Top 8 Gifts for Stoner Dads This Father’s Day

by Chris Husong

Top 8 Gifts for Stoner Dads This Father’s Day

It’s time to think about Dad this time of year. You’ll inevitably be picking up a greeting card, cooking a meal, and/or buying a gift to show Dad you care this Father’s Day.

But what do you think Dad really wants for Father’s Day?

For the awesome stoner dads out there, we’ve curated a lineup of heady Father’s Day gifts that honestly, you can’t go wrong with. These stoner gifts aim to please and have been suggested or approved by the dads working here at Headshop.

We selected our smoke shop goodies with all budgets in mind. If you want to spend around $20, $30, $50, or $100, we’ve got you and Dad covered.

Don’t buy your dad golf balls again this year. Get your dad a smoking accessory this Father’s Day and watch him appreciate the hell out of it.

8 Gifts for Stoner Dads This Father’s Day

  1. RAW RYOT Smell Proof Lockable Dopp Kit - Best Overall
  2. Marley Natural Lock Stash Box - Best Stash Box
  3. OG Hemp Flower Pre-Rolled Cigarillo - Best Under $15
  4. Amber Gandalf Pipe - Best Pipe 
  5. 6" Single Chamber Bubbler - Best Bubbler Under $20
  6. G2 Personal CannaMold - Best for Power-Stoner Dads
  7. Revelry Amigo Fanny Pack - Best for Active Stoner Dads
  8. 10" Silicone Water Bubbler - Best Bubbler for Dads Who Break Stuff

The Best Father’s Day Gifts for Stoner Dads 2022

1. RAW RYOT Smell Proof Lockable Dopp Kit 

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Our #1 Father’s Day gift has got to be RAW’s RYOT Dopp Kit. A nice dopp kit always makes a good gift for dad, but this one takes things over the top, especially for stoners. For one, it’s totally smell-proof, something we know dads care about. 

Number two, it securely locks tight and comes with a branded lock. Waterproof, durable, and made with eco-friendly materials, the RAW dopp kit is a gift that lasts and will surely make any stoner dad’s day. And if you really want to put an extra pep in dad’s step, throw some RAW rolling papers in there while you’re at it!

…Get it with: RAW Natural Unrefined Rolling Papers

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RAW remains one of the top choices in rolling papers for joint smokers who care about where their materials come from. You can get RAW rolling papers for Dad with a choice of their 3 signature sizes. Incredibly thin, RAW’s all-natural papers are made from a blend of all-natural fibers and are known for their even burn.

2. Marley Natural Lock Stash Box 

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Coming in at a close second is the refined and distinguished Marley Natural Lock Stash Box. Doesn’t this thing just look like dad? It’s rugged. It’s practical. It’s got great gift written all over it. 

Marley Natural separates themselves from other smoking brands with their penchant for sustainably produced wood and woodworking. Their lockable stash box is made from gorgeous black walnut. It features acrylic dividers and a sliding top that serves as a rolling tray. 

Though not specifically developed to be smell-proof, this stash box still conceals odor fairly well in its wooden chambers. 

3. OG Hemp Flower Pre-Rolled Cigarillo

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Apart from dopp kits and golf balls, cigars are generally considered a decent choice for a Father’s Day gift. With these cigarillos, you can keep the cigar shtick and add a stoner twist! OK, OK, these cigarillos do NOT contain any weed whatsoever. But they are packed with fresh, organically-grown CBD flower that smell like the real thing. 

These cigarillos won’t get Dad high, but they are certainly enjoyable and feature potent hemp with therapeutic properties. At just $12, one cigarillo makes a great affordable gift or even an add-on. It’s a fun treat for Dad to enjoy after dinner in true dad fashion.

4. Amber Glass Gandalf Pipe 

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It’s magical. It’s masculine. It’s Gandalf! We adore the details and the coloring of this hand-blown pipe featuring an amber palette with a rugged, yet delicate design. 

The pipe features a 14-inch stem and a bowl that has an almost-tribal striped detailing on the outside. The bowl fits comfortably in the hand for social or personal smoking sessions with style. Can’t you just imagine your dad or your grandpa puffing away at this thing on a recliner? We sure can. 

This is another affordable gift on our list at just $25.75, but in-person, this Gandalf piece appears much more expensive.

5. 6" Single Chamber Bubbler 

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Don’t want to spend too much this Father’s Day? No worries at all! According to our dads on staff, something that will really make them happy is simply a small bubbler. This 6-inch chamber bubbler is one of our best-selling pieces, and it’s under $20. 

These water bubblers sport cool designs and offer nice hits of diffused smoke that travels down the signature 3-slit tube. Dad can chill while smoking dried herb with this bubbler anytime, and its small size makes it more discreet.

6. G2 Personal CannaMold

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For the dads who are cannabis connoisseurs and love gadgets, we can’t think of a trendier gift than the G2 Personal Cannamold. Dad can roll his own cannagars and kick back for mind-blowing solo sesh or a get-together with buddies. 

Cannagars are, to put it lightly, so hot right now. The price point isn’t too bad, either, at about $50. If you want to spend in the mid-range and your dad is a serious stoner, the G2 Personal Cannamold is a great value that will be a most-welcome gift for blasting off.

7. Revelry Amigo Odor-Proof Fanny Pack

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Want a gift for the active stoner dad in your life? Also something that encapsulates dad style? Look no further than a stoner fanny pack. The Amigo fanny pack is a great choice for dads who like life’s more active pleasures like biking, hiking, camping, and going to concerts. It’s odor-concealing and highly discrete. 

The carbon filter inside the bag is what absorbs herbal odor, and it’s activated by heat. So before you pack your pack, throw it in the dryer for a few minutes to charge the filter. 

The Revelry Amigo comes in a few different color options like the classic gray and black, olive green, and more. And it’s lockable! A lockable, stylish, and discreet fanny pack for Dad to keep his bud? Enough said. 

8. 10" Silicone Water Bubbler 

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Our last spot on the Stoner Dad Father’s Day Gift Guide is perfect for dads who break stuff. This little compact water bubbler is virtually indestructible and made from eco-friendly silicone. The angled body is ideal for putting in a desk drawer, taking a quick rip, and getting back to work. 

This small bubbler comes in various colors and psychedelic designs that most silicone pieces are known for. Priced in the middle range at about $40, this is a highly utilitarian bong that any stoner dad would be happy to add to his piece collection.

Have a Happy and Heady Father’s Day!

To all the dads out there, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! To all the stoner dads and dads of stoners, we salute you!

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