Billionaire Hemp Wraps

    If you enjoy living the high life, then Billionaire Hemp Wraps could be the most luxurious smoke you’ve ever had. Made from premium hemp, Billionaire Hemp Wraps have the perfect flavor to compliment your favorite dry herb. If you prefer unflavored wraps, then the Natural flavorless hemp wrap is the right choice for you.

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    Billionaire Hemp Wraps

    Made of 100% natural hemp, Billionaire Hemp Wraps are completely free of tobacco (and therefore nicotine), GMO, and additives. Each pouch contains 2 fresh hemp wraps per pack that will roll perfectly with your choice of dry herb, with 25 packs per box. With all of the available flavors, there is sure to be one (or more!) to enhance your smoking experience. Flavors include Russian Cream, Natural, OGK, Sweet Stacks, Milli Mango, Ballin’ Blueberry, Majestic Grape, and Pink Lemonade.

    Billionaire Hemp Wraps are fully tested for total CBD, THC, and cannabinoids, in addition to heavy metals with testing results shown on the company’s Certificate of Analysis (COA).

    How to Roll a Blunt with Billionaire Hemp Wraps

    With the hemp wraps flattened, put your ground dry herb on top. Most of the dry herb should be in the center with less toward the edge. Make sure that the edge with the glue strip is facing upwards. Work on rolling the wrap back and forth just like a standard blunt to pack dry herb.

    In addition to Billionaire Hemp Wraps, you can also get Billionaire Scent Spray Air Freshener in a range of incredible fragrances such as Baby Doll, Black Label, Celebration, Cotton Clouds, Double Bubble, Melon Blast, Nag Champa, Orange Peach, Passion, and Pineapple Mango. Accessories in the product line also include beautiful glass jars, ash trays, and rolling trays with the deluxe Billionaire logo.