[Video] The Best Cannagar Kit - Purple Rose G2

by Chris Husong

The Ultimate Solo Session

For the ultimate solo session, the Personal CannaMold is a great choice. The personal size is perfect for one person (maybe two) to enjoy 2 to 4 grams for at least an hour. 

What’s in the Personal CannaMold Kit

The Personal CannaMold Kit comes with a cannagar mold,10 skewers for ideal airflow, a wooden tip, and a packing tool. 

Learn how to make your own cannagar in three easy steps as follows:

  • Compress
  • Lock the mold together using the latch. Insert a skewer through the hole at the bottom. We recommend adding a small amount of ground-up flower into the built-in funnel and firmly packing as you go for maximum compression. The tighter the pack, the slower the burn!

  • Cure
  • Store the packed mold in a cool, dry place. The longer you leave your cannagar in the mold, the smoother and slower it will burn. The minimum cure time is 1-1/2 hours, although an overnight cure works best for the Personal CannaMold.

  • Wrap
  • Unlock the mold. Gently remove your cannagar from the mold. Wrap it with cannabis leaves for a traditional cannagar. Or roll it in some waxy concentrates to switch things up. Remove the skewer. Use the wooden tip to protect your lips.

    Get yours at Headshop!

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