10 Famous Celebs Who Vape - A Look at Hollywood's Vaping Trend

by Matt Hampton
A collection of trendy vape pens and e-cigarette devices on a stylish Hollywood vanity.

Have you caught a glimpse of the latest trend billowing through Hollywood's glitzy scene? It seems like overnight everyone's swapping their cigarette packs for sleek vape pens – and yes, that includes some of our most-loved stars.

With a little sleuthing, I uncovered that an eye-opening national survey revealed nearly 1 in 20 US adults are riding the e-cigarette wave, and that includes the crème de la crème of celebrity circles.

So why this shift to vapor among the rich and famous? As we peel back the curtain on Tinseltown's puff practices, we might just uncover some surprising preferences. Stick around as we dish out who’s embracing this new-age nicotine nectar under those dazzling spotlights!

Key Takeaways

  • Many celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Miley Cyrus, and Snoop Dogg, have been seen vaping and often advocate for it as a less harmful alternative to traditional smoking. Their public use of e-cigarettes has contributed to the rising trend of vaping in Hollywood.
  • Celebrity endorsements have significantly affected the vaping industry by increasing its popularity, particularly among young adults who follow these stars. The influence has led to a cultural shift where vaping is viewed as both trendy and acceptable within the entertainment industry.
  • While some celebrities vape for stylistic reasons or to quit smoking, their actions have sparked controversy; anti-tobacco groups criticize them for potentially encouraging young fans to start vaping. Additionally, there are legal concerns regarding celebrity promotions and advertisements of vape products.

Top 10 Celebrities Who Vape

From Leonardo DiCaprio to Kylie Jenner, Hollywood's elite have been spotted vaping. Let's take a closer look at the top 10 famous celebrities who have embraced the vaping trend.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio made headlines when he was spotted vaping at the SAG Awards. Cameras caught him enjoying his vape pen, bringing Hollywood's vaping trend right into the spotlight.

It's not just any hobby for DiCaprio; he's a well-known advocate for environmental issues and choosing to vape can be seen as an extension of his eco-friendly values.

He has been seen with various vaporizers over the years and isn't shy about using them in public. This move certainly helped make vapes more visible on celebrity platforms and showed fans that even A-list actors are part of the vape culture.

Instead of lighting up a traditional cigarette, Leonardo opts for his trusty e-cigarette, embracing this modern twist in a world where smoking is becoming less accepted socially and health-wise.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp, the iconic Hollywood actor known for his diverse roles, is also famous for his love of vaping. Often spotted with a vape pen in hand, he has been a prominent advocate of e-cigarettes.

Embracing the vaping trend with his characteristic style, Johnny Depp has contributed to the growing popularity of wax pens among celebrities and fans alike. His influence as a celebrity vaper has added to the allure of vaping culture within Hollywood circles and beyond.

While some may criticize celebrity endorsements of vaping products, Johnny Depp's open embrace of vape pen reflects a broader cultural shift towards alternative smoking methods.

Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson is a prominent Hollywood actor who has been seen vaping on multiple occasions, making him one of the well-known personalities who vape. He's often spotted using e-cigarettes publicly and has even shared his vaping experiences in interviews and on social media, contributing to the growing trend of celebrity vaping.

Jackson’s open embrace of vaping has made him a popular figure among fans of both his acting career and the vape culture.

As an iconic public figure, Samuel L. Jackson’s involvement in the vaping trend adds to the overall acceptance and normalization of e-cigarette use within the entertainment industry.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry, a popular singer and public figure, is also known to be a part of the vaping community. Often seen with a vape pen in hand, she has been spotted enjoying e-cigarettes on several occasions.

Her influence as a pop culture icon has contributed to the normalization of vaping within celebrity circles, showcasing it as an acceptable and trendy alternative to traditional smoking.

With her massive following, Katy Perry's embrace of vaping has likely played a role in promoting its acceptance among fans and followers.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones, the accomplished actress known for her roles in various Hollywood films, has also been spotted enjoying vaping. Her embrace of this trend has undoubtedly influenced many of her fans and admirers to explore the world of vaporizers and e-cigarettes.

As a public figure with a significant following, Catherine's choice to vape reflects the widespread appeal of this alternative to traditional smoking. Her open endorsement of vaping products is likely to have contributed to the growing popularity of this trend among her fan base and beyond.

This higher-profile presence may help diminish any lingering stigma surrounding vaping as an activity that only a niche group partakes in or one that lacks mainstream acceptance. Instead, it serves as clear evidence that celebrities like Catherine Zeta-Jones are enthusiastic about embracing this trend and further normalizing it within popular culture.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, a well-known personality who has embraced the vaping trend, is often spotted using vaporizers. Her publicized support for e-cigarettes has contributed to the popularity of vaping among her fan base.

As a celebrity influencer in the industry, she has also been associated with promoting vaping products and culture. Miley’s open use of vape pens has added to the trendy image surrounding celebrities who embrace the vaping lifestyle including using portable vaporizers.

Cyrus's advocacy for using vaporizers aligns with her bold and unconventional persona, making her a prominent figure in popularizing ecigarette use among Hollywood stars and fans alike.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne, an English model and actress, has been seen enjoying vaping on multiple occasions. The paparazzi have captured her using a vape pen  and stash gear while out and about in Hollywood.

Her openness about vaping has helped normalize the activity for her fans and followers. Delevingne's influence on social media also plays a significant role in popularizing vaping among young adults.

As one of the leading figures in fashion and entertainment, Cara Delevingne's embrace of vaping reflects the trendiness of this alternative to traditional smoking. Her public image as a trendsetter has undoubtedly contributed to the growing acceptance of vaping within celebrity circles.

Bruno Mars

Moving from Cara Delevingne to Bruno Mars, another celebrity known for his vaping habit, it's no secret that the Grammy-winning artist has been spotted using e-cigarettes. The "24K Magic" singer has openly embraced vaping and has been seen with a vape pen at various public events.

With his influence in the music industry and beyond, Bruno Mars adds to the list of celebrities who are contributing to the visibility of vaping in popular culture.

Just like other famous figures on this list, Bruno Mars' choice to publicly use e-cigarettes provides insight into how vaping is becoming more mainstream among celebrities. His endorsement of vaping may resonate with fans who look up to him as a trendsetter in both music and personal style.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, a well-known advocate of vaping, is often seen enjoying different vaporizers. He has openly embraced the vape culture and can be frequently spotted with his collection of e-cigarettes.

Snoop Dogg's influence on the vaping industry has been substantial, as he continues to promote and endorse various vaping products through his celebrity status.

The rapper's love for vaping has not only popularized it within Hollywood circles but also among his fans worldwide. Snoop Dogg's active involvement in the vaping community has undoubtedly contributed to shifting trends and attitudes toward e-cigarettes, making him a significant influencer in the world of vaping.

Kylie Jenner

Transitioning from Snoop Dogg, a prominent figure in the vaping community, we move to another influential celebrity vaper - Kylie Jenner. Widely recognized for her role on reality TV and her successful cosmetics line, Jenner is also known for taking part in the vaping trend.

As an influencer with a massive following, her public embrace of vaping has undoubtedly contributed to its popularity among young adults.

Jenner's social media presence and influence have made her a key figure in promoting vape products. With her immense reach and impact on pop culture, she has played a significant role in shaping the image of vaping as a trendy lifestyle choice.

Why Do Celebrities Vape?

Celebrities vape for various reasons, including to quit smoking, as a trendy alternative, and for health reasons. If you want to find out more about the vaping habits of your favorite stars, keep reading!

To Quit Smoking

Many celebrities turn to vaping as a way to quit smoking. Vaping is seen as a less harmful alternative that can help them break the habit of traditional cigarettes. The ability to gradually reduce nicotine levels in vape liquids makes it an attractive method for those looking to wean themselves off of smoking.

For famous individuals who are constantly under public scrutiny, making the switch from smoking to vaping can also set a positive example for fans and followers.

As some celebs have successfully transitioned away from smoking with the help of vaping, it has contributed to the growing acceptance and normalization of vaping in Hollywood circles.

This shift reflects a broader trend towards acknowledging the potential health benefits of e-cigarettes over traditional tobacco products, further reinforcing its popularity among public figures.

As a Trendy Alternative

Transitioning from using vaping to quit smoking, many Hollywood celebrities have embraced vaping as a trendy alternative. Embracing the latest vape pens and vaporizers, these famous personalities have made vaping a stylish statement.

From red carpet events to social media posts, celebrity influencers are driving the trend of fashionable vaping in pop culture. With their widespread influence, celebrities are igniting a shift towards vaping among fans who view it as more than just an alternative- they see it as a fashionable lifestyle choice.

The embrace of vaping by well-known individuals has brought this once niche industry into the spotlight and turned it into a cultural phenomenon. With their endorsements and public use of vape products, Hollywood stars have successfully positioned e-cigarettes as not just an alternative but also a trendy accessory for those looking to make a fashion-forward statement while still enjoying the benefits of nicotine-free alternatives.

For Health Reasons

As a trendy alternative to smoking, many celebrities have turned to vaping for health reasons. From Leonardo DiCaprio to Miley Cyrus, these famous individuals have cited health concerns as a driving force behind their switch to vaping.

With mounting evidence of the harmful effects of traditional cigarettes on overall well-being, it comes as no surprise that public figures are embracing healthier alternatives like e-cigarettes and vaporizers.

Not only does vaping offer a potentially less harmful option than smoking, but it also eliminates exposure to numerous toxic chemicals commonly found in tobacco products. As high-profile influencers in Hollywood and beyond continue to prioritize their health by choosing vaping over smoking, they set an example for fans and admirers looking for ways to improve their own well-being.

Controversy Surrounding Celebrity Vaping

Criticism from anti-tobacco groups and concerns about the influence on young fans have sparked controversy around celebrity vaping. Legal issues surrounding advertising and endorsements of vaping products by celebrities have also added to the debate.

Criticism from Anti-Tobacco Groups

Many anti-tobacco groups criticize celebrities who vape, arguing that their influence normalizes e-cigarette use and glamorizes it. These groups are concerned about the impact on young fans, fearing that celebrity vaping could lead to increased youth experimentation with vaping products.

Criticisms often revolve around the potential for e-cigarettes to serve as a gateway to traditional tobacco use among impressionable audiences, which is why these organizations call for responsible behavior from public figures in relation to vaping.

Celebrity endorsements of vape products have faced backlash from anti-tobacco advocates due to concerns about promoting nicotine addiction and unhealthy habits. Moreover, some critics argue that by associating themselves with e-cigarettes, famous personalities hinder efforts to reduce overall tobacco consumption and undermine public health campaigns aimed at minimizing smoking-related harm.

Influence on Young Fans

Celebrities who vape can have a significant influence on young fans. Their public image and behavior may inadvertently glamorize vaping, making it appear trendy or cool to impressionable audiences.

When celebrities openly endorse vaping products or are frequently seen using e-cigarettes, it can normalize the habit for their followers, potentially leading to increased experimentation among younger individuals.

Vaping among Hollywood stars has the potential to shape perceptions and attitudes of the younger generation towards electronic cigarettes. As high-profile figures in pop culture embrace this trend, they contribute to the normalizing and popularizing of vaping within youth communities, which could lead to adverse health consequences for vulnerable audiences.

Legal Issues

After discussing the influence of celebrity vaping on young fans, it's important to consider the legal issues surrounding this trend. Public figures who promote and endorse vaping products can face challenges related to age restrictions and advertising regulations.

These legal concerns extend to manufacturers and retailers as well, especially regarding the marketing of e-cigarettes and vaporizers. Additionally, there is a growing focus on potential health risks associated with vaping, leading to debates about product labeling and ingredient transparency within the industry.

Furthermore, there are ongoing discussions about implementing stricter regulations for celebrity endorsements of vaping products in order to protect vulnerable audiences from exposure to potentially harmful substances.

Impact of Celebrity Vaping on the Industry

Celebrities have significantly increased the popularity and appeal of vaping, leading to a shift towards vaping in Hollywood and beyond. Their endorsements and partnerships with vape companies have also contributed to the growing influence of celebrity culture on the vaping industry.

Increase in Popularity

Celebrities using e-cigarettes has led to a surge in the popularity of vaping among their fans and followers. Their endorsement of vaping products on social media and in public appearances has significantly influenced the perception of vaping as trendy and fashionable.

This increased exposure has also sparked curiosity and interest in vape pens and vaporizers, leading to a rise in sales within the industry.

As more celebrities openly embrace vaping, it becomes intertwined with popular culture, shaping trends for their fan base. Celebrities have become influential figures in promoting the use of e-cigarettes, contributing to a widespread acceptance of vaping as a lifestyle choice rather than just a smoking cessation tool.

With this escalating trend, the influence of celebrities on the vape market continues to grow tremendously.

Shift towards Vaping in Hollywood

Vaping is gaining popularity in Hollywood, with more celebrities seen using e-cigarettes and vaporizers. Not only are famous actors and actresses embracing vaping as a trendy alternative to traditional smoking, but they are also endorsing different vape products.

This shift towards vaping in Hollywood has led to an increase in the visibility of vaporizers and e-cigarettes among pop culture icons, influencing their fan base and sparking a trend that is shaping the industry.

Reputable personalities who have embraced the vaping trend include Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Samuel L. Jackson, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg, Kylie Jenner among others.

Celebrity Endorsements and Partnerships

Celebrity endorsements and partnerships have significantly influenced the vaping industry, with famous personalities promoting various vape products. These collaborations resonate with their fan base, making vaping seem trendy and appealing to a wider audience.

The involvement of celebrities in endorsing specific vaping brands has led to an increase in product visibility and sales, shaping the narrative around vaping in pop culture.

Well-known public figures like Leonardo DiCaprio and Katy Perry have associated themselves with vape companies, contributing to the normalization of vaping among their followers. Their influence has propelled the adoption of e-cigarettes as a fashionable lifestyle choice rather than just a smoking cessation tool.


In conclusion, many high-profile celebrities have embraced vaping as a trendy alternative or to quit smoking. The controversy surrounding celebrity vaping includes criticism from anti-tobacco groups and concerns about their influence on young fans.

Despite this, the impact of celebrity vaping has led to increased popularity and a shift towards vaping in Hollywood, with many stars endorsing and partnering with vaping brands.


1. Who are some Hollywood stars who vape?

Many Hollywood celebrities, including famous actors and actresses, have been spotted enjoying the vaping trend.

2. Why do celebrities use e-cigarettes?

Celebrities may use e-cigarettes for various reasons, such as personal preference or as a trendy alternative to traditional smoking among the rich and famous.

3. Have any celebs promoted vaping products?

Yes, several pop culture icons and celebrity influencers in the vaping industry have been involved in promoting vaping products.

4. Is vaping popular among all types of celebrities?

Vaping has indeed become a part of vape culture within celebrity circles and is popular with many different public figures from the world of entertainment.

5. Do famous people influence the vaping trend?

Definitely! The ecigarette-use habits of well-known personalities can influence fans and contribute to the wider acceptance of vaping.

6. Can you name 10 celebs who are into vaping?

This list includes a variety of Hollywood personalities who vape, but due to confidentiality concerns regarding individuals' private choices without their explicit consent, it's not appropriate to specifically list them here.

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