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by Matt Hampton
Rolling a joint filter on a wooden table with intricate details.

Rolling a joint but can't figure out how to make the filter? Filters are crucial for a smoother smoking experience. This blog will guide you on creating your own joint filter step-by-step.

Read on for easy tips and tricks!

Types of Joint Filter Tips

Accordion-style folds, pre-made filters, and creative filter designs like star, heart, or cannabis leaf.


Accordion-style folds

To make a filter for your joint using accordion-style folds, start by getting a piece of rolling paper or any thin, stiff paper. Cut or rip it into a small rectangle. Fold the paper back and forth in a zigzag pattern, like an accordion.

This technique helps create small air passages that cool down the smoke as you inhale.

After folding, roll the zigzagged paper between your fingers to round it out. Slide this rolled-up filter into one end of your rolling paper before adding your herbal blend. The accordion end keeps bits from entering your mouth and makes the smoking experience smoother.

This method is simple and improves airflow in every puff you take from the joint.

Pre-made filters

Pre-made filters are convenient and often come in a booklet or box. They provide a quick option for joint filter tips without the need to fold or roll them yourself. These filters are usually made from sturdy paper and have perforations for easy folding.

Many brands offer pre-made filters in different sizes, so you can choose the perfect fit for your rolling papers.

These filters save time and effort, especially if you're new to rolling joints or simply prefer a hassle-free experience. Just grab one, tuck it into your rolling paper, and start crafting your perfect joint.

Creative filter designs (star, heart, cannabis, etc.)

For joint filter tips, getting creative is part of the fun. Experiment with different designs such as star or heart shapes to personalize your smoking experience. You can also try cannabis leaf-shaped filters for an extra touch of style.

These unique filter designs not only add flair to your joint but also enhance your smoking session. So, get imaginative and make your next smoke a little more exciting with these custom filter designs.

When it comes to joint filters, creativity knows no bounds – from stars and hearts to cannabis leaves, tailor the perfect one for your smoking pleasure.

How to Roll a Joint Filter Tip

Rolling a joint filter tip requires filter paper and rolling technique. Tucking the accordion end is crucial for creating the perfect joint filter.


Materials needed

You will need filter paper, cardboard or index card, and scissors to make a joint filter. The filter paper comes in various sizes for customization. Cardboard or index card can be cut into strips for stability and shape.

Step-by-step guide

To make a joint filter tip, follow these steps:


  1. Gather your materials: paper, cardstock, or business card.
  2. Cut a strip about 0.5 to 1 inch wide and 2 - 3 inches long.
  3. Accordion fold the strip back and forth in small increments.
  4. Tuck one end of the accordion into the other to secure it.
  5. Roll your spliff around the crutch for a stable base.
  6. Enjoy your joint with the perfect DIY filter tip!

Tips for perfecting the filter

Create a firm, tight roll to ensure the filter stays in place. Keep the folds of the filter consistent for better stability while smoking.


Crafting a joint filter tip offers customization options.

Accordion-style folds, pre-made filters, and creative designs are popular choices.

Rolling a joint filter tip requires minimal materials and an easy step-by-step process.

Perfect your joint filter with these helpful tips.


1. What is a filter for a joint called?

A filter for a joint is often called a crutch or DIY joint filter tip. It helps in smoking by keeping the shape of the joint and preventing bits from entering your mouth.

2. How do you start making a filter for a joint?

To make a filter, begin with accordion-style folds at one end of your paper to create the basic structure. This method is key in rolling an effective joint filter tip.

3. Can anyone make their own DIY smoking devices for joints?

Yes! Anyone interested in cannabis culture can follow simple step-by-step guides to design their own DIY smoking devices, including creating a homemade filter tip for joints using basic materials.

4. Why should I use an accordion-style joint filter tip?

Using an accordion-style fold in your joint's filter helps improve airflow and makes your smoking experience smoother by tucking the accordion end securely within the rolled herbal blends.

5. Are there special tools needed when making crutches or filters for joints?

No special tools are required when rolling a filter or making crutches for joints; just some paper and hands-on folding techniques will suffice to enhance your marijuana consumption methods effectively.

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