AFM Glass

    AFM (AKA Alien Flower Monkey) is an American company in the glass/smoking industry based in Los Angeles.
    If you’re not familiar with AFM Glass, you’ll love their cool product lineup that includes bubblers, straight tube water pipes, beaker bongs, recyclers, rigs, and glass accessories such as bangers, bowls, carb caps, dabbers, and ash catchers. Shop the popular products by AFM Glass listed below and more at Headshop.

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    AFM Glass "The Shooter Bubbler"

    The 8” AFM Glass Shooter Bubbler is a sleek piece that has a reinforced multi-slit perc with bright color on the perc and mouthpiece. Colors vary based on availability.

    AFM Glass "Double UFO Chamber"

    The AFM Glass Double UFO Chamber is a beaker bong with a double UFO perc and includes a bowl and 14mm female joint.

    AFM Glass Neon Beaker

    The 16” AFM Glass Neon Beaker bong has three ice pinches and comes with a downstem, bowl and a 14mm female joint. Available in red, blue, and pink.

    About AFM Glass

    Alien Flower Monkey, known as AFM Glass, manufactures premium quality glass pieces that not only perform as amazing as they look, but they are also reasonably priced. Founded in 2014, the company has been creating scientific and functional glass pieces and accessories.

    Staying true to its name, AFM Glass produces some of the most unique designs for a smoking experience that is truly out of this world. Its pieces are made of heavy-gauge borosilicate glass that are not only gorgeous, but also highly functional and reasonably priced which makes them accessible to all smoking enthusiasts. 

    Each piece is handmade by certified glassblowing experts. From straight tube bongs, beaker water pipes, mini rigs, ash catchers to carb and bubble caps, from whimsical to colorful to unique, you’ll be thrilled with your new AFM glass piece.