The Puffco Proxy Vaporizer and Its New Desert Color

by Chris Husong

The Puffco Proxy Vaporizer and Its New Desert Color 

The Puffco Proxy is Puffco’s newest drop, a modular portable vaporizer that was released last summer, featuring a lightweight glass pipe and a 3D concentrate chamber. The Proxy delivers full terpene flavor profiles and smooth rips (in comparison to the Puffco Peak Pro). 

The Proxy’s modular design is built to function with open sourcing for those designed by Puffco-approved artisans, as well as for outside artisans who can design matching components for Proxy’s modular build. 

The Proxy features the same 3D chamber technology that was used to upgrade the Puffco Peak Pro; however, the Proxy is a completely different vaping experience compared to the Puffco Peak and Peak Pro. 

The New Aesthetic Desert Proxy Look

The new aesthetic Desert Proxy is Puffco’s latest limited-edition launch available in tan colorways. Although limited editions are always exciting, the Desert Proxy offers a sleek, high-end, luxurious style. The tan Desert Proxy looks and feels more refined than the standard hues. The Desert Storm edition offers two contrasting colors that provide a beautiful balance together: The body and 3D Chamber are a standard tan, while the glass is a vintage brown shade. And, of course, the original Proxy is in the ever-popular black.

Puffco Proxy Vaporizer and Its New Desert Color

Vapor Quality

You know how traditional e-rigs can sometimes be harsh and unpleasant? Well, the Proxy is not a traditional e-rig and delivers surprisingly smooth vapor with enhanced flavor. After the first 2-3 hits, it does get a little bit harsher, but the amount of draws you can get from a tiny dab of concentrate the size of a pin head is actually pretty amazing. The Proxy allows these smaller draws, which is something that water-filtered e-rigs can’t do. So, the Proxy allows both big hits and smaller draws without any draw resistance.


  • 3D Chamber
  • 4 Preset Temperature Settings
  • Boost Mode
  • Auto-Sleep Function
  • 90-Minute Charging Time
  • 15 Sessions Per Charge
  • 30-Second Heating Time
  • USB-C Connection


  • Proxy Pipe 5"
  • Proxy Base 2.8” x 1.6
  • Proxy 3D Chamber 0.5” x 0.5”

Components & Materials 

One of the coolest things about the Proxy is that the 3D chamber and the base are, in effect, the vaporizer so any glass that can accommodate the base’s dimensions could function with the Proxy. The Puffco Proxy has three main components:


The base of the Proxy is constructed of rubberized silicone and is the power source for the entire device. It houses the internal battery, control button, vapor path, RGB lighting, and USB-C port. 

3D Chamber

The 3D chamber is inserted into the base of the Proxy and is constructed of a glazed ceramic interior with an external alloy. It’s equipped with a glass insert and a silicone carb cap jacket (which can be substituted with a third-party directional airflow insert). The 3D chamber has heating elements on the bottom and sides which can adjust heating patterns throughout your session to optimize the vaporization of your wax, oil, or live resin. 


The Proxy pipe is premium quality, durable, and medical grade. It’s lightweight but has a nice heft in your hand. 


The Proxy has a modular design, meaning it consists of separate parts which, when combined, complete a whole. With the Proxy, you could take the base and attach it to another pipe with matching dimensions. Puffco has essentially reinvented a simple and efficient way to vape concentrates with the Proxy base. 


The size of the Proxy pipe plus the size of the base do take away from its portability in comparison to wax pens like the Puffco Plus. And a travel case is necessary if you want to take the Proxy on a road trip or other outdoor activities. Factor in just 15 sessions per charge and a fragile glass pipe, and you may find it to be not portable enough in certain situations. 

Puffco Proxy Vaporizer and Its New Desert Color

What’s in the Box

  • Puffco Proxy Glass
  • Puffco Proxy Base
  • 3D Chamber
  • Ceramic Bowl
  • Dab Tool
  • Q-Tips
  • Charging Cable
  • Carrying Case

The Puffco Proxy and included accessories are packaged in a minimalist protective carrying case perfect for travel that has an extra magnetic compartment for storing your concentrates. 


You can purchase the Proxy for $299 at Puffco. However, you can get the Puffco Proxy at Headshop, a Puffco-authorized vendor, for $274.99. We think this price point is appropriate given that the Proxy is a new release from one of the top brands and offers a high-end e-pipe experience similar to the Crafty+, for example. Comparing the Proxy to the Puffco Peak or Puffco Peak Pro is like comparing apples to oranges. The Peak and the Peak Pro are completely different vaporizers compared to the Proxy without the portability, versatility, or even the same type of vapor. 

Temperature Settings

With four preset temperatures, the Puffco Proxy is a vaporizer that operates on a very low heat for enhanced flavor and smooth vapor. The Proxy’s range is from 490°F – 545°F.

  • Blue – 490 °F – Lowest vapor, most flavor
  • Green – 510°F – Balanced vapor and flavor
  • Red – 530°F – High vapor, good flavor
  • White – 545°F – Highest vapor for large dabs

Tip: If you want the most concentrated hit (or if you want to clear any residual puddles), press the home button 5 times at 545°F to boost the Proxy temperature. This is the highest possible temperature that isn’t one of the four preset settings. 

Battery Life

Three flashing red lights indicate a low battery. A single charge provides about 15 sessions on the higher temperature presets before the Proxy signals the battery life is low. However, you can still use the Proxy until the unit is completely dead to get those last few drops. So, the low battery indicator serves as a warning to end your session. 

How to Use the Puffco Proxy

  • Charge the Proxy using the USB charging cable
  • Insert your concentrate into the 3D chamber and close the carb cap
  • Hold the home button down for 3 seconds to turn the unit on 
  • Press the home button once to toggle to your desired temperature 
  • Press the home button twice to begin your session
  • Start your session when you have reached the desired temperature
  • Hold the home button down for 3 seconds to power down after your session
  • Use a Q-Tip to swab the chamber down

Puffco Proxy Vaporizer and Its New Desert Color


The Puffco Proxy heats up to temperature in about 30 seconds (depending on the heat setting). Once the Proxy reaches the desired temperature, the session lasts 45 seconds. Since cold loading is recommended, you can draw before that. 

If you packed a large amount of concentrate, pressing the home button twice will deliver a 10-second additional boost with boost mode. 

Because the Proxy isn’t designed for multiple back-to-back sessions, it will overheat if you try to do a simultaneous 3-4 minute session. If the Proxy overheats, the red LED light will signal for 5 seconds.  

The Proxy offers a totally different experience in comparison to the Puffco Peak and Peak Pro. The vapor lasts longer, is mellower, and tastier. Even a pin-sized amount of concentrate can provide 3-4 mellow rips, something that would be gone in 1-2 draws using a standard rig. So, the Proxy effectively allows you to micro-dose concentrates. We think you’ll find these chill little puffs to be more flavorful and of higher quality than budget vapes such as a portable wax pen or a honey straw.

Press the home button quickly three times during a session to put the Proxy into disco mode. Disco mode gives you a cool multicolored RGB light show. The Proxy disco lights only enhance an already chill experience.

How to Clean the Puffco Proxy

The Proxy is easy to clean because of the glazed ceramic build and the low-temperature settings. The Proxy chamber will stay clean by wiping down with a Q-Tip after each session, which is to be expected with concentrate vaporizers.


The Puffco Proxy is a modular portable vaporizer for concentrates that offers technology and versatility with a 3D chamber and single-button interface, all in the palm of your hand. Available in soft neutral tones of Black and Desert Storm with champagne accents. Order the Puffco Proxy at Headshop.

If you’re looking for a vaporizer for concentrates, a new-age e-pipe that delivers delicious quality vapor at peak effect in seconds with just a hit or two, then the Proxy is right for you. We think the Proxy is a game-changer from Puffco. They’ve effectively raised the bar for other brands to follow.

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