Torches and Lighters: Headshop's Top Picks

by Chris Husong

Torches and Lighters: Headshop's Top PicksWhen it comes to torches and lighters, every smoker’s got at least one on their person or laying around the house.  Now, there is a wide variety of different ignition devices for smokers to choose from. Here, we shine a light on the best torches and lighters: basically, what you need to know when you need the fire.


Considered an essential tool for dabbing, torches are butane-fueled devices that can reach temperatures up to 2000º F, which is ideal for heating up a quartz banger or another heating element very quickly. Standard lighters just can’t reach a temperature high enough to heat nails. Today, there are several different companies that manufacture a range of torches. Here are some questions to ask yourself when selecting a butane torch:

Do I need a portable or desktop torch or lighter? Torch companies typically produce torches of different sizes. If you need to take your torch with you wherever you go, you should look at snagging a smaller torch. They’re compact enough to easily fit into your backpack and are much more discreet. If you plan on leaving your torch on your dab station, you could opt for a larger torch.

What am I heating? Of course, smaller torches create a smaller flame. If you have large titanium nails, ceramic nails, or XL bangers, you might want to go with a larger torch. Not only will you heat your nails more evenly, but you’ll also spend less time heating them. Heating ceramic nails evenly is very important because uneven heating can cause stress cracks.

The Best Torch for Large Nails 

For large nails, we suggest the SCORCH 6.75" 2X Mega Nero Torch. With an aluminum body and aluminum anodizing process, this torch generates a single jet flame with fast heat dissipation. The Mega Nero Torch features an extra-large capacity fuel tank and is butane refillable. If you want a piece that will heat up your sessions in a big way, you’ll love this high-quality torch lighter.

The Best Torch for Small Nails

If you’re thinking about getting a smaller torch, the Newport Mini Series 5.5" Mini Butane Torch is an excellent option. This little lighter quickly refills, is safe, and is easy to operate with a self-igniting piezo ignition. The Newport Mini offers a childproof safety lock system, as well as a safety adjustable flame. With its ergonomic design and comfortable grip handle, you’ll find it works at any angle.

Remember to check out Headshop’s collection of torches for a wide selection of fire-starters!

Did you know? Though the hottest part of a torch’s flame is sometimes said to be the bright blue cone close to the torch, combustion isn’t complete in the blue flame. The bright blue flame is called the primary combustion zone. Surrounding the bright blue cone is a light blue flame in the center called the secondary combustion zone. In between the primary and secondary combustion zones is an area called the interzonal region, and this is the hottest part of the torch’s flame. You can save money on butane and time by using the interzonal region to quickly heat up your nails. You’ll know you’re in the interzonal region when your nail is in front of the bright blue tip of the primary combustion zone.


You know you just can’t enjoy a joint or a bowl without a lighter! Available in many different shapes and materials, lighters range from the old-school staple Bic’s to butane-fueled Zippos. The thing is, you can’t always rely on a lighter. Because disposable lighters are so cheaply made, the flint or igniter can and do just suddenly die.

While the original Zippo design is amazing, they do require some level of upkeep. 

Most Dependable Lighter for Smoking Bowls

If you need a lighter you can really depend on, look no further than the VESSEL 5.5" Carbon Lighter available at Headshop! It looks kind of like a Zippo but much more futuristic. This lighter has a high-precision trigger ignition and a refillable inverted design. The angled flame port can be used right side up or upside down. And, the VESSEL Carbon Lighter comes with a lifetime warranty!

Hot tip: If you don’t have a VESSEL Carbon Lighter, then give hemp wick a try. Hemp wick is an incredible all-natural option. All you have to do is light the wick and use that to light your bowl.

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