Top 5 Ways to Store Your Cannabis For Long Term

by Chris Husong

Top 5 Ways to Store Your Cannabis For Long TermThere are several different methods to store your cannabis for the long term, even though it is unusual to store it for more than a year or so. You can seal it in glass jars, vacuum pack it, or freeze it. Here, we'll go over the top five ways to store your cannabis for long term, as they work well when done properly. Weed lasts longer when frozen but jars also work very well.

Weed can be kept for a long time without being frozen if you use the proper packaging, containers, and storage. There are all kinds of containers for storing weed in, ranging from affordable wooden boxes to expensive glass jars with humidity control and UV protection.

Vacuum Sealing Cannabis

It is a good idea to vacuum seal the weed to remove the air but without completely compressing it, and then store it in containers. We suggest adding a humidity pack to maintain the humidity in the container at about 60-65%.

Vacuum sealing is used to remove air and moisture around the buds. Because air and moisture can quickly degrade weed, try to remove as much air as possible if you want to store your weed for a long time. Although if the buds are slightly compressed, they can fluff out again after being released from the vacuum.

Storage containers should be kept in a cool, dark place. If you occasionally refill your stash, think about splitting your weed into different packages. This way, you can take out weed when you need it without opening and resealing your packages.

Because temperature can affect the consistency of concentrates and extracts, keep temperatures low to properly maintain them. For instance, shatter can cloud up and degrade at room temperature. 

Freezing and Defrosting Cannabis

To preserve fresh or dried cannabis flower for the long term, consider freezing them. To avoid damaging the buds with a vacuum, you can put them in a Zip-Lock bag, removing the air and sealing it tightly. Vacuum-seal the Zip-Lock bags before putting them in an airtight container in the freezer set below 0°C. In this way, they can be stored for years.

Defrost your cannabis with great care to avoid damaging the trichomes, which become very fragile when frozen. When thawing your vacuum-sealed packages of weed, avoid handling them until they are fully defrosted. Of note, if you see ice crystals have formed, it means the buds were not thoroughly dried and there was air in the container.

Freezing cannabis can also be done for some concentrates or extracts, like bubble hash, live rosin, or BHO. We suggest storing your concentrates long-term in a sealed, airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer. Flowers can be frozen fresh or dried. Cannabis edibles can be packaged in aluminum foil or paper, vacuum sealed, and stored in a plastic container. Simply defrost when you are ready to enjoy them. 

We hope you found this article about storing cannabis for the long term helpful.

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