Erbanna wants its customers to feel good about themselves with their stylish, odorless, and affordable handbags and accessories. These are fashionable, trendy handbags that women want to carry. Available in beautiful cross body bags, clutches, carrying cases, wristlets, and more.

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    About Erbanna's Smell-Proof Stash Bags

    Tired of using baggies and old prescription bottles to hold her stash, as well as rooting around in her purse for a lighter, eye drops, and mints, not to mention the obvious odor coming from her handbag (which was nobody’s business but her own), Ann Shuch, the founder of Erbanna, decided to deodorize her purse.

    She was determined to find a handbag that could hold her stash and all her smoking paraphernalia. It also had to be cute enough to easily accessorize with her wardrobe. More important, it had to be smell proof. However, she came back empty handed after an exhaustive search. Realizing that other women were experiencing the same problem, she decided to make such a purse herself.

    Fortunately, a long-time friend, Jerome Miller, had experience manufacturing women’s accessories and her daughter was a FIT accessory design grad. So, they created the first Erbanna product line together, a series of stylish, smell-proof handbags and accessories to allow women to feel good about themselves and enjoy their smoking ritual discreetly.

    Cute, Feel-Good Smell-Proof Handbags & Accessories

    Erbanna’s goal is to provide cute, feel-good handbags and accessories to support a woman’s choice and help them enjoy their smoking ritual in style discreetly. 
    Now that smoking a joint is no longer considered a stigma, there’s a beautiful new culture with cannabis consumption and women are helping to define that look. 
    Erbanna created a solution to help women be stylish and discreet. They created handbags that make a statement “we are the disrupters, we will only lead, we will never follow.”