Top 5 Dab Rig Brands

Top 5 Dab Rig BrandsSmoking heady herb sure has come a long way from passing around joints, hasn’t it? These days, you can choose from bongs, bubblers, vapes, and so much more. Here, we’ll look at the top 5 dab rig brands for another way you can switch up your session.

What is a dab rig?

Dab rigs are specially designed water pipes to use with concentrates (also known as “dabs”). Dab rigs are super popular because smoking even a small dab from a dab rig can actually deliver greater effects than you would get from smoking flower from a bong. And smoking from a dab rig tastes amazing!

How do you use a dab rig?

The reason why dabs are so tasty is due to the concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes. With a dab rig, the concentrate is vaporized, not combusted. This controlled temperature vaporization creates an extremely flavorful and potent vapor.

What are the top 5 dab rig brands?

There's a dab rig in our online Headshop for everyone, whether you dab daily or only occasionally. Check out our top 5 dab rig brands below to see what people are into and which brands we think are cool enough to be sold in our online Headshop:)

Chief Mini Rig 4-Piece Kit

Mini rigs sure do look awfully little and cute, but they pack a big punch. A mini rig is a good choice if you’re looking for optimal potency and flavor. A low water line allows you to fully taste your dab right when you hit it. Chief mini rigs offer the ultimate in percolation and are designed for smokers who like long tasty hits so they can really savor their concentrates.

Puffco Peak Electronic Dab Rigs

Puffco Peak offers sleek electronic dab rigs that look as great as they work. Just load your concentrates, push a button, and the dab rig heats them to perfection again and again. It's an amazing device that will help you get the most potency and flavor out of your concentrate while also using as small an amount as possible. Puffco Peak dab rigs are perfect for enjoying a long smoke session or just taking a quick hit.

Waxmaid Silicone Dab Rigs

Waxmaid silicone dab rigs are affordable 4-in-1 bongs that can transform into a dab rig, bubbler, or nectar collector so your smoking experience can be customized just how you like it. Waxmaid dab rigs let you enjoy the durability you can only get with silicone. If you're new to dab rigs or want to add to your collection, these multi-colored glow-in-the-dark rigs are a great selection.


For high-quality, reasonably priced, American-made borosilicate glass pipes, PULSAR is the no-brainer choice. This all-in-one dab rig and dab station is designed to deliver ideal percolation and flavor for smooth hits without any drag. The kit comes with a 14mm quartz banger and is available in two awesome colors, transparent amber or transparent black. A handcrafted work of art, this dab rig is a great addition to any collection and will bring you years of enjoyable smoking sessions.

Grav Labs Two Layer Circuit Rig

The Grav Labs Two Layer Circuit Rig is truly a collector’s piece. It's a gorgeous water pipe that creates a powerful centrifugal force that delivers smooth and tasty hits that aren’t harsh. This dab rig’s design is so impressive, it will look just as great being passed around at your next party as it does on your shelf. Enjoy super-smooth hits with your friends. And don't forget to keep it clean!

Select One of Our Top 5 Dab Rigs Today

Selecting a new dab rig might seem overwhelming considering all the options out there, but our lineup here should make it much easier. Whatever your preferences may be, we think any of the above dab rigs is a sure thing!

Want to learn more about what we do at Headshop? Check out our selection of handpicked dab rigs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Headshop.

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