Boss Glass bongs, pipes, and bubblers are the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for the highest quality piece without breaking the bank or even if you're new to the world of bongs. Products from Boss Glass are made with premium quality borosilicate glass and feature functional artistic designs.

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    Boss Glass has got you covered, whether you want a large bong or a mini bong. You can find a variety of products from short straight beaker bongs to more complex bongs with honeycombs and percs. With Boss Glass, you get high-end simplistic glass bongs and water pipes. The product line ranges from 16” straight tube bongs to the popular 12” beaker bong with tree perc. 

    Hand-blown with precision from the beaker to the bowl to the downstem, Boss Glass has a reputation for bringing some of the most beautiful bongs to the market. Their designs are clean and simplistic with exquisite glass work. Boss Glass doesn’t produce clear pipes, unlike its competitors. Their water pipes and bongs have colorful decorative accents that give them a very special appeal. 

    Boss Glass pipes also offer the winning combination of quality at an affordable price. You can get a high-quality bong by a top brand name for about half the price. 

    About Boss Glass

    Patrick Beck of Boss Glass is the creator of the Venom piece that received over a million views on The World of Bongs Facebook page. Beck’s style of glass blowing is artistic and he gets a lot of inspiration viewing art exhibits and traveling to places like Murano. Borosilicate glass is his favorite medium.

    Based in California, Boss glass is blown by the same craftsmen who created Bougie Glass. So look no further if you want glass that will last you a lifetime.