[Video] The Best Freezable Nectar Collector Kit

by Chris Husong

The Freeze Pipe Nectar Collector Kit

Chilling out with the Freeze Pipe Nectar Collector is even better with this kit that has all the extras! Features include gorgeous colored glass accents, flared mouthpiece, straight neck, and diffused downstem. 

How Does the Freeze Pipe Work?

Starting at the titanium tip, vapor passes through water filtration, then cools and condenses before it reaches the frozen coil. The glycerin-filled chambers cool down the dab heat by 300º F!

What’s in the Freeze Pipe Nectar Collector Kit?

The Freeze Pipe Nectar Collector Kit includes a modular dab rig, standard and straight tube glycerin coil chambers, titanium nail, female joint, 90º joint, dab dish, keck clip, and a koozie thermal wrap. 

The hefty dab straw’s high-tech design features premium quality materials of borosilicate glass, titanium, and quartz. The device is easily assembled with all parts secured by locking clips.

Makes a Great Gift

High-end dab pipes like the popular Freeze Pipe are quickly becoming an essential part of many dabbers’ daily sessions. The Freeze Pipe pairs well with other premium dab gear such as a butane torch. It even comes with a gift box.

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