Surviving 420: Headshop’s Measured Advice for Fun Times

by Chris Husong

Surviving 420: Headshop’s Measured Advice for Fun Times420 celebrations can range from chilling at home solo to alcohol-laden outdoor events. And everything you can think of in between.

On the other hand, for many regular smokers, 420 is kind of like any other day; save perhaps more smoking sessions throughout the day or a cool treat like an edible.

However you celebrate 420– and we know a lot of our readers will be having fun outdoors– here are our tips to survive the holiday. Admittedly, some appear a bit obvious, but based on our collective experience, these are the best things you can do for 420 survival.

Oh yeah, our tips will also help you have more fun:) Enjoy and have some heady times out there.

The Top 10 Tips to Survive 420 and Have More Fun

1. Stay hydrated.

The dry mouth will come. This is inevitable. Even if you don’t plan on leaving the couch, plan on hydration, especially if you will be outdoors at a concert or on a hike. The easiest way is to keep a reusable, large water bottle with you that you can put ice in and keep cool. You’ll have your water handy all day and keep your body in hydrated shape as you get into the spirit of the holidays.

2. Use odor-concealing stash gear.

Going somewhere with your herbs and your smoking accessories? Use stash gear to conceal odor while keeping your goodies protected and fresh. Odor control stash gear is a good accessory for any heady person, so don’t feel bad if you need to go out and buy some.

3. Get 2 lighters at least.

As the dry mouth will come, so the lighters will go. This is inevitable. But there’s an easy solution a couple of us swear by: Start the day equipped with at least two lighters. If you’re planning on dabbing, make sure to grab your torch.

4. Put on non-toxic sunscreen.

Most people forget to apply and successfully reapply sunscreen, especially whilst partying. Get a non-toxic sunscreen in a small container and keep it with you throughout the day, especially if you’re at the beach or in a tropical climate. 

5. Make your bed in the morning!

This sounds like advice your mom would give, but it makes a ton of difference at the end of the day. When you get home at whatever time that is, coming home to a made bed is an absolute delight. Trust, you’ll thank us later for this one. It’s a little self-care that will make you feel good about yourself:)

6. Take CBD to keep you feeling anxiety-free on 4/20, for recovery 4/21

In case you get a little too much of the spacey stuff, CBD is great to have on hand to keep the scaries at bay. It’s also not a bad idea to take it on 4/21 to help with recovery if you end up staying out late or indulging in too many libations.

7. Wear or bring comfy shoes.

This tip is for the more active heady activities: Today is not the day to try out your new kicks with questionable comfort. Choose comfortable shoes before you embark on your adventures. If you like to go barefoot, bring a comfy pair of shoes with you anyway. You never know when you might need them.

8. Keep sunglasses on hand at all times.

There may be times when you want to feel less-seen. Maybe someone will tell you your eyes are extremely red. You don’t want to spiral. Feeling self-conscious on 420 sucks, so keep sunglasses with you at all times. If you need to, you can easily slide them on and feel the comfort of a false sense of anonymity.

9. Take a lifted shower before bed.

Take a nice, relaxing shower before you turn in for the night on 420. Note how the tip is to take a shower, NOT A BATH. You don’t want to fall asleep in there or overheat if you’ve been drinking. And we all know there’s nothing like a lifted shower to make you feel clean and happy inside and out. It’s a gamechanger, so no matter how tired you are, get in the shower!

10. End the day with a trilogy.

Many people who don’t regularly smoke herb talk about how their dreams are more vivid and detailed when they smoke. Regular smokers often report the opposite, that they often don’t remember their dreams. And what are powerful influencers of dreams? Nighttime movies, of course! The point is this– you can end the day on 420 in a relaxed state and fall asleep to one of Hollywood’s best trilogies. If you do remember your dreams, chances are they will incorporate some of the elements in the films (fun!). So plan on curling up, eating a delicious dessert, and falling asleep at the end of the day watching, for example:

  • The original Star Wars trilogy (none made after Return of the Jedi)
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Back to the Future
  • The Godfather
  • The Matrix
  • Die Hard
  • Austin Powers 
  • The Naked Gun
  • Indiana Jones

  • Happy 420 to all!

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