Deezer Hookah

    Deezer Hookah has been producing premium bohemian-style hookahs and other smoking products such as vapes, shisha, and much more since 2011. From classic to exotic hookahs, old school to new school hookahs, glass and steel hookahs, categories including the periodic table and 007 collection.

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    Each hookah is crafted with fresh designs for every customer.

    Deezer Hookah Accessories

    Deezer also offers an extensive selection of charcoal to suit any taste both natural and quick light (in black, gold, natural and coconut), candles for all occasions (in spring, summer, fall, and citronella), vapes, and shisha. A wide variety of accessories are available including hoses, stems, bowls, ashtrays, breathers, converters, plugs, brushes, stems, tips, foil, carrying cases, as well as charcoal clips, trays, and baskets.

    Deezere LED Hookah 007

    One of their newest hookahs is the Deezer Hookah 007, an LED hookah with a remote that has three different settings and can change 13 colors. Made with the finest materials including the thickest glass, this hookah weighs 10 pounds. Like all their hookahs, the included components (clay top, hose, middle stem finish, base, clay bowl, tongs, remote) are easy to assemble.

    Deezer Candle Smoke Odor Eliminator

    The popular Deezer Candle Smoke Odor Eliminator has a 55-hour burn time and comes in various scents from Cool Citrus Basil to Peppermint Eucalyptus to MacIntosh Apple to Orange & Chili Pepper to Crème Brulee.

    Deezer is proud of their amazing selection of hookah pipes. They offer a quality selection of hookahs from the highest quality brands. Also, with every hookah pipe purchase, they make sure their customers are up and smoking right away. Deezer stands by the quality of their hookahs and are committed to helping their customers find the best hookah for their needs.