What’s a Dugout? The 4-Step Guide to One Hitter Dugouts

by Chris Husong

What's a Dugout? The 4-Step Guide to One Hitter DugoutsA dugout is a simple smoking kit with a one-hitter and a place to both store and load your herbs. You’ve probably seen one before at a concert; dugout look like this:

You can see in the photo, the one-hitter easily fits into its slot in the dugout and stays secure. In the larger chamber, place your dried, ground-up herbs. When you’re ready to smoke, twist or push the top of the dugout to reveal the contents. Put the bowl side of your one-hitter downward into the herb chamber. Twist the one-hitter in a circular motion, applying pressure. When you pull the one-hitter out of the chamber, you should have a nice small bowl ready to light. If not, repeat the process again until your herbs are loaded into the bowl for your preference.

Why people swear by dugouts and when they use them

Dugouts are super popular because they are highly discreet. In fact, discretion and portability are the two main reasons people choose dugouts in the first place, over more cumbersome bongs and pipes. Dugouts are a good choice for:

  • Concerts

Dugouts are commonly found at concerts because they easily fit in your pocket. Also, at first glance and without intimate knowledge of smoking accessories, it just looks like a small container. Most people attending concerts don’t want to bring tons of herbs and flowers with them, which makes the discreet dugout the perfect choice to get in a session while you jam.

  • Outdoor recreation

Dugouts are also a big favorite of hikers, bikers, boaters, and more. The convenient little container provides decent protection from the elements, so you can put your dugout in your pocket while not worrying about the wind and rain. Also, a dugout is perfect for outdoor use because you do not have to remove your herbs to load them (and risk them blowing away). 

  • On-the-go smoking and traveling

No matter where you’re headed, a dugout is a discrete choice to keep your pipe and your herbs on hand. It’s a great option if you like to microdose too, as a one-hitter will give you less herb per hit than your standard pipe or bong. 

Editor’s tip for using a dugout:

You get the best hits from a dugout when your herbs and flowers are a bit on the drier side and well ground up. This is why some of the newer, fancier dugouts actually come with grinders built-in. So when you head out to the beach or the forest or wherever it is you’re going, do your grinding beforehand when you bring your dugout along to make things easier.

Your options for buying and using a dugout 

If you want to score a dugout to bring along on your next camping trip or music festival, your options will go a little something like this:

Silicone Dugouts


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Metal Dugouts


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Fancy Dugouts


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Dugouts: Cheap pieces for concerts and camping 

In sum, dugouts are an excellent accessory to take with you to enjoy the great outdoors while discreetly and compactly giving you everything you need for your smoke session.

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