Top 5 Dry Herb Vaporizers

by Chris Husong

Top 5 Dry Herb Vaporizers

Why Use a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

With a dry herb vaporizer, you can enjoy your herb without any unpleasant smell. Vapes are conveniently portable to carry with you anywhere you go, especially if you travel a lot. Here, we’ll share all the deets with you on our top 5 dry herb vaporizers.

What to Look For in a Dry Herb Vaporizer

We researched various vaporizer brands and found that some of these companies are offering groundbreaking, innovative, state-of-the-art vaporizers. So, get your hands on the best and leave the rest. Here, we selected the top 5 brands that offer:

  • Innovative design
  • Big hits
  • Flavorful
  • Portable
  • Discreet
  • Decent battery life
  • Temperature control
  • No unpleasant smell
  • Warranty

1. The Mighty+

Storz & Bickel is back on top with the updated Mighty+ which has raised the vaporizer bar to the next level with breathtaking new features.

Uncompromising with design and size, the Mighty+ delivers the same incredible flavor. However, now it can reach the ideal temperature in just 60 seconds for a faster vaping experience. Also, the Mighty+ has a new temperature boost function to increase the temp by 16 degrees, perfect for the end of your session.

This updated device has the same patented technology that combines conduction with convection heating to cool the vapor on delivery. It also has an updated USB-C charging socket which means the Mighty+ takes just 40 minutes to reach 80% capacity. 

Instead of carrying around the traditional a/c power adapter, now you just need to carry a USB-C cable for quick charging on the go. The Mighty+ is not only one of the fastest charging devices, its battery life is also one of the best on the market.

The Mighty+ is perfect for any occasion and is super easy to use. In terms of the higher price point, look at the Mighty+ as an investment that pays off in the long run. With Storz & Bickel vaporizers, you always know what you’re getting – high quality.

2. Arizer Solo II

Arizer is a highly reputable brand in the vape industry for one reason - they offer outstanding dry herb vaporizers that work well for a reasonable price. The Arizer Solo II is an update to the popular Solo. 

Because of its impressive battery life, we’ve put the Solo II second on our list. With a full charge, it can run for almost 3 hours nonstop without charging. That may be the longest battery life of any portable vaporizer available today.

Not only is the battery life impressive, but the quality of the vapor is amazing. The Arizer Solo II has a stainless steel heating system that is a hybrid of ceramic and stainless for thick and flavorful vapor. Because of the long glass air path, the vapor stays cool.

If you're in a rush too, no worries! The Arizer Solo II takes about 20 seconds to heat up which means your dry herb will quickly turn to vapor. You’ll also love the streamlined and easy-to-use digital controls.

Because of the glass tube that you pull from, the Arizer Solo II isn't exactly pocketable, but the vapor quality and battery life certainly make up for that. Consider the Solo II if you're looking for an incredible portable vaporizer at a reasonable price.

The Arizer Air II isn’t on this list but we think it deserves a mention because it’s essentially a smaller version of the Solo II but with a shorter battery life.

3. PAX 3

PAX has been one of the leading manufacturers of vaporizers for a while now. The original version had a unique design that set it apart from its competitors. They’ve done it again with the PAX 3 looking even better with cool new matte colors and other enhancements. 

Probably the best thing about the PAX 3 is its size. Sure, you can find smaller vapes, but PAX really nailed it with this device. At just 3.28 ounces, it’s perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, skateboarding, or snowboarding. 

In addition, the PAX 3 heats up in only 15 to 20 seconds. With its “lip sensing technology”, the device actually knows when you're using it. The device doesn’t deliver all the subtle flavors of a convection vaporizer, but the vapor is incredibly good with its conduction oven. 

The battery life of the PAX 3 has also been improved. It runs for about 1-1/2 hours before needing a charge. With the innovatively engineered charging dock, even charging is cool with the PAX 3. 

4. DynaVap - The Omni

One of the best vaporizers you can get right now is DynaVap - The Omni. We think the Omni truly is a top-shelf VapCap. While the Omni is more expensive, it’s absolutely worth it.

If you're looking for a practically indestructible, manually heated vape with adjustable airflow and bowl size, that is also very sophisticated, then the Omni was made just for you. Enjoy vaporizing your herbs anywhere without worrying about charging. Don't let the simple design fool you - you'll get flavorful vapor that is extremely efficient.

With adjustable airflow and manual heating, you have complete control of what type of vapor you get. Thick, satisfying, heavy clouds or light, wispy, flavorful hits can be yours, it just depends on where you heat the cap. Every draw is full of flavor like a true one-hitter with an adjustable bowl.

In terms of power, the Omni cuts the power cord. It works with any lighter, however, a refillable torch lighter works best.

5. DaVinci IQC

DaVinci is another heavy hitter in the vaporizer market and for a while now. They’ve created a devoted following with their portable conduction vaporizers like the MIQRO and the IQ2.

The latest release with the new Davinci IQC lands in between the DaVinci IQ2 and the MIQRO vaporizers in terms of size but all the other features have been updated.

With its 51 LED display grid and sandblasted aluminum frame, the IQC is sleek and elegant. Able to fit in just about any space, this compact little device delivers powerful vapor that is smooth and cool.

A Zirconia chamber has replaced the ceramic filling chamber. It’s lined with glass to cool the vapor before it reaches your lips. With Smart Paths, it has precise temperature control and 4 pre-set temperatures that change throughout your session. The IQC also has a boost feature to increase the temperature to its max at the end of your session so you can get the most out of your herb.

Davinci has replaced the airflow dial at the bottom of the unit with a zirconia pearl on the inside lid of the filling chamber. To allow for more even heat distribution, just adjust the pearl to tightly pack the chamber.

Despite all the changes, the Davinci IQC is still powered by the same replaceable 18650 batteries. With a charge time of 2 hours, the device runs for 60 minutes of continuous usage before you need to swap the battery.

There are so many reasons why the IQC is on our list of the top 5 portable vaporizers –check it out!

Selecting the Best Vaporizer 

We know, there are so many vaporizers on the market, that it can be challenging to select the best one. However, considering your budget and your personal preference, we think you’ll be pleased with any of the vapes noted above.

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