Combie Grinder

    With the Combie Stash Box, smokers have everything they need in one device without needing a stash bag. The company’s goal is to offer smokers a new and easy way to roll, either at home or out and about, for the perfect 420.

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    The Combie Stash Box is an all-in-one smoking accessory that has it all: A grinder and compartments for your flower, your pre-ground or pre-rolled bud, and your rolling papers and tips. Basically, it’s got everything you need – great for grinding and rolling on the go!

    An up-and-coming company, Combie manufactures innovative cannabis smoking accessories, namely their popular stash box which was developed for smokers by smokers. With the Combie line, the company has patented their redesigned version of the classic grinder.

    Strong & Durable Materials

    The Combie is made of strong and durable fiberglass-reinforced nylon with Neodymium grade N52 magnets that can handle daily wear and tear, whether you’re at home, outside, or on the go. The Combie grinder has 14 diamond-shaped teeth and 16 3mm holes in between the teeth, the perfect size for your ground herbs to drop into the mixing compartment.

    Storage & Mixing Compartments

    The storage compartment fits enough dry herbs to roll up to 3 joints. It also holds a handy little cleaning pick to clean the grinder and other areas of the Combie.

    The mixing bowl fits enough dry herbs to roll a joint of just about any size. When grinding, your herbs will fall right into the mixing compartment! When empty, the mixing bowl can also be used as a storage compartment that can hold up to 3 joints.

    The compartment at the bottom is designed to hold your rolling papers and filter tips. This compartment holds King-Size rolling papers and filters. And it even comes with a pack of Combie’s own organic rolling papers when you purchase a Combie!