Famous People Who Vape: A Look at Celebrities and Their Vaping Habits

by Matt Hampton

A celebrity vaping in a vibrant nightclub atmosphere.Ever notice the wave of celebrities trading in their smoky habits for something a bit more modern — vapor clouds? It's hard to miss, and honestly, my own curiosity piqued about who's joining the vape parade.

Have you heard that vaping has seen an astronomical 900% increase among high school students lately? In my latest piece, we're diving into which stars have hopped on the e-cig bandwagon and unpacking why it catches our attention as fans.

So if you're ready for the lowdown on Hollywood’s hottest trend, pull up a chair and let’s get into it!

Key Takeaways

  • Many well - known celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp, have been seen using vape pens in public places such as award shows and film festivals. They are part of a growing list of Hollywood stars who choose to vape.
  • Actresses like Katherine Heigl and Catherine Zeta - Jones support vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. Their advocacy highlights vaping's potential benefits for those looking to quit traditional tobacco products.
  • Singers Lana Del Rey, Emma Stone, and Doja Cat are also among the female celebrities who enjoy vaping mods. They often share their experiences with fans, thereby influencing public opinion on e-cigarettes.
  • While many celebrities openly display their vaping habits, figures like Charlie Sheen and Katy Perry have faced scrutiny for promoting the use of e-cigarettes amidst debates over their safety and impact on youth culture.
  • The trend among celebrities to embrace vaping reflects an overall shift towards acceptance of e - cigarettes in popular culture. Celebrities' choices regarding vaping generate conversations about its health implications and societal perceptions.

Celebrity Vapers in Hollywood

Some of the most well-known names in Hollywood are also avid vapers, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Katherine Heigl, Samuel L. Jackson, and more. These celebrities have been spotted enjoying their portable vaporizers both on and off the screen.

Leonardo DiCaprio

I have to tell you about Leonardo DiCaprio, a well-known face in the vaping community. You've probably seen him at award shows or film festivals, nonchalantly taking puffs from his desktop vaporizers.

He's been snapped by photographers on numerous occasions, casually enjoying his e-cigarette during breaks on set or even while out for a stroll in the city. Leo isn't shy about his vaping habits and seems quite content with his ecigarette in hand as paparazzi capture these moments.

DiCaprio also grabbed headlines when he was spotted vaping at prestigious events like the SAG Awards; it goes to show that famous people who vape aren't just limited to candid shots away from the public eye.

The Hollywood star has become something of a poster boy for actors who vape, unapologetically enjoying his electronic device wherever he is permitted. His preference for vaping has made rounds among fans and might even be influencing trends among celebrities and their own choices towards ecigarettes.

Johnny Depp

Moving on from Leonardo DiCaprio, another well-known celebrity who has been spotted vaping is Johnny Depp. The iconic actor has been photographed several times enjoying his vape pen in public.

Johnny Depp's cool and laid-back persona seems to fit perfectly with the image of a vape user. With his rebellious charm and rockstar appeal, it’s no surprise that he has joined the ranks of celebrities who use e-cigarettes as part of their lifestyle.

Johnny Depp's embrace of vaping adds to the growing list of Hollywood stars who have adopted this trend. His relaxed attitude towards vaping might resonate with others looking for alternative ways to enjoy nicotine or simply for a trendy and convenient way to relax.

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl, a well-known actress and former star of "Grey's Anatomy," openly advocates for vaping. She has been spotted using her vape pen at various events and has spoken out about how vaping helped her quit smoking.

Heigl is vocal about the benefits she has experienced since making the switch to vaping, emphasizing that it has improved her overall health and wellness. Her advocacy for vaping as a smoking cessation tool has brought attention to the positive impact it can have on individuals looking to break free from traditional cigarettes.

As part of Hollywood's prominent figures who are open about their use of e-cigarettes, Katherine Heigl plays an essential role in shaping public perception surrounding vaping. Her willingness to share her personal journey with vaping can help spread awareness about its potential benefits among those considering transitioning away from tobacco products.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones, the Oscar-winning actress, has been spotted indulging in vaping on more than one occasion. Her preference for e-cigarettes has been observed at various public events and social gatherings.

As a well-known figure in Hollywood, her open embrace of vaping has added to the visibility of this alternative to traditional smoking.

Zeta-Jones is among several celebrities who have chosen to advocate for vaping as a means to support harm reduction and encourage smokers to switch to less harmful alternatives. Her influence as an A-list celebrity raises awareness about the use of e-cigarettes as a potential tool for smoking cessation.

The involvement of high-profile personalities like Catherine Zeta-Jones helps destigmatize vaping and promotes it as a viable option for those looking to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Samuel L. Jackson

Transitioning from Catherine Zeta-Jones, Samuel L. Jackson also falls into the list of Hollywood stars who have been spotted indulging in vaping. Known for his iconic roles and charismatic presence, Samuel L.

Jackson has expressed his appreciation for vaping on various occasions. The actor has shared his enthusiasm for e-cigarettes and their potential to provide a satisfying alternative to traditional smoking, contributing to the growing visibility of celebrities as advocates for vaping products.

Samuel L. Jackson's public support of vaping mirrors the broader trend among celebrities embracing this modern nicotine delivery method as a potentially healthier option. With famous personalities like him openly discussing their positive experiences with vaping, it further highlights the evolving landscape of popular figures incorporating these products into their daily lives, shaping perceptions within the entertainment industry and beyond.

Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher, known for her roles in popular films, is also a well-known vaper in Hollywood. Often seen with her electronic cigarette, she has expressed her support for vaping publicly.

As one of the notable figures who have embraced vaping, Fisher's advocacy has contributed to shifting public opinion on e-cigarettes. Her involvement in the vaping community has sparked conversations about the benefits and controversies surrounding this trend.

Moving forward to "Jack Nicholson," let's explore how another iconic celebrity has influenced the culture of vaping.

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson, a legendary figure in Hollywood, has also been spotted indulging in vaping from time to time. His embrace of the trend showcases how vaping isn't limited to a specific age group or genre of celebrities.

As one of the most iconic actors in the industry, Nicholson's public advocacy for vaping adds further validation and excitement to the growing culture.

Let's now explore other renowned female celebrity vapers who are making waves in Hollywood and beyond.

Women Celebrity Vapers

Lana Del Rey, Emma Stone, and Doja Cat are just a few of the women in Hollywood who have been spotted enjoying their vape pens. Curious to know more about the vaping habits of these popular female celebrities? Keep reading to learn all about it!

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey, the renowned singer and songwriter, has been spotted vaping numerous times. A fan of e-cigarettes, she often enjoys a puff while out and about. Her openness about vaping has raised awareness among her fans about the benefits and pitfalls of this trend.

Lana's influence in popular culture has made her an inadvertent advocate for the vaping community.

As a vape user myself, I find it interesting to see celebrities like Lana Del Rey embracing the vaping culture. Her visibility as a vaper can help normalize the habit and bring attention to responsible usage.

Emma Stone

Moving from Lana Del Rey to Emma Stone, it's interesting to note that the talented actress has also been spotted vaping on numerous occasions. Known for her roles in various popular films, Emma Stone isn't shy about her love for vaping.

Whether she's taking a break on set or enjoying some downtime with friends, Emma has been seen indulging in her favorite vape products. As a celebrity advocate for vaping, she adds to the list of well-known individuals who have embraced this trend within the entertainment industry.

Her openness about using e-cigarettes further normalizes vaping and promotes its acceptance among fans and followers.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat, a popular singer and rapper, is known for embracing her unique style. She has been seen vaping on several occasions, often sharing her love for vaping with her fans through social media.

As an influential figure in the music industry, Doja Cat's openness about her vaping habit may contribute to the normalization of vaping among young adults.

Doja Cat's unapologetic attitude towards vaping reflects a growing trend among celebrities who openly share their enthusiasm for e-cigarettes with their followers. By recognizing prominent figures like Doja Cat as advocates of vaping, it adds to the visibility and acceptance of electronic cigarettes within pop culture.

Controversial Celebrity Vapers

While some celebrities have openly embraced vaping, others have faced controversy for their public use of ecigarettes. From Charlie Sheen to Katy Perry, these stars have sparked debates about the implications of celebrity endorsements for vaping products.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen, known for his controversial and headline-grabbing antics, is also a high-profile figure in the vaping community. The actor has been spotted multiple times using e-cigarettes, showcasing his affinity for vaping.

His public endorsement of vaping has sparked both support and criticism within the industry and among fans.

Moving on to "Katy Perry" - let's delve into another celebrity vaper known for her unique style and vocal support of electronic cigarettes.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry, the pop sensation, has been spotted enjoying her vape on several occasions, illustrating her support for vaping. Her affinity for creative expression extends to her choice of vaping devices and e-liquid flavors, making her a notable figure in the vaping community.

As an influential public figure with a large following, her open embrace of vaping contributes to changing public perceptions about this alternative to traditional smoking.

Vaping enthusiasts can draw inspiration from Katy Perry's openness about integrating vaping into her lifestyle. Her unapologetic attitude towards supporting healthier habits sets an example for fans and admirers alike.

It's essential for celebrities like Katy Perry to use their platform positively and encourage responsible usage while reducing stigma around vaping.

Snoop Dogg

Before we move on to discussing Snoop Dogg's vaping habits, it's interesting to note that Katy Perry is among the controversial celebrity vapers. Now let's shift our focus to another well-known figure in the entertainment industry who has embraced vaping.

Snoop Dogg, a prominent rapper and actor, is also an advocate for vaping. He has been seen using e-cigarettes on several occasions, adding to the list of famous personalities who are supporters of the vaping culture.

Snoop Dogg often promotes vaping through his social media channels and public appearances, contributing to the growing trend of celebrities endorsing and embracing e-cigarettes. His influence in both the music and entertainment worlds further amplifies the presence of vaping in popular culture.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner siblings, has been spotted vaping on various occasions. As a style icon and influencer with a massive following, her vaping habits have garnered attention within the vaping community.

Her public displays of using e-cigarettes have sparked discussions about celebrity influence on vaping trends. Regardless of any controversies surrounding her choices, Kylie Jenner's actions highlight the visibility of celebrities and their impact on popularizing vaping among their fanbase.

Jenner's openness about her use of e-cigarettes serves as an example of how influential figures can shape attitudes towards vaping. With a significant online presence, she inadvertently becomes part of the conversation around celebrity endorsements for electronic smoking devices in today's culture.

Late Celebrity Vapers

Several late celebrities, such as Carrie Fisher, Robert Pattinson, and Prince, were also known to have embraced vaping. Curious to find out more about their vaping habits? Keep reading!

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher, known for her iconic role as Princess Leia in Star Wars, was a beloved actress who openly spoke about her struggles with addiction and mental health. She was also one of the many celebrities who embraced vaping before her passing in 2016.

As an advocate for mental health awareness, Fisher's openness about using e-cigarettes to help quit smoking brought attention to the potential benefits of vaping as a harm reduction tool.

Her candid approach to discussing personal challenges and choices made her relatable to many fans.

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson, known for his roles in the "Twilight" series and "The Batman," has been spotted vaping on several occasions. The actor has been seen using a variety of e-cigarettes and vaporizers both on and off set, showing that he enjoys using them as part of his daily routine.

With his influential status, Robert's openness about vaping contributes to normalizing it among fans.

Carrie Fisher was also an advocate for vaping before her passing, bringing attention to the benefits of e-cigarettes. This demonstrates how public figures can influence popular opinion about vaping products.


Transitioning from discussing Hollywood stars who vape, it's worth mentioning the late musician Prince. The legendary artist was known to have embraced various aspects of self-expression and creativity, which included his support for vaping.

As a public figure with a distinctive persona, Prince added another layer to the evolving conversation around celebrities and their vaping habits. His adoption of e-cigarettes made headlines within the vaping community, further influencing perceptions of the practice among his fans and fellow musicians.


In conclusion, celebrities from Leonardo DiCaprio to Lana Del Rey have been vocal about their vaping habits. Hollywood stars like Johnny Depp and Katherine Heigl have been influential in popularizing the trend.

While some famous faces, like Samuel L. Jackson and Emma Stone, openly support vaping, others, such as Charlie Sheen and Katy Perry, have faced controversy for their involvement with e-cigarettes.

The world of celebrity vaping continues to evolve with new names joining the community each year.


1. Who are some celebrities who use e-cigarettes?

Many famous people vape, including Hollywood stars and other celebrities. They often share their vaping habits and become public figures who support the use of e-cigarettes.

2. Why do some celebrities advocate for vaping?

Some well-known individuals advocate for vaping as they believe it might be a better choice compared to traditional smoking, and they want to share this view with their fans.

3. Are there any notable figures in the entertainment industry who vape?

Yes, there are several notable figures and popular personalities in the entertainment industry who have embraced vaping, showing off their habits on social media or during public appearances.

4. Have any celebs changed people's views on vaping?

Celebrity advocates for vaping can influence public opinion, as these famous faces are often role models whose actions can impact trends among their followers.

5. Where can I see celebrities who vape?

You're likely to spot celebs who have been seen vaping in paparazzi photographs, at events, or through posts shared by the celebrities themselves on their social platforms.

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