Top 10 Gifts for Stoner Moms on Mother’s Day

by Chris Husong

Top 10 Gifts for Stoner Moms on Mother’s DayMother’s Day is coming up, and for the stoner mama in your life, we’ve put together a righteous list of the best gifts. There's something in every price range, from more practical options to something that will blow mom away. We’re talking pieces, accessories, and more to lift mom’s spirits.

How did we make the list? It wasn’t that tricky—a stoner mom created this list!

We even categorized the list, so hopefully, all sorts of stoner moms will feel represented. After all, we come in all varieties! So check out Headshop’s top 10 gifts for stoner moms this Mother’s Day, and get ready to make a special mama super happy.

The Best Stoner Mom Gifts This Year

  1. Best Gift for Moms Who Smoke Joints - TIE: Rolling Papers in Bulk & Rolling Machine
  2. Best Gift for Picky Stoner Moms - Headshop Gift Card
  3. Best for Classy Stoner Moms - My Bud Vase Bongs
  4. Best Bougie Gift Stoner Moms - Shine Gift Box with 24k Gold Wraps
  5. Best for Stoner Moms with Little Kids - High Hutch Luxury Stash Box
  6. Best Swanky Gift for Moms Who Vape - Volcano Desktop Vaporizer
  7. Best Gift for Stoner Moms Under $25 - Mandala Grinder
  8. Best Gift for Star Wars Moms - Yoda Bubbler
  9. Best Pipe for Mother’s Day Gift - Quartz Pipe
  10. Healthiest Gift for Stoner Moms - CBD + CBG Tincture

Why buy a stoner-themed gift for Mother’s Day anyway?

Ummm… because that’s what we really want! Listen, we are all going to get thoughtful cards and pretty flowers. And those things are great. But can we use them when Mother’s Day is over (crickets, crickets)?

Most moms are consummately practical—we love gifts that we will use a lot, and bonus points if these presents can make our life easier. But, I can also tell you that a smoking accessory, a piece, anything cannabis-related for a stoner mom, will make her heart sing. It doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as we will use it. 

Plus, the fact is that a lot of us moms aren’t going to buy a super-nice piece for ourselves. We feel guilty about spending a lot, especially on smoking accessories. So surprise us with a delightful bong, and seriously, you’ve got our hearts forever.

It’s not as socially unacceptable nowadays for moms to smoke cannabis and CBD, especially as more cannabinoid studies are done on how they can positively impact us with natural benefits. With a stoner-themed gift, you’re at once telling us stoner moms that you love us, that you don’t judge us, and that you know what we really want. Is there any better gift than that?

What if my stoner mom doesn’t like my stoner gift?

No use crying over spilled milk. If your mom, partner, friend, etc., doesn’t like her heady gift, you can easily return it to Headshop in exchange for something she’d prefer. You can return it worry-free as long as she doesn’t use the gift (i.e., she doesn’t load the new bong).

What do stoner moms want for Mother’s Day? What’s the secret sauce?

Well, that’s precisely why we made this list and thought up categories. Stoner moms are just like regular stoners– we all have our preferred methods. On our list, we’ll cover the most popular stoner mom varieties, like joint lovers, bong smokers, moms who vape, etc. If you know the preferred smoking method of the mama in question, that’s your best bet. And if you’re at a total loss or the intended recipient is a picky stoner, opt for the Headshop gift card. You can’t go wrong there.

Before we get into the details, here’s the secret sauce:

Get us something we will actually use but that we probably won’t buy for ourselves.

Lucky you, all the items on our stoner mom's gift guide come with the secret sauce. Now that you know everything necessary about what stoner moms want, check out our list and give the gift of super-dank headiness this Mother’s Day.

Top Gifts for Stoner Moms on Mother’s Day

Best Gift for Moms Who Smoke Joints

TIE: Rolling Papers in Bulk & Joint Rolling Machine

There are so many moms out there who really dig smoking joints. Joints are enjoyable to smoke for a longer period of time versus a bowl or a bong. Also, many moms like to mix cannabis with other herbs in their joints like CBD or other dried flowers. This way, we can have a less ‘high’ effect while enjoying our smoking experience, making our current stash last longer. 

For the stoner mamas out there who love their joint sessions, these are the 2 best gifts. We couldn’t choose just one!

1. Rolling Papers in Bulk

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If the stoner mom on your list this Mother’s Day is a frugal Franny and loves stocking up on bulk items at Costco, buying her rolling papers in bulk will put a smile on her face. Of course, buying in bulk always saves money, but the convenience factor for us moms is HUGE. Also, imagining not having to buy papers for a very long time will make any joint-smoking mama joyful.

1. Joint Rolling Machine

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A joint rolling machine is a perfect gift for a stoner mom who loves little life hacks. This way, she can get the same shape and consistency in her joints every time while saving time! Moms love gifts that help us stay consistent and save time. 

The joint rolling machine also has that nifty, quirky factor both in the way it looks and because, frankly, we probably wouldn’t buy one of these for ourselves. So while there are quite a few joint rolling machines to choose from, go with that brand if she has a diehard preference for rolling papers. If not, the EZ Roller we selected from the Headshop catalog is a great-looking bestseller that won’t break the bank.

Tip from a stoner mom: I'd go with the rolling papers in bulk if you know what kind of rolling papers she prefers. It will seriously be such a treat for her to know she doesn’t have to re-up in a very long time. If you don’t know, I would choose one of these 3 classic brands: OCB, ZigZag, RAW. The EZ Roller we selected can serve as the main gift if you're going with the rolling machine. The rest in our joint rolling machines catalog are on the lower price end, so those would be more of a stocking stuffer option.

Best Gift for Picky Stoner Moms 

2. Headshop Gift Card

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We all have that picky stoner friend—either that, or we ARE that picky stoner! This type of smoker has their favorite brands, their favorite accessories, etc., and they often won’t deviate from their preferences. These people, moms or not, are notoriously hard to buy for. So, what do you get the stoner mom in your life that you know most likely will return whatever you get? Get the Headshop Gift Card! Mom can pick out what she wants and get it delivered with fast shipping.

Tip from a stoner mom: The Headshop Gift Cards start at $50. You can also get one for $100, $200, or $500. Any amount will be fine for us, but remember that you must spend $75 to get free shipping. Put this Headshop money in a thoughtful card, and your Mother’s Day shopping is DONE.

Best for Classy Stoner Moms

3. My Bud Vase Bongs

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At Headshop, we are always talking about My Bud Vase bongs because they keep selling out. Who would have known these little handcrafted bongs would be such a hit! This is a great piece for the ‘classier’ stoner mom. 

Can a bong make someone classy? My Bud Vase is a lovely collectible that doesn’t look like a bong. Mom can put it on the mantle or display it without any judgy moms being wiser.

Tip from a stoner mom: I know, I know, which My Bud Vase should you choose, right? Here’s my two cents: To play it safe as far as color and aesthetic, opt for the Stardust because it’s made with beautiful clear glass that goes with everything and looks like it’s from a swanky wedding registry. Another good neutral option is the Double Happiness that legit looks like a beautiful antique. But my personal favorite is hands-down the Mermaid—if the stoner mom in question loves the sea, this is the one.

Best Bougie Gift for Stoner Moms 

4. Shine Gift Box

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420 already happened, but trust us, we moms can find plenty of reasons to bust out these gold wraps. Made from 24k gold, they are a fun treat, a departure from normal joints and blunt wraps that call for celebration. After mom opens these on Mother’s Day, roll a ceremonial doobie and let the good times roll. She can then bring a couple on a mom’s night out for the bougie smoking accessory that’s both dazzling and a conversation starter.

Tip from a stoner mom: This is a great novelty gift that will make moms happy because they’re just different from what we usually see and use daily. Gold wraps don’t break the bank, and no matter what, they’re fun. They also will help us impress our other stoner mom friends. Lastly, the little gift box looks really nice to add an even more bougie edge to this awesome gift.

Best for Stoner Moms with Little Kids 

5. Luxury Stash Box

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The #1 best gift for a stoner mom with little kids (provided she doesn’t already have an awesome one) is, without question, the stash box. Stoner moms with little kids cannot have their herbs and devices floating all over the house for obvious reasons. The stash box provides a level of safety that helps moms sleep soundly at night: everything is locked up and put away under lock and key. Stash boxes also keep the cannabis odor at bay and store all our smoking gear securely and in one organized place.

Tip from a stoner mom: I selected the High Hutch Stash Box because it’s a bit smaller than the conventional stash boxes but offers the same level of security. Also, it comes with an array of accessories that are must-haves for any stoner, even if mom already has a couple of them. High Hutch has a magnetized scraper, jars, a rolling tray, and an awesome grinder that’s a great kief catcher. This stash box even comes with a bamboo one-hitter! Yes, this won in the category for stoner moms with little kids, but it’s also a good catch-all. It’s expensive, sleek, and we’ll use everything inside.

Best Swanky Gift for Vape Mamas 

6. Volcano Desktop Vaporizer

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Want to knock it out of the park this Mother’s Day? But like all the way out, past the rafters, maybe even breaking a few windshields? Get the stoner mom you love a Volcano. For moms who vape and everyone on the planet, it’s the gold standard in desktop vaporizers. For moms that don’t (yet), it’s also a great idea. The Volcano is a tried-and-true, durable hunk of goodness that delivers perhaps the smoothest vapor of all the devices on the market. Mom can indulge in her herbiage without harmful smoke, make her stash last longer, and minimize odor. If you’ve used a Volcano before, there’s not much more to say. It sells itself.

Tip from a stoner mom: I have tried various desktop vaporizers over the years, but I always put the Volcano at #1 in my mind. Although I can’t prove it, I swear the Volcano gets you more cloudy hits than the others. And I love how this German-made monster is durable to the extreme– I have dropped it, spilled on it, you name it. The Volcano is great for vaping moms and those who don’t know they love to vape yet. It’s a lifelong piece of equipment that will never go out of style.

Best Gift for Stoner Moms Under $25

7. A Good Grinder

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Every stoner mom– and every stoner– needs a good grinder. The Mandala grinder from PILOTDIARY is beautiful, so it’s an excellent choice for Mother’s Day. Instead of the traditional neutral colors, the Mandala grinder has a more feminine look. The aluminum alloy shines in blues, purples, and pinks. Even if mom already has a grinder in tow, she can always use another one. With this gift, you won’t break the bank, and you can guarantee it will get used.

Tip from a stoner mom: Honestly, spending hundreds of dollars on us for Mother’s Day isn’t necessary to give us a little joy. If you need to keep our gift within a tight budget, we don’t mind, and honestly, we’d prefer you not risk your rent payment or your new pair of shoes on a gift for us. This little grinder is under $25, but it packs a punch with the beautiful colors and, of course, usefulness. I really don’t think you can go wrong here.

Best Gift for Star Wars Stoner Moms 

8. A Cool Bubbler

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Look, I don’t care who it is; if the mom you’re buying for is both a stoner and a Star Wars fan (I am both of those things), she’s going to be delighted seeing Yoda’s face on a pipe when she opens this. This little piece is hand-crafted and looks like something you’d see in a quirky antique shop. But don’t let the old-world craftsmanship fool you—mom can still take rips from this water bubbler and enjoy smoking it thoroughly.

Tip from a stoner mom: If you got (or are getting) your mom a Star Wars gift for May the 4th (aka Star Wars Day), don’t double up. Get something else on the list instead. If you didn’t, give this to a mama and thank her for being as patient and wise as Yoda. 

Best Pipe for Mother’s Day Gift

9. A Beautiful Pipe

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A pipe can honestly appear a bit underwhelming as a Mother’s Day gift if you choose something more generic. However, the Quartz Pipe is a different story. It’s made out of semi-precious stones, so if the mom you’re buying for is into crystals, this is a surefire winner. Despite its beautiful facade, it’s just as functional and easy to clean as a regular glass pipe. The quartz pipe just aesthetically has an entirely different look and feel, a transcendent bowl sure to help mom relax in style.

Tip from a stoner mom: Quartz pipes come in different varieties, but I really dig the one we selected in amethyst. It’s got a feminine aura to it with ethereal-looking colors. Give the quartz pipe to a mom who leans into her spiritual side, as different types of quartz are thought to stabilize energies.

Healthiest Gift for Stoner Moms

10. CBD + CBG Tincture

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Stoner moms often are into plant-based health—hence why they are stoners—so to round out the list, we landed on a healthy gift. And one that helps support stress relief and sleep health to boot, two things any mom can use help with. 

You’ve probably heard of CBD, the cannabinoid known for natural benefits without the high of THC. But recently, another non-intoxicating cannabinoid has been gaining steam in the health and wellness world: CBG. With these tinctures from Sun State Hemp, you can give mom the best of both. All-natural, legal, non-psychoactive, and heavily tested, these tinctures are great for moms to take for all-natural wellness support at the end of the day.

Tip from a stoner mom: I’ve noticed that many people get their start with CBD or CBG because they’re given a gift. They use it, it works, and they come back for more. If the mom in your life has not experienced CBD and/or CBG yet, tinctures are a great gift that can help her with self-care. And because these tinctures are federally legal and non-intoxicating, even non-stoner moms can get in on the action.

*Psssstt… We created an entire collection of CBD Mother’s Day gifts, too! Check it out.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

We hope you enjoyed our Mother’s Day gift guide for stoner mamas, filled with options for all types of heady moms. We certainly enjoyed making it. No matter what cannabis-oriented gift you choose for the stoner mom in your life, remember, it’s the thought that counts! Just the fact that you are thinking of us and our love for cannabis will go a long way. So don’t stress too much about which one is best. We’ll be thrilled at the overall theme of the gift, no matter what. And a happy Mother’s Day to all the stoner mamas out there!


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