The 3 Best Steamrollers: The Top Reviewed of 2022

by Chris Husong

The 3 Best Steamrollers: The Top Reviewed of 2022

Did you know that the lowly steamroller is actually one of the most underrated smoking accessories out there? Now, if you’re wondering what a steamroller is exactly, keep reading before you google it and you’ll find out why it’s becoming one of the all-time classic pipes. Steamrollers are an incredible way to get your high on fast (and discreetly too)! Here are the three best steamrollers of 2022. Get one for yourself and one for a friend!

Are Steamrollers Good?

Steamrollers are good for any kind of smoker, really. Whether you’re a daily stoner or a beginner, steamroller pipes are a great way to get high quickly and without consuming much weed.

If you’re into micro-dosing and wish you could just get the fastest and most effective highs throughout the day, smoking a steamroller will do a fine job. Joints just take too long to consume and bong rips tend to slow most of us down, while steamrollers will get you that kind of high in about half the time. 

If you’ve been searching for a weed pipe, there’s just nothing out there that can deliver a powerful hit like a steamroller can. So, if you want a portable pipe that rips as intense as a traditional bong, then the steamroller's got your name on it.

Keep reading to learn why steamrollers deliver more THC than water pipes and why it’s trending as the most popular dry herb pipe.

What is a Steamroller?

A steamroller is similar to a traditional bong; however, it delivers more intensity of THC than a standard water pipe. To put it another way, steamrollers are like weed pipes that hit like bongs. The key difference between a traditional bong and a steamroller pipe is that steamrollers usually have a large carb hole at the end of the pipe that results in a very intense hit. Most smoking methods require water, but steamrollers hit strong without water. They’re also much more convenient in terms of set up, portability, discretion, and clean up.

If you want a fast high without the hassle of setting up your bong, then a steamroller is perfect. Also, with a steamroller, all you need to do is pack your flower into the bowl and light up!

How Do Steamrollers Work?

Knowing what a steamroller is and how it works is of importance in order to get the most out of your valuable weed and your smoking experience. To understand the popularity of steamrollers, first you should know the differences between a standard pipe and a steamroller pipe.

Here are the main factors that differentiate pipes and steamrollers. Pipes release gradual hits with every pull, while steamrollers hold all the smoke in the chamber before releasing with resultant massive hits.

This is a huge advantage to steamrollers due to the fact that they gather all the smoke in the chamber until you’re ready to draw. Additionally, most steamrollers have a carb hole which provides even more control over the intensity of a hit.

It should be noted that steamrollers aren’t as easy to inhale or smooth compared to other smoking methods. In the end, the purpose of using a steamroller is to get an instant and powerful (albeit harsh) high.

Benefits of Steamrollers

A weed steamroller truly is a powerful smoking device. An important benefit of a steamroller is that it can deliver more intensity of THC than a standard bong. Another benefit of a steamroller is the carb. Read on to learn more.

Steamrollers Deliver More THC Than a Bong

MAPS and NORML conducted research on the THC transfer rate. Findings showed that 60-80% of THC was lost during the transfer of cannabis into the body. A large percentage of that loss was due to water filtration of the bong, which was found to filter out more THC than it filtered out resin and tar!

Steamrollers don’t require any water filtration, and the carb easily clears the pipe to deliver more THC with every hit. This makes steamrollers very efficient smoking devices. So, using a steamroller will get you higher with every hit, plus you’ll save product and money.

How to Pick the Best Steamroller

There are various designs and styles of steamrollers available on the market. Some you’ll commonly find are standard steamrollers, large steamroller pipes, spiral glass steamrollers, and helix steamrollers (which have 3 intake holes for spinning and cooling down smoke). These pipes may have different designs and styles, but they all function basically the same way, by delivering an intense and powerful hit of THC with no water filtration.

No matter what your tolerance is for smoking or for harsh inhales, what type of steamroller you pick really comes down to your individual preference. In addition, steamrollers may have carb holes in different sizes, so it’s recommended that beginners opt for a steamroller with a small carb hole and then gradually increase the size as you get more comfortable using it.

If you want a larger bowl, but find the hits are just too harsh for you, try using a weed pipe instead. You can find a portable, lightweight weed pipe, and the carb is smaller which means the hits won’t be as harsh.

Steamrollers deliver more powerful hits than bongs but if you’re looking for a pipe that is more discreet and delivers less intensity of THC, then try a chillum. When people see what a steamroller looks like for the first time, they often think that the hits will be smaller (because of its small size) but it’s actually the opposite.

Now, there are some people who actually prefer harsh hits with no water filtration. Because water reduces the THC transferred to your body, another option is a coffee mug pipe. It offers the function of a carb with no water filtration. Ultimately, it comes down to what you think works best for you.

Steamroller Components

A steamroller doesn’t have as many components compared to a bong or water pipe, but its simple design and function is what sets it apart from other smoking devices.

A steamroller typically has 4 components:

  • A built-in bowl that is unremovable.
  • A mouthpiece to inhale the smoke and vapor.
  • A carb which controls the intensity of the hits.
  • A roll-stop function or “feet” for stability, so the steamroller can rest on a flat surface without rolling away.

In order to get the most out of your dry herb, it’s important to understand these components and how they work. Most steamrollers have a built-in bowl and a roll stop function, but some of them don’t. Regardless of what type of steamroller you have, knowing the anatomy of your steamroller is essential to enjoyment of your smoking sessions.

The Position of the Carb

The position of the carburetor (carb) is the secret to a steamroller. A carb functions based on Bernoulli’s Principle which is, the faster the air moves and the lower the static pressure, the higher the dynamic pressure will be. Taken from Sir Isaac Newton’s Second Law of Motion, this is why steamrollers can deliver such a powerful burst of smoke. Typically, a carb hole is just a small hole on the side of a pipe, but on steamrollers the carb is the entire opening at the end of the pipe. When you cover the hole, the steamroller fills with smoke. Then, when you release your hand, the static pressure pushes all the smoke into your lungs in one powerful burst.

How We Picked the Top 3 Steamrollers

To find the best steamrollers, we reviewed several at different price points. We reviewed steamrollers in different shapes and sizes. We looked at steamrollers with different carb positions as well. We based our decisions on the intensity of the THC, the effectiveness of the carb, and the harshness of the hits.

If you’re new to using a steamroller, then we recommend that you learn What is a Steamroller and How to Use a Steamroller. It’s important to understand how they work to see if they’re right for you, since these weed pipes can be too harsh for beginners. In the end, finding the best steamroller comes down to what suits your own style. 

We tried to find the best everyday steamroller, the best affordable steamroller, and the best hybrid steamroller. After reviewing various steamrollers, our top 3 picks for best steamrollers are:

  1. Best Everyday Steamroller: Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Steamroller
  2. Best Affordable Steamroller: GRAV 5’ Mini Steamroller Clear – 19mm Glass
  3. Best Hybrid Steamroller: Krave Glass Steamroller Hand Pipe 

3 Best Steamrollers: The Top Reviewed of 2022

1. Best Everyday Steamroller

Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Steamroller

Combining classic form with a refined aesthetic, the Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Steamroller is the perfect everyday smoking piece. With hand blown borosilicate glass and a rounded black walnut wood mouthpiece, this steamroller pipe will enhance your smoking experience. Its straight form allows for a dramatic volume of smoke, leading to a huge intake. It comes with a curved wooden stand for convenience and display. 


  • High-quality, heat-resistant glass
  • Black walnut wood
  • Geometric Ice Pinch
  • Firecut Downstem

2. Best Affordable Steamroller

GRAV 5' Mini Steamroller Clear - 19mm Glass

If you’re new to using a steamroller, but you want to try it without breaking the bank, then the GRAV Labs 5-inch Mini Glass Steamroller is an great option. This mini steamroller comes with a pushed-in bowl and internal ash catcher well to prevent ash from entering your mouth. If you’re not wild about the harsh rips that other steamrollers are known for, this is a good beginner piece that offers quality at a reasonable price.  


  • Hand blown borosilicate glass
  • Geometric ice pinch
  • Firecut downstem
  • Built-in feet

3. Best Hybrid Steamroller

Krave Glass Steamroller Hand Pipe

Since 2010, Krave Glass has been a popular brand in the smoking industry. Known for its high-end product line of borosilicate glass pieces that are designed with a blend of scientific glassblowing techniques and functional glass art. With the Krave Glass Steamroller Hand Pipe, you’ll love adding this amazingly cool, hybrid piece to your smoking collection.


  • Removable bowl with clip
  • Spiral shaft to cool air
  • Freezable chamber
  • High-end collection glass
  • Includes quartz banger

What Makes a Steamroller High Quality?

Steamrollers truly are uniquely designed. Their function is based solely on the ratio of the bowl to carb cap. What makes a steamroller high quality really comes down to the material it’s made of, in addition to any built-in features. Keep reading to learn more about the features that make a steamroller high quality.

Thick Borosilicate Glass

Quality and size make a difference. Have you ever used a really cheap water pipe, only to realize how thin the glass was? Cheap smoking devices are made from lower quality glass or very thin borosilicate glass. High-quality steamrollers are made from the highest quality borosilicate glass at a thickness of around 25mm.

Built-in Features

We like GRAV products because they consider the user experience from start to finish. They understand common problems such as ash getting into your mouth. This is the reason why they designed an internal ash catcher to prevent this. They also designed feet to keep the steamroller steady on a table, and a pinch bowl to allow for easier dry herb placement, as well as burning. You may want to get yourself a steamroller that is designed with advanced features like these to enhance your smoking experience as much as possible.

The Position of Carb Hole to Steamroller Bowl

Whether a steamroller is made of glass, wood, or silicone, it’s important to know the position of the carb hole to the steamroller bowl. Steamrollers are such powerful smoking devices because the whole pipe fills with smoke like a bong but with the carb hole positioned at the far end of the pipe. After removing your finger, all the smoke in the pipe is released into your lungs. If you ever find a steamroller without a carb hole or the hole is positioned on the side or in the middle, you’ll know it’s a lower quality piece.

How to Use a Steamroller

It’s important to know how to use a steamroller if you’re looking to enhance your smoking experience.

We tested multiple steamrollers in different styles and designs, including large hard-hitting steamrollers. In this article, you will learn how to use a steamroller, why you should use a steamroller, and some tips to get a better and longer lasting high when using your steamroller in your smoking sessions.

Keep reading to find out how to use a steamroller and some tips to boost the intensity of your high.


Knowing how to use your steamroller properly includes:

  • An easy set up every time
  • Using less weed (to help you conserve product)
  • Getting the biggest rips with every hit
  • An easy clean up after every session

Learning how to use a steamroller properly depends on your general understanding of smoking pipes like bongs and water pipes. Even though these smoking methods hit differently, they all share the same functions of pulling and inhaling your hits, in addition to using features like the carb hole. Understanding how this works, as well as your smoking tolerance and your preferences will determine how you use your steamroller. Follow these steps to use a steamroller:

  1. Pack the bowl with your ground up weed
  2. Cover the carb hole with one hand using your index finger or thumb depending on where the carb hole is (the carb hole is typically at the end of the pipe, but sometimes it’s on the side)
  3. Using your other hand, light up the bowl and start to pull
  4. Pull smoke into the steamroller until the chamber fills up with smoke
  5. Release your hand from the carb hole and inhale quickly and deeply for a powerful hit

How to Pack A Steamroller

Understanding how to pack your steamroller correctly is of importance to make sure your piece doesn't get clogged and your product isn't wasted. 

If you pack the bowl too tightly, clogging can occur. Also, little buds packed tightly at the bottom of the bowl are more likely to get pulled through the hole before you even light up. If you pack the bowl too loosely, buds will end up getting through. This is never a good smoking experience and you'll waste a lot of weed in the process.

To pack your steamroller correctly, pack the bowl evenly without tamping down too hard. This will allow for a better inhalation with proper airflow. If you grind up the buds too finely, this will clog the bowl. Breaking up dry herb by hand can reduce the possibility of blocked airflow when lighting up. 

Tips To Reduce Harsh Hits

  1. Don't inhale halfway. What we mean is that once you're ready for that massive rip, do not stop inhaling halfway through. If you do, you'll start coughing immediately.
  2. We recommend prepping your lungs before you inhale by taking several deep breaths and then once you're ready for that huge hit, inhale deeply all of the smoke at once.
  3. If you're unable to take all the smoke in at once, you can lessen the amount that you inhale by using the carb hole to release the smoke before the entire chamber fills up. With this method, you can dose your hits into smaller ones to reduce the harshness.


  • Pack your bowl correctly
  • Prep your lungs before you inhale
  • Clean up after every session


  • Inhale halfway. If you do, you'll start coughing immediately.

Which Steamroller is Best for You?

Determining which steamroller is best for you depends on how much smoke you can inhale and your tolerance level. Even if you don’t like huge hits, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use a steamroller. You can just portion the smoke into smaller hits.

Another consideration when determining which steamroller is best for you is to consider how big of a hit you’re looking for. If you want the biggest hit you can get, a large steamroller with a bigger carb hole might just be right for you. For beginners, we recommend starting out with a smaller one and working your way up. This will allow your lungs to develop a tolerance to this smoking method (keep in mind, a steamroller might not be right for everyone).

How to Clean a Steamroller

Learn 2 Ways to Clean Your Steamroller

For healthy smoking habits and the cleanest hits, it’s important to know how to clean a steamroller. Learn the best ways to clean your steamroller below.

If you’re smoking with a dirty steamroller, you might notice tar building up in your pipe. If so, your hits will start getting a nasty taste and you might even get a headache after hitting it. 

For the sake of your health, learn how to clean your steamroller. The problem with dirty steamrollers is that resin and tar start to build up quickly (even within 12 hours)! This buildup from resin and tar are harmful to your lungs and can compromise your health.

Cleaning your steamroller and keeping it clean are healthy habits that smart stoners follow. A clean pipe will allow you to enjoy the benefits of clean and tasty hits, as well as the ability to savor all the terpenes. 

Fortunately, steamrollers are easy to clean, even the larger ones.  Keep reading to find the best methods to use when cleaning your steamroller.

How To Clean a Steamroller

How often you clean your steamroller (or any smoking device) will depend on how often you use your piece. You should never let resin and tar build up on any steamroller pipe, water pipe, or bong.

Cleaning A Steamroller with Household Products

The most common way to clean a steamroller is using household products you already have at home. Isopropyl alcohol and coarse sea salt can do the job just fine. Removing resin and tar buildup can be difficult but these two products will make the job much easier. This method is preferred by some weed smokers because it’s the cheapest option and it’s easily available.

Tip: It should be noted that with this cleaning method, coarse sea salt may damage the integrity of glass over time. Little indents and chips may cause bacterial growth that could be difficult to remove. We don’t recommend using this cleaning method as the only way to clean your steamroller, but a few times shouldn’t be a problem.

The following list includes everything you need to clean a steamroller using household products:

  1. Ziploc bag (a size that fits your steamroller)
  2. Isopropyl alcohol
  3. Coarse sea salt

How To Clean A Steamroller With Household Products

Follow these steps to clean a steamroller:

  • Step 1: Put your dirty steamroller in a Zip-Loc bag.
  • Step 2. Put 1 tbsp of coarse sea salt into the bag.
  • Step 3. Pour isopropyl alcohol into the bag to a level that submerges your steamroller. Let it sit for about 15 minutes.
  • Step 4. Shake the bag to help remove all the resin and tar. Add more alcohol and salt as needed.
  • Step 5. Remove your clean steamroller and rinse it with warm water for about a minute.
  • Step 6. You can detail your steamroller with a Q-tip as needed. If your steamroller is very dirty, repeat steps 2 through 4 until clean.

Tip: It should be noted that alcohol is flammable, so it’s important to thoroughly rinse your steamroller with warm water. Don’t light your steamroller until you’re certain that all the alcohol has been rinsed off.

Cleaning A Steamroller in 60 Seconds with Formula 420

So, what if your filthy dirty steamroller hasn’t ever been cleaned. It might have clogs, right? No worries, the following cleaning method effectively cleans the grimiest steamroller pipe in about 60 seconds.

This method is great if you use several different smoking devices, and you don’t mind buying and waiting for a specific bong cleaning product delivery. It's also great if you need to clean a steamroller that might have mold or biofilm in it too.

The following list includes everything you need to clean a clogged steamroller using Formula 420:

  1. Formula 420
  2. Pipe cleaners
  3. Zip-Loc bag

How To Clean A Steamroller with Formula 420

We think cleaning a steamroller should be easy and fast. Follow these steps to clean a steamroller in about 60 seconds:

  • Step 1. Put your steamroller into a Zip-Loc bag.
  • Step 2. Pour Formula 420 into the bag to a level that submerges your steamroller.
  • Step 3. Shake the bag to remove all the resin and tar.
  • Step 4. Remove your clean steamroller and rinse it with warm water for about a minute.
  • Step 5. Detailing can be done with a Q-tip or pipe cleaners as needed.

Tip: If you have an extremely clogged steamroller, try holding a flame to the area of the clog. This will make cleaning a little easier as it will melt the tar and resin buildup.

Which Steamroller Cleaning Method is Best?

For the integrity of your steamroller and the sake of your health, it’s important to clean your piece and keep it clean. The cleaning method you use to clean your steamroller will depend on how long you’re willing to wait to clean and your budget.

How Often Should I Clean a Steamroller?

How often you clean your steamroller (or any smoking device) will depend on how often you use your piece. You should never let resin and tar build up on any steamroller pipe, water pipe, or bong.

If you use your steamroller on a daily basis, you should clean it every third day. If you use your pipe every other day, you should clean it after each use. This is because the heat exposure to your steamroller can kill bacteria before you clean it. Don’t leave your dirty steamroller without cleaning for greater than 24 hours. This gives bacteria too much time to grow.

If you leave resin and tar buildup on your steamroller for too long, it becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria (and even mold, fungi, and biofilm) that might become impossible to clean.

Save Money with a Steamroller

Smoking devices and accessories aren’t cheap, okay, they can even be downright expensive, which is why you want to get the most out of your weed while you’re getting the best high of your life.

Typically, other smoking methods require more than one hit to get the same high that a steamroller provides, and they also use more weed in the process.

With a steamroller, you only need a small amount of dry herb for an instantaneous and long-lasting high. This is an important reason why a steamroller is such a great smoking device if you’re on a budget and want to make the most of your precious flower. When you save on weed consumption, you’re saving money. 

Why Do People Use Steamrollers?

A steamroller is actually easier to use than a standard water pipe or bong and produces the same amount of THC compared to a water pipe or bong. Steamrollers are hard-hitting pipes that don’t require water like most smoking methods do. They are also more convenient when it comes to portability, setup, discretion, and cleanup.

Using a steamroller is perfect if you want an instant high without the hassle of setting up your equipment. With a steamroller, all you need to do is just pack your bud into the bowl and light up!

What are the pros?

  1. Simplicity of the design
  2. Compact and lightweight
  3. Portable and discreet
  4. More THC delivered than a bong
  5. Minimal maintenance, no moving parts
  6. All you need is ground up weed and a lighter
  7. Conserve weed and save money
  8. Cheap and easy way to enjoy weed
  9. With the carb, you control the intensity of the hit

What are the cons?

  1. The harshness of the hits


What’s the purpose of a steamroller?

The purpose of a steamroller is to provide a more discreet way of smoking with more powerful THC hits, particularly if you know how to use a steamroller correctly. A water pipe or bong is typically much larger than a steamroller, making them less discreet.

What's the difference between a steamroller and a pipe?

A traditional pipe has a bowl and a carb hole, while a steamroller has both ends open with a small bowl closer to one end that serves as the carb hole.

Do steamrollers get you high?

Designed for experienced smokers, steamrollers deliver a powerful hit of weed. Even though this is exactly what they’re designed to do, steamrollers are known for harsh hits straight to the back of your throat.

How do you hit a steamroller?

It’s easy to use a steamroller. Just put your hand over the carb at the end of the pipe and your mouth on the end opposite the bowl. Then light up your dry herb, pulling until the chamber is full. Then remove your hand from the carb and inhale. Easy!

Additional Benefits of Steamrollers

Steamrollers truly are amazing. They are uniquely designed with the carb cap at the end of the pipe, resulting in all the smoke releasing from the pipe when you remove your finger from the carb hole. Due to this, steamrollers have a major advantage over regular one hitters because you get stronger hits using the same amount of flower. Some large steamrollers are even comparable to traditional bong hits. 

Comparing a Steamroller High vs a Bong High

Other than their size, what’s the difference between a steamroller vs a bong?

Steamrollers are small, compact smoking devices for a more discreet smoking method, yet they deliver powerful hits of THC instantly (particularly if you know how to use a steamroller properly). On the other hand, bongs come in many different sizes and styles, and tend to be larger than a steamroller which makes them less discreet. Taking a quick hit from your steamroller is so much easier than setting up your bong.

In both design and function, steamrollers are simpler than bongs which makes them a great option if you’re looking for a quick high without being obvious. There is less surface area to cover and for the smoke to travel through with a steamroller which makes hits twice as harsh as a bong while still providing an intense amount of THC.

On the other hand, bongs typically come with water chambers and diffusers. This gives them an advantage over steamrollers as they optimally cool down the hot hitting and harsh smoke. The disadvantage is that some THC is lost through all that filtering. Both methods of smoking produce a potent amount of THC in one hit, but a steamroller is easier and more convenient to use. 

How We Picked the Best Steamrollers of 2022

When putting together this list for the best steamrollers of 2022, here’s what we had in mind:

  • The device has to work well without the user being an expert.
  • The steamroller has to deliver on value, regardless of price. We only selected steamrollers with a value grade of ‘B’ or higher for value in this list, on a scale of A+ being the highest and F being the lowest.
  • All categories– including traditional steamrollers, mini steamrollers, and steamrollers that do more– are represented to reflect user preferences.
  • Online reviews for each selected product are all around 80% positive.
  • Bonus points for steamrollers that offer a unique experience.

What Else Do I Need If I'm Using a steamroller?

A steamroller alone refers to just the four-part device with the built-in bowl, mouthpiece, carb, and roll-stop function. But you need a couple other items to get your high on best with a steamroller. 

Of course, you need your favorite flower. 

A grinder will get your dry herb nice and fluffy before packing.

And you need a lighter.

We had a tough decision to make between the steamrollers we reviewed. Not just because so many of them were really great, but because there were so many different sizes too. The following steamrollers won for many reasons:

1. Best Everyday Steamroller

Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Steamroller

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Marley Natural considers the user experience from start to finish before creating their products. The Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Steamroller is an amazing piece that is beautifully handcrafted and comes with its own curved wooden stand for convenient storage and proper display. Not only that, but it’s also very easy to use. Releasing the carb cap delivers a powerful hit as all the smoke rushed out of the steamroller into my lungs.

Intense THC Delivery

Let’s be real. We all crave using a steamroller because of the intensity that it delivers THC. Its distinctive straight form delivers an increased volume intake. But there’s a trade-off – the hits are harsher but with more potency. So, if your smoking tolerance and your lungs can handle the rips from this super little weed pipe, then you’re going to love what this steamroller offers in terms of the high. 

Easy to Use

Marley Natural has created the perfect steamroller that delivers very well. From the minute you pick it up and pack the bowl with ground up weed, to lighting up and releasing the carb cap, this steamroller is a dream to use. You’ll never question using this smoking device because there won’t be any issues, like the hit not being intense enough or ash getting into your mouth. If you’re looking for a great daily steamroller without any fuss, then this little pipe is it. 

More Details:

  • Heat-resistant hand-blown glass
  • American black walnut wood mouthpiece
  • Curved design for easy handling
  • Dimensions: 6.75" L x 1" W

CTA: Buy Now

Price:  Under $50
Value: A
What’s awesome:  This piece has a classic design with a stylish twist. This steamroller is ideal for smokers who crave huge clouds with a good throat and lung hit all at once. With its heat-resistant artisan glass and American black walnut mouthpiece, this pipe will upgrade your smoking sessions. If you haven’t tried a steamroller yet, get this pipe first - it's the ultimate smoking piece. 


  • High-end piece at a great price
  • Dramatic smoke volume
  • High-quality materials & workmanship
  • Comes with its own wooden stand


  • Slightly expensive at under $50
  • Wooden mouthpiece might be harder to clean than glass

2. Best Affordable Steamroller

GRAV 5' Mini Steamroller Clear - 19mm Glass

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If you’ve been shopping around, you’ve probably noticed that there are plenty of steamrollers for sale. From large to mini steamroller pipes, it can be a challenge to figure out what’s right for you. Since budget is a concern for some people, we reviewed reasonably priced steamroller pipes to find the best one. The
GRAV 5-inch Mini Steamroller is a little pipe that packs a punch for a really great price.

A Powerful Hit of THC

You know, we all want a steamroller for the same reason – because it hits so hard! Knowing this, if you get an affordable mini glass steamroller, does it mean you have to sacrifice on the hit? Well, a little bit. We found that the hits were slightly less powerful and harsh compared to larger steamrollers. But with this 5-inch GRAV mini glass steamroller, the hit was still 2 to 3 times more intense than that of a chillum or spoon bowl which is about the same price point! So, if you’re looking for an efficient way to smoke weed, this affordable steamroller is an amazing way to get intense THC hits on a budget.

Great Bowl & Ash Catcher Design

One of the best things about this mini steamroller is even though it’s a smaller design, it’s still a high-quality piece. In particular, GRAV preserved the pushed-in bowl, the incredible airflow with the carb, and the built-in ash catcher. With this high quality in such a small design, we were amazed at how well it smoked at such an inexpensive price. If you want to upgrade your hits in terms of efficiency and strength compared to a chillum or a one hitter, then this is the one to get. You’ll be paying the same price but getting a much harder dose of THC.

More Details:

  • Length height: 5"
  • Use with: Dry Herb
  • Filtration type: Inverted Ash Catcher Mouthpiece
  • Carb: Front and Center
  • Designed by: Dave Daily

CTA: Buy Now

Price:  Under $15
Value: A
What’s awesome:  Stealth smoking is one of the reasons why most people love weed pipes. We want pipes that we can carry with us to smoke anytime, anywhere. This mini steamroller is totally stealth and very portable as it fits easily into your pocket or bag. All you need to do is pack your ground up dry herb, light up, and enjoy your smoke in less than a minute.


  • Perfect for stealth smoking
  • Pushed-in bowl and internal ash catcher
  • High-quality borosilicate glass
  • Affordable at under $15


  • Hits hit but not as hard as a larger steamroller

3. Best Hybrid Steamroller

Krave Glass Steamroller Hand Pipe

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The Krave brand is well known for designing unique and colorful water pipes and bongs that are freezable. Now you can get the best of both worlds with this awesome Krave Glass Freezable Steamroller Hand Pipe! The combination of the spiral and freezable glycerin chamber cools the smoke way down, keeping the smoke consistently in the ideal shape throughout your smoking session.

Freezable Steamroller & Dab Rig

This 6-inch freezable glycerin pipe can be kept in the freezer for the chilliest hits. On the front of the device is a 14mm connection joint ready to use with the included dry herb bowl or the quartz dab banger or even your other favorite accessories. Yes, you read that right, this steamroller pipe comes with a banger for dabs!

The Krave Freezable Steamroller has the roll-stop function (feet) so it sits upright when placed on a flat surface, so it won't roll or tip over. It also includes a clip to hold your 14mm accessory without falling out. This steamroller is packaged in a hard-shell case lined with soft foam padding.

Available In Assorted Colors

At Headshop, we carry the Krave Freezable Steamroller in an assortment of colors including Light Blue Pixie Dust, Purple Pixie Dust, Orange Pixie Dust, Green Pixie Dust, UV Orange, and UV Slime. 

More Details:

  • 6" long 
  • Coiled smoking shaft to cool air
  • Freezable chamber for chilled hits
  • 14mm male joint for your favorite attachment
  • Packaged in a hard-shell case with padding 
  • Includes a quartz banger for dabs
  • Detachable dry herb bowl with clip for extra support
  • High-end collection glass
  • Comes in assorted colors. 

CTA: Buy Now

Price:  Under $100
Value: A
What’s awesome:  The glycerin in the spiral chamber is a gel-like substance that is 100% organic (typically found in food and sweeteners). It freezes fast and stays frozen even longer than water! You'll get the coolest and the most intense hits with the Krave Glass Steamroller Hand Pipe. 


  • Hybrid, dual function steamroller and dab rig
  • Spiral plus freezable glycerin chamber for cool hits
  • High-quality borosilicate glasswork
  • Comes in its own hard-shell case


  • Expensive, at under $100


Steamrollers are powerful, versatile pieces. Their unique design with a large carb hole allows for powerful hits and a smoking experience that is customizable. These pieces are worth the investment for every smoking enthusiast. 

Here are the 3 Best Steamrollers of 2022: 

  1. Best Everyday Steamroller: Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Steamroller
  2. Best Affordable Steamroller: GRAV 5’ Mini Steamroller Clear – 19mm Glass
  3. Best Hybrid Steamroller: Krave Glass Steamroller Hand Pipe 

Should You Get a Steamroller?  

So, we've covered both the advantages and disadvantages of steamrollers throughout this article. However, in conclusion, steamrollers have an incredibly simple design. They can be compact, lightweight, and discreet, so they are easily portable. They have no moving parts, so maintenance is minimal. As long as you have some ground up dry flower and a lighter, a steamroller pipe is always ready to go.

The biggest disadvantage to a steamroller is the harshness of the hits for some. If you are a beginner, we recommend that you avoid steamrollers until you've developed a tolerance for smoking weed. Even the most experienced pipe smokers can be caught off guard by the sheer volume of smoke being inhaled on some steamroller pipes.

All in all, steamrollers represent a cheap and simple (and awesome) way to enjoy weed!

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