[Video] The Best Wood Dugout With Glass One Hitter

by Chris Husong

If you’ve been searching for the perfect wood dugout without breaking the bank, this beautiful little wood dugout with glass one hitter pipe by PILOT DIARY is just what you need. This one hitter dugout is a wood box with two compartments, one for the glass one hitter (a small glass pipe that looks like a cigarette) and one to store your dry herb.

How to Use the PILOT DIARY Wood Dugout with Glass One Hitter Pipe

Unlike traditional pipes, the one hitter design has a narrow bowl with a screen for "one hit" of your dry herb. Also called a chillum, the PILOT DIARY Dugout is incredibly easy to use. After grinding your dry herb, pack it into one side of the dugout. Insert the one hitter pipe into the herb filled dugout. Light up and enjoy!

Features of the PILOT DIARY Wood Dugout

With its unique magnet design and enough storage space for your goodies, this classic smoking device features durability and discretion, along with the finest craftsmanship. Conveniently sized at just 2.4 x 1.0 x 3.5 inches, the PILOT DIARY Wood Dugout with Glass One Hitter pipe is perfect for your busy active lifestyle. Just pop it into your pocket, purse, or backpack. It also makes a great gift!

Get yours at Headshop!

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