Terp Pearls 101: The Uses, Benefits, and Care of Dab Balls

by Chris Husong

Terp Pearls 101 The Uses, Benefits, and Care of Dab Balls

We think you’ll agreed that just about everyone into cannabis culture would want to smoke the highest form of concentrate available, and to the last drop. This is where we introduce terp pearls.

If you haven’t heard about terp pearls yet, they are quartz balls used during a dabbing session that offer a better flavor profile and even vaporizing with every hit. 

We all know that when dabbing on a hot surface there is a risk of destroying precious terpenes (active compounds in dry herbs that are responsible for the aroma and flavor) and leaving an unpleasant taste. Quartz balls should be used to prevent this while consuming cannabis. 

In the concentrate world, these terp pearls are becoming exceedingly popular, so you’ll want to know how to use them. In this article, we’ll explore the uses and benefits of terp pearls, and offer tips on how to care for yours.

4 Benefits of Terp Pearls

  1. Utilize all concentrates
  2. Preserve flavor and terpenes
  3. Increase heat retention
  4. Increase the surface area

What Are Terp Pearls?

Terp pearls, also known as terp balls, quartz balls, dab balls, or dab pearls are small glass balls that intensify the low-temperature vaporization of concentrates. Why low-temperatures dabs? Vaporizing at low temperatures maintains an even and effective heat, while also preserving flavor and terpenes.

When using dab pearls at low temps, compared to not using them, you can achieve a better flavor profile with your concentrates. Dab pearls improve the overall flavor and ensure the cleanest and smoothest hits every time. That’s why we recommend using dab pearls with every dab session. 

How to Use Terp Pearls 

These quartz balls have several advantages, but how do you use them? After you stop heating the banger when dabbing, it will start to cool off. It is this cooling off that results in uneven vaporization and thus your precious concentrates get wasted.

When terp pearls are dropped inside the banger, they spin and spread the concentrates all around. This helps evenly heat the concentrates while the banger starts to cool off that results in effective vaporization of the concentrates.

How to Use Terp Pearls in Your Dab Rig: 

  1. Drop the terp pearls inside your banger or nail.
  2. Torch your nail to the desired temperature.
  3. Place your concentrates from your dab wand into your nail. You can watch the terp pearls spin all around while you vaporize your concentrates! 

At a high boiling point, the flavor of most terpenes will be compromised. However, because quartz balls function at a low boiling point, they will help preserve the flavor of the terpenes at lower temperatures. 

High-temperature dabs can cause uneven concentration inside the banger, but terp pearls are able to eliminate any cold spots. When cold spots are eliminated, even vaporization can be maintained throughout the entire dabbing session. 

4 Benefits of Terp Pearls

You might be wondering why dabbing with terp pearls is so much better. Some users say the spinning of the terp pearls is more enjoyable. Others say the flavor delivers exactly what any smoker could ever wish for. In the dabbing world, terp pearls offer the following benefits:

  1. Terp pearls ensure that you utilize all concentrates at low temperatures. They help evenly circulate hot air trapped inside the banger, so all your concentrates in the oil are consumed. This means there is less residue left in the banger and no waste!
  2. Terp pearls use low-temperature dabs which helps preserve flavor and terpenes, and it might even be better for your health. High-temperature dabs create a dense cloud of smoke which can make the oil smell bad and leave an unpleasant taste.
  3. Terp pearls increase heat retention inside your banger or nail. Dabbing minimizes how terpenes heat up in the banger. The lower your temperature is, the cleaner and smoother your hits will be.
  4. Terp pearls increase the surface area that comes in contact with oil. This results in an atmospheric pressure drop in the banger, resulting in easy and efficient consumption of concentrates.

How To Clean Terp Pearls 

Like any tool you regularly use, you should clean your terp pearls. The first step is to clean the residue off the banger, although it may not be easy. Regularly cleaning your terp pearls will maintain their ability to spin, as well as maintain a fresh flavor profile.

To clean the terp pearls and the bottom of the banger, you can use a cotton swab. For a deep cleaning, let the terp pearls cool off, soak them in an iso solution for 30 minutes, and then clean normally. 

Terp pearls are very small at about 4–6 mm in size so handling them can be tricky. We recommend getting some grabbers for easier handling, particularly if the terp pearls are still hot.

How to Care for Your Terp Pearls

While terp pearls offer a better experience when dabbing, they must be properly maintained in order to reliably give you the pleasant experience that you crave. Keep reading to find out how to care for your terp pearls.

  • When to Heat the Terp Pearls Inside the Nail  

First, it’s important to understand when to drop the terp pearls into your banger. Before heating your banger or after? Most users prefer adding them first, then heating the banger with the terp pearls inside. This way, they all heat up at the same time.

  • Use the Right Amount of Terp Pearls

Second, determine the number of terp pearls to use based on the size. This will help evenly disperse the heat inside the banger. Using too many dab balls will clog up the banger so they can’t spin around. Make sure to use the right amount of terp pearls. We recommend from 1 to 3 for the best results. 

  • Maintain Proper Temperatures When Heating Terp Pearls 

Third, maintain proper temperatures after heating up, keeping in mind you might have to cool it down to the optimum temperature before hitting your rig. When you reach the proper temperature, the terp pearls will start to spin. 


So, now you understand why terp pearls are becoming so popular. Using dab balls can make the dabbing experience more enjoyable but only if you use them properly and regularly clean them. Otherwise, your experience might be unpleasant. 

To achieve the best result, you need the right carb cap for your dab balls (to control the pressure and airflow in your banger). Carb caps work best when using dab balls because they enhance the spinning (as the dab balls cover a larger surface area for even heat distribution). 

But whether you choose to use a carb cap or not, terp pearls alone already make the dabbing experience more enjoyable. So, go ahead and treat yourself to terp pearls!

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