What Makes VITAE Glass Bongs The Choice For Serious Stoners

by Kyle Gantzer

Vitae Glass BlongsThe history of glass blowing for art and function dates back to 30 BC. Craftsmen have learned to work with different kinds of glass for different purposes over the centuries. VITAE Glass has become the expert in using the right materials with superb craftsmanship to produce the highest quality bongs and pipes. What makes VITAE Glass bongs the choice for serious stoners is the fact that they deliver a cleaner, smoother high and they are beautiful pieces of art on their own.

Bongs are available in many different materials including glass, silicone, ceramic, metal, plastic, and bamboo. Metal, plastic, and bamboo bongs are harder to find and difficult to clean, even though the sustainability of bamboo and the durability of metal are important features. Plastic is durable too, and inexpensive; however, smokers have said that it can cause an unpleasant chemical taste. Ceramic and silicone bongs are popular because of the imaginative designs that can be created with this material.

Today, glass is by far the most popular material for bongs. That means that, when choosing a new bong, glass is the material to look to. Smoking with glass accessories has become the new norm but with so many options to choose from, it can be confusing to know what to look for in a quality piece. Per VITAE Glass, here are the key considerations that buyers should look for when purchasing a quality glass pipe or bong:

Glass Thickness

While you may assume that glass made in America is superior, look at the thickness of the glass itself. The thickness of the glass significantly affects both the weight and the durability of the bong. For bongs, the thickness is measured in millimeters and runs from around 2 millimeters on the thin side to 9 millimeters on the thick end.

When it comes to glass thickness, there are pros and cons to the various options. Many professionals recommend a bong with a glass thickness that is 3 to 9 millimeters. Glass that is thinner than that is more likely to shatter, making it too delicate for regular usage. Many people prefer thicker glass bongs because they are sturdier.

For the highest quality smoking experience and to ensure the piece is structurally sound under stress, glass should have a thickness of at least 5mm. This is the perfect size thickness for durability, so you can leave it on your coffee table without worrying that it will break at the slightest bump. 

Due to the temperature change, while smoking, any thickness under 5mm may crack. Some cheaper materials have been coated with lead, paint, or both. Only purchase glass pieces from trustworthy companies to ensure you won’t be breathing either of those materials into your lungs.

Glass Quality

Buyers should also consider glass quality, in addition to glass thickness. For bongs, quality refers to glass strength and clarity, or how clearly you can see through it.

High-quality glass is clearer and more resilient. Keep in mind that the quality is related to both the glass material itself as well as the skill level of the glassblower.

In the United States, most of the glass bongs are made of borosilicate (also known as “Schott” glass). This is the same high-quality material many laboratories use for their equipment. However, some bongs are made of cheap glass imported from China, another reason why understanding the quality of the material is so important.

High-quality glass, similar to thicker glass, is stronger and lasts longer than low-quality glass materials. The clarity is also more appealing aesthetically.

Craftsmanship and the Art of Glass Blowing

Consider the experience of the glassblower working at temperatures that can reach over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Glass blowers need a great deal of training and skill to create long-lasting glass pieces that are not only functional pieces of art but that are also safe to use. Pieces that are improperly made are more likely to shatter during use if a glassblower doesn’t “anneal” it, or let it slowly cool over time. 

It’s not only the look of a piece, the craftsmanship also ties directly into the materials used and how they are handled. True craftsmanship can only come from a glassblower who loves, understands, and respects the art form. You can sense the pride in every piece, which influences the materials used and comes with the experience necessary to produce pieces in the right thickness. These are the kind of differences you can see and feel when you’re smoking your VITAE Glass bong.

The Founder’s Vision of VITAE Glass

In 2015 according to the founder, Gordon Loi, “While cleaning the bong, a brilliant idea came to me. It is true when they say the best ideas come to you while in the shower.

Without hesitation, I grabbed a pencil and a few sheets of printer paper and transferred everything I had visualized onto them. Within these six or seven pages was a design of not just a bong, but parts of a bong. Parts of a bong capable of being many bongs. One that could be assembled into ANY combination that you please by using interchangeable parts. One with detachable parts for easy transportation and most importantly, smaller parts so that you wouldn’t need a shower to clean a bong again. An added bonus was, if you ever broke a piece, you could always replace it with something else, which meant no more super glue.”

The focus at VITAE Glass is on providing the ultimate smoking experience with a bong that is customizable, as well as easy to clean and transport. But the company is also environmentally friendly. For every glass piece purchased, a tree is planted in its place!

Build Your Own Bong from VITAE Glass

With experience, fine craftsmanship, and the right glass, VITAE Glass has revolutionized glass-making with its specialization in bongs. You can order a custom bong with interchangeable pieces built to your own specifications. You can even continue to customize over the lifetime of your bong.

Every piece from VITAE Glass uses only the highest lab-grade borosilicate glass with a minimum thickness of 5 mm. Every glassblower at Vitae Glass is directly trained by the highly respected Fernando of US Tubes and has a minimum of 15 years of experience - and they anneal every piece!

For your convenience, we offer easy online shopping for VITAE Glass at Headshop.

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