The Dopezilla brand provides premium-quality glass bongs, water bubblers, and dab rigs at reasonable prices. It’s their mission to offer high-end glass to their customers with the coolest designs like their bestselling triple honeycomb bongs.

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    The company uses the highest quality borosilicate glass with high-toned color that is strong enough and thick enough to resist extreme temperatures without cracking and yet still be affordable.

    Unique Products at Sensible Prices

    One of the few brands in the industry that launches unique products at sensible prices, Dopezilla’s products offer a great smoking experience by adding bong or rig features like a diffused downstem, percolator, and ice catcher.

    Dopezilla is a reputable brand with multiple stylishly designed product lines. It provides a variety of products like Beaker Ice Bong, Minilla Straight Mini Vapor Ice Bong, Lil Lizard Beaker Base Bong, Straight Honeycomb Dab Rig, Stinger Nectar Collector, Dabbing Straws, etc.

    The Dopezilla Monster Collection

    The Dopezilla brand is perhaps best-known for the dopest bongs that look fearsome and perform like mythological beasts. Their themed Monster Collection of water pipes certainly is frighteningly unique. Customers can choose from a variety of perc styles and colors to harness the full fury and fire with every hit. With triple percs, some of these creatures stand 16" tall!

    The Dopezilla water bubbler sizes range from the 7-inch Lil Zilla all the way up to the Hydra at 16 inches. Dab rigs range from the Kraken at 9 inches to the Ogre at 10 inches.

    Dopezilla offers glass bongs in assorted styles, so there’s one that suits every taste. For example, for those who like frosty hits, ice cubes can be put in the tube of Dopezilla’s glass ice bongs bullet-hole ice pinches.

    Dab rigs are designed to consume waxy concentrates. Dopezilla’s glass dab rigs are a great choice for those who want a high-quality rig at a low price.