Dab Rig Accessories

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    Bought a new dab rig? Now consider all the great dab rig accessories that make dabbing even easier. Some of the dab rig accessories you'll find at Headshop include nails, bangers, carb caps, dabber tools, and silicone containers.

    560 products
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    • Nails/Bangers – You’ll need a nail or a banger to dab your concentrate. They are available in different materials including quartz, titanium, and ceramic.
    • Carb Caps – To ensure a flavorful dab, a carb cab is used like a lid placed over your nail while your dab is heating up.
    • Dabber Tool - A dabber tool can be used in any number of ways when you need a pointed or wedge-shaped tool during a dab session.
    • Silicone Containers – Silicone containers are perfect for storing your stash of concentrates. Browse our entire range of dab rig accessories and expand your dabbing collection.