Top 5 Pipe Brands For The Ultimate High

Top 5 Pipe Brands For The Ultimate High

A handheld pipe for weed is one of the best investments you can make as a smoker. It’s small, portable, and relatively discrete. Plus, they’re super durable, which means you can enjoy them for many years to come. They have unique designs that only get better as resin starts collecting inside. 

Can you even call yourself a stoner if you don’t already have a pipe as part of your collection? Aside from rolling papers, a good pipe is a must. Below, we explore the top five pipe brands and check out their offerings. You’ll find styles that suit your preferences, from fun colors to classic wood pieces.

1. Genius Pipes

Genius Pipes serve as more than just a pipe. These are art deco art pieces. Made with high-quality materials, this high-tech device delivers a gorgeous finish that perfectly combines functionality and beauty. Check out the classic version available in black or silver, and be sure to pick up an essentials kit so you have everything you need.

Genius makes sure you have all the gadgets and accessories you might need after investing in one of their pipes. From odor spray to backpacks and pouches, you can pick up all the best goods in one spot. Stick with the classic designs or explore more eye-catching versions, like the psychedelic genius pipe.

2. Pilot Diary

Pilot Diary is the perfect one-hitter brand. Keep it classic with the quartz one-hitter four-piece set, or explore the wood dugout to enjoy handcrafted craftsmanship and a unique magnet design. This dugout gives you enough space to store all your goods.

Pick up the Pilot Diary magnetic wooden dugout for a nice portable option, which has a spring and sliding lid. This one is perfect for taking with you when you’re on the go, and it comes with a one-hitter piece that resembles a cigarette. You can also find different accessories like a travel case, some grinders, and torches by Pilot Diary.

3. Twisty

Twisty offers a unique three-in-one pipe design that allows you to smoke completely paperless. The design is exquisite, and you can take this device with you wherever you go. The twisty design is what makes your herb taste so much better.

This twisty coil cools down your smoke because it doubles the length the smoke has to travel through before it reaches your lips. This gives you an overall smoother smoking experience. The ceramic twist and glass tube, two cleaning brushes, an O-ring seal, and a rubber storage cap are included with your purchase.

4. Krave

Krave offers a variety of brightly colored devices for you to smoke out of. Check out the Krave freezable hand pipe, available in colors like shiny purple, blue, shiny blue, and UV slime. These are made with borosilicate glass and combine scientific glassblowing techniques with functional glass art.

Another fun pipe you can try is the Krave glass steam roller hand pipe. This pipe is also available in various fun colors like shiny orange and green pixy dust and is equipped with a freezable chamber and a detachable bowl with a clip for extra support. You also get a quartz banger included as a bonus item with your purchase.

5. Marley Natural

If you’re into pipes with a nice wood finish, you’ll love the Marley natural selection. To upgrade your smoke sessions, pick up a natural glass and walnut steamroller or a natural glass and walnut spoon pipe. The steamroller balances a refined aesthetic with classic form, and you can use it as your regular smoking device when you’re on the go.

The pipe is created from hand-blown borosilicate glass and refined black walnut wood. This is a custom piece equipped with a glass bowl to allow for consistency while you’re smoking. It’s designed to be timeless with Jamaican-inspired accents, so you always have a great conversation piece when you light up with friends.

Types of Weed Pipes

There are tons of different weed pipe types you can choose from. The selection keeps growing as more people explore cannabis. One of the popular types of pipes is a one-hitter. These are super small, discreet, and meant for literally one hit. They’re good for when you’re in a pinch, but you’re not going to be able to enjoy a full bowl with these. Plus, keeping them clean does take some effort because they are small.

There are also spoon pipes that you can explore. These are the most common type of pipe you’ll find, and they come in various styles. You can go for something super basic or pick up a spoon pipe that doubles as an art piece. You can pack a bowl, easily pack it up, and enjoy medium flavor with these.

If you want to get fancier, you can explore a water pipe. There are two primary types of water pipes, including a bong and a bubbler. These tend to be more ornately designed, and the water is included to create a smoother smoking experience. They tend to deliver more flavor and a stronger high.

How to Choose a Weed Pipe

To select the best weed pipe, consider what type of material you prefer. You can find a good metal weed pipe, and you can’t go wrong with glass. While there are other materials besides these, glass is the best option for marijuana smokers. Next, consider the type of pipe you’d like to explore. A good spoon pipe is a must-have for any stoner because it’s easy to use and portable. Consider it a staple in your stoner arsenal.

Once you have a basic piece on hand, you might want to explore a different type of pipe option. You may want to check out some water pipes, including bubblers or bongs, to add to your weed cupboard. It’s more fun when you have a variety of smoking devices to select from. Also, consider your budget. A smaller pipe, even a one-hitter, might be the most budget-friendly option. As you grow your collection, you can invest in bigger and higher-quality pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean a weed pipe?

Clean a weed pipe with rubbing alcohol, table salt, and dish soap. Grab a resealable bag, place your pipe inside it, and soak it with the rubbing alcohol table salt. Make sure the pipe is completely submerged. Place it somewhere safe and come back to it after 12 hours. 

When you return, shake it up to release any residual resin. Remove it from the bag, and wash it with warm water and dish soap. It’ll be good as new.

How do I use a weed pipe?

Just pack a bowl, place your thumb over the carb, and light up. As you begin to inhale, release your finger from the carb. Clear the smoke from the pipe and repeat.

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