Since 2017, Canlock has become the industry standard for keeping cannabis fresh. Striving to bring innovation to the market with equal parts form and function, it’s the company’s mission to create unique stash jars that help maintain the potency of cannabis.

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    At Canlock, the focus is on one thing - cannabis preservation. Whether your bud has been freshly cured or purchased at a dispensary, Canlock’s FDA-approved vacuum sealed glass jars ensure your bud always stays fresh. Preserving cannabis, particularly flower, is essential for the following reasons:

    To Preserve Terpenes

    The unique flavor profile in plants is attributed to terpenes, the key chemical component. In cannabis, they also determine a specific strains’ affect you. Terpene content will degrade if flower dries out. Because Canlock removes air through its built-in pump lid, terpenes are retained in your cannabis.

    To Prevent Mold

    Mold grows in humid environments, destroying entire batches unless preventive measures are taken. Once even the smallest bit of mold takes hold, it can be very dangerous. Canlock stash jars safeguard against pathogens including mold.

    To Protect Trichomes

    Probably the most important components of bud are the crystalline trichomes because their active ingredient creates cannabis’s effects. Canlock stash jars are made from premium borosilicate glass to prevent damage to the trichomes. Buds are protected from being smashed or compacted, which happens easily when storing cannabis in Zip-Lok bags.

    For Security & Discretion

    Of course, storing your cannabis safely and securely is extremely important. Canlock stash jars not only safely store your top-shelf cannabis, but they are also smell-proof offering you discretion as well.

    Ultimately, Canlock extends the shelf life of your cannabis. Compared to traditional storage methods, your cannabis remains fresh up to 50% longer with Canlock’s exclusive vacuum sealed process. Canlock stash jars available in 75 ml, 150 ml models and more.