[Video] Using the KannaStor GR8TR V2 Grinder

At Headshop, we are big-time advocates of the grinder for smoking dried herbs and flowers. It’s an accessory every smoker should have! Check out this video where we show you what it’s like to use the revolutionary KannaStor GR8TR V2 Grinder. Get your zen on and get one yourself if you need to replace your current, inferior one :)

What’s awesome about the KannaStor GR8TR V2 GRINDER

The V2 Grinder comes apart and lets you grab a little storage to take your flower on the go. Its sleek, outer design lies in stark contrast to traditional metal grinders with sharper edges. Truly a modern grinder for the modern smoker. Also, KannaStor has a great variety of their awesome grinders at various price points; so if you don’t want to spring for this one, you can get one of their cheaper models.

  • Removable storage
  • Great at collecting kief
  • Sleek design
  • Discreet, compact design
  • Options for multiple compartments

Get a KannaStor GR8TR grinder delivered to your door:

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