What Is an Acrylic Bong? (Acrylic vs. Silicone vs. Glass vs. Ceramic)

by Chris Husong

What Is an Acrylic Bong? (Acrylic vs. Silicone vs. Glass vs. Ceramic)Acrylic bongs may not be the first type of bong you think of, but they’re worth checking out, especially if you’re new to the stoner world and not ready to make a big purchase. They’re also a good option if you need an affordable piece to take with you when you’re out and about. To give you a good sense of what to expect, we explain what they are exactly, their pros and cons, and how they compare to other types of bongs.

Acrylic Bongs: What Are They?

Acrylic bongs are classic. These types of bongs are built from PVC plastic, making them extra durable. While you probably have some awesome glass pieces on hand, you know that with a little slip, you lose your investment. 

Spilled bong water is already bad, but when it’s covered in shards of glass, that’s the worst-case scenario. If you want a bong that rarely breaks, acrylic bongs are the way to go. 

Most acrylic bongs come equipped with a metal down stem so that you can use them as soon as it arrives. However, you can also upgrade to a glass downstem to upgrade your flavor experience.

Pros and Cons of Acrylic Bongs

The major pro of acrylic bongs is their durability. They are also typically a lot more affordable than other styles. You can find cheap acrylic bongs with cool designs because they’re mass-produced items. 

They’re easy to use, last for a long time, and you don’t have to shell out a lot of cash for them. However, because they’re typically more affordable, you can count on their performance being a little less than you would expect with a glass bong.

Acrylic bongs are also available in tons of colors and fun designs, adding an artistic touch to your stoner collection. However, if you’ve been smoking weed for a long time, you can pick up the nuanced flavors of different strains. You can also definitely taste when your herb has gotten too dry. 

If you have become sensitive to all these subtle differences when it comes to smoking, then you may not thoroughly enjoy smoking out of an acrylic bong—nevertheless, it does get the job done.

For more experienced weed smokers, the appeal of acrylic bongs is their classic appearance. If your expectations aren’t super high and you’re just looking for something easy and affordable to smoke out of, then an acrylic bong is perfect for you. Consider it a starter bong for a relatively new stoner who’s not sure about investing too much too quickly. It’s more of a collector’s item for seasoned stoners.

Other Types of Bongs

Aside from acrylic bongs, there are three other main bong types, and they include:

Glass Bongs

Glass bongs are the original type of bong. It’s also the most popular because so long as you keep it clean and in good condition, it has the potential to last you a long time. The type of glass can determine the overall quality, and of course, if you drop a glass bong, it’s likely to break.

These types of bongs are touted for their quality and customizability—they deliver a fantastic smoke for both new and seasoned stoners alike.

Silicone Bongs

Silicone bongs are a newer type of bong on the market. These have quickly become a favorite because they provide a unique smoking experience. They’re super durable, won’t break, and you can customize them and enjoy a ton of colorful designs. 

Their performance might surprise you, considering how it feels in your hands, but so long as you get BPA-free silicone, you can enjoy a travel-friendly bong that is relatively affordable.

Ceramic Bongs

Beyond a classic, ceramic bongs are the oldest types of bongs. These types of bongs are more of the old world—when the ’60s and ’70s came around, glass bongs started taking over. 

Ceramic bongs are heavy-duty bongs that are super reliable and last a long time, even when compared to glass. Yes, they are breakable, but their thick ceramic material is incredibly strong.

Why Buy an Acrylic Bong?

Okay, so you have to understand that an acrylic bong will not give you a better smoking experience than a glass bong. However, acrylic bongs have their perks. For instance, traveling with a glass bong can prove challenging when you want to head out to the beach, a music festival, or even a friend’s house. 

You have to make sure that it is always well protected within your stash gear. Plus, handing it around in a circle of friends (and strangers) could end up with someone owing you some money.

Easy to Pack

Instead of a glass bong, you can easily pack an acrylic bong. Remember, these are much more affordable, and they don’t break nearly as easily as glass bongs do. An acrylic bong is just a good piece to have on hand for these types of occasions. 

When you’re shelling out tons of cash for a really high-quality glass bong, you want to keep that thing protected. So whether it means leaving it at home at all times or only sharing it within really trusted close friend circles, some things are worth the extra care.

Just as Easy to Clean

Glass ultimately delivers a much smoother smoke, and acrylic bongs do tend to have metal down stems and bowls—but remember, you can always change these out. Cleaning is pretty much the same as it would be with a glass piece; just be sure to use a cleaner dedicated to plastic so that you don’t damage your acrylic bong. 


Don’t ever let yourself get in a pickle where you’re holding a beautiful, frosty nug, and you don’t have a good bong to smoke out of. You can pick up an acrylic bong for as little as $20. So there’s really no excuse for you not to have one of these as part of your collection.

What do Acrylic Bongs Cost?

When we say these are super affordable, we’re not kidding. A 7.5-inch acrylic bong can cost as little as $13. Of course, as you increase the size, you can spend a little bit more, but this gives you a really solid idea of exactly how affordable these pieces are. 

They come in all sorts of unique, colorful designs and are typically equipped with a metal sliding bowl. Detach the base and remove the metal slide and bowl to clean all the different parts. Since the different parts are standardized, you can easily switch them out to create a customized design.

What material is best for bongs?

That depends on how you plan to use your bong. However, glass bongs are definitely the most popular type of material that stoners use because they give you the best, most flavorful experience. 

Acrylic water bongs are awesome because they’re so affordable and super sturdy. Ceramic is also known for how durable it is and because it provides flavorful rips. For on-the-go portability, an acrylic water bong may be your best bet because it’s much less likely to break.

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