The Faster More Effective Way to Vape With Puffco Vaporizers

by Matt Hampton

The Faster More Effective Way to Vape With Puffco Vaporizers

At a time when e-cigarettes are hot sellers on the market, it is helpful to be able to distinguish the brands that offer the best vapes money can buy. As one of the largest new brands in the vaping and dabbing world, Puffco has revolutionized the way people dab with their state-of-the-art technology in sleekly designed vaporizers. Discover the faster more effective way to vape with
Puffco Vaporizers.

Founded in 2013, the company’s focus is on providing customers with the faster more effective way to vape with Puffco vaporizers using concentrates. The Puffco line of vaporizers includes a range of devices to suit your needs. They are dedicated to delivering the most innovative vaporizers you can get the most out of your favorite concentrates and waxes. With Puffco products, their reputation precedes them. You know you are getting the highest quality and durability along with the latest technology to remove any contaminants that could reduce vapor quality.

In the past, most vaporizers used fibrous wicks with glue to hold the bowl or coil, along with plastic in the air-path, all of which tainted your vapor. Puffco has developed cleaner, safer, and more flavorful standards in the industry.

PuffCo products are also extremely reliable and come with a guarantee that you will get the best possible device. The features of PuffCo products vary so you can select the device that is perfect for your needs. They have an incredible line of portable vapes with various features including variable wattage, temperature control, and battery life indicator.

What is vaporizing?

Vaporizing is the method used to heat cannabis concentrates into aromatic vapor or steam that is inhaled with the mouthpiece. Heating the plant material releases the active ingredients without burning. This results in less smoke compared to smoking cigarettes or cigars.

Why just concentrates?

Puffco only creates smoking devices that use concentrates because they believe that vaping concentrates is the best alternative to smoking. Concentrates contain only the best parts of the plant, delivering an intense wax to enjoy. Puffco believes that users should use the ultimate concentrate along with the ultimate tool in order to get the ultimate smoking experience.

Puffco Peak Vaporizer

The Peak portable unit has a system with dual functions so you can use it as a steady timer or a dripping mod for your sessions.  The unit evenly heats both parts for the highest quality vapor. PuffCo Peak's design internally features a chamber that adjusted to accommodate most coils on the market. This heats the liquid smoothly to deliver a variety of tastes and no more clumps than with other vaporizers.

Unlike other devices, you can customize the amount of power you want to use with the PuffCo Peak.  You can increase or decrease the power flow for your own unique style because of its computerized programming. The Peak is considered the ultimate desktop vaporizer, but it is still small and easily portable for traveling. This vaporizer has a compartment large enough for your concentrates.

The Peak Vaporizer comes in most standard sizes and a couple of styles so you can choose the size you prefer. The Peak is attractive, user friendly, and easy to clean. Check out our cleaning accessories to keep your new smoking device fresh.

Puffco Plus Pen

The Puffco Plus is a portable vape pen that operates like a ceramic nail. It is ideal for users who want big hits without any inconvenience. It offers a similar smoking experience to the Peak, but in a pocket-size device. This discreetly designed vape pen is small and is perfect for quick dabbing.

The Puffco Plus has three temperature settings in three different colors. This vaporizer is easy to use since it is regulated with only the power button. The Puffco Plus heats up in 10 seconds before it's ready to go.

The Peak offers bigger clouds which works better for group smoking, but the Puffco Plus is the way to go if you’re up for quick and discreet smoking. The mouthpiece acts like a handle for the loading tool or ceramic dart which makes packing concentrates simple. 

All in all, the Plus dispenses a complete dose all at once for a hard hitting experience that beats most conventional portables. After you're finished dabbing, cleanup is simple before filling it back up again.

Puffco Pro Pen

With the PuffCo Pro Vaporizer Pen, the company succeeded in their quest to create a new standard for vaporizing concentrates without heating coils or wicks. While Puffco removed fibers, glues, and plastics from their devices initially, the Pro takes this one step further with its coil-free ceramic chamber. This ensures more even heating with an exceptional taste. 

The PuffCo Pro Pen is known for having the largest heating chamber in the vape pen industry. Another innovation is the "sesh mode" which provides 12 seconds of smoking continuously without pressing a button. The design is simple too with just three parts: a chamber, mouthpiece, and battery.

The best features of the Pro Pen are the small size, the stainless steel appearance, and the high average battery life. The combination of these three things makes this an incredible choice for those on-the-go. The vapor is excellent and gives powerful hits with big clouds.

In Summary

In addition to all of the benefits of the PuffCo Vaporizers noted above, the main difference that makes PuffCo one of the the most trusted vaporizers is the combination of peak performance and the elegant design of their vaporizers. On top of that, the price point on PuffCo products is quite reasonable, and these high-quality vapes are available in a variety of configurations.

If you are looking for the best smoking products, take a look at the Headshop collection of PuffCo products available at the most affordable prices in the industry. This is a great place for experienced users as well as newbies to start.

Check out our collection in our online store to match your vaping requirements and select the right devices and accessories for you. If you would like our assistance on what is right for you, ask us for recommendations on the best vaporizers for your needs.

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