reasonable prices. We stock unique handheld pipes made from materials such as wood and ceramic, but the most popular option is a glass handheld pipe (also known as a “bowl”). Handheld pipes come in a few different shapes, and a multitude of styles, colors, and sizes.

    Find the perfect handheld pipe for smoking weed here at Headshop today!