Stop Smelling Like Weed With Revelry Odor Absorbing Bags

Stop Smelling Like Weed With Revelry Odor Absorbing BagsWith water-resistant and odor-proof luggage and travel accessories, you can finally stop smelling like weed with Revelry odor-absorbing bags

The team behind Revelry consists of artists, surfers, and skaters who represent their community, namely the vibrant and lively culture of Santa Cruz, California. The Revelry team lives where the beach meets the mountains and for that reason, they embody a way of life that constantly transitions throughout the day. This is because of all the various activities that Santa Cruz offers– from surfing to hiking.

About Revelry

Revelry was established in 2015 based on the team's own needs. The odor-absorbing bags offered on the market at that time were black or gray, with limited style and individuality. The Revelry team was resolved and confident in fixing this problem, effectively filling a gap in that niche and differentiating themselves from what was readily available. They have created these beautiful bags which use innovations of both rubber and carbon, which are responsible for water resistance and odor absorption, and are ideal for eliminating weed odors. 

As the very first odor-absorbing luggage company to launch a choice of colors, they have produced a unique collection through attention to detail and a high level of sophistication through the product range, while also keeping the bags very durable. 

At Revelry, they identified and solved a problem. With this entrepreneurial attitude, they had the ability to raise the bar in the market by producing classic luggage with competitive pricing and recognized branding, and in the process, achieved trustworthiness within the industry. 

The scenic Santa Cruz area encourages the community to make the most of being outdoors, whether that means exploring the flourishing art culture, chilling with buddies, or taking a road trip through California. Revelry's designs are multi-functional, reflecting this contrast of products that express both adventure and relaxation. They have managed to produce a varied selection of bags while ensuring there is a style suitable for everyone.

Revelry has produced slick and fashionable luggage and travel accessories supporting a traditional aesthetic made from exceptional quality with a variety of designs, sizes, and colors of neutral and earthy tones accented with leather. Revelry luggage and travel accessories are perfect if you're preparing for an adventure, as the premium materials that include metal hardware add to the durability that can withstand various conditions. 

Each Bag is Water Resistant & Odor Absorbent

Every bag is comprised of three specific layers designed to ensure that each bag is water-resistant and odor-absorbent. The outer shell is made of nylon backed with rubber or canvas that is woven for resilience and backed with silicone which supplies a water-resistant layer, while likewise keeping any smells inside. A carbon filter system lies between the inner lining and the outer shell with its primary function to absorb unwanted smells. This layer itself consists of four layers made of activated charcoal and synthetic filters. It is incredibly porous and allows for optimum molecular absorption to efficiently provide odor containment, particularly the odor of weed, which is the most important function of Revelry bags. The inner lining of twill is basically there protecting the carbon filter system to increase the bags' longevity, while aesthetically improving the bag by giving a more refined finish.

The Overnighter & The Continental Duffles

Acclaimed for designing bags for busy people who are always on the go, Revelry has developed a choice of three duffle bags with removable straps, perfect for an active way of life. Of the three heavy-duty bags, The Overnighter proves very useful for daily use or taking a weekend trip, especially to carry items with a volume of 72L. The Continental is a large storage bag that is very versatile for items with a volume of 134L. There is space for a large load, great for long trips. 

Revelry's range of duffle bags shows the versatility of use from your day-to-day commute to taking a trip for longer periods of time. Revelry has managed to produce luggage and travel accessories that are affordable by efficiently using hybrid technology while having a polished and classic finish to every product. 

The Escort & The Drifter Rolltop Backpacks

Revelry has designed two backpacks for everyday use, the Escort and the Drifter Rolltop. The Drifter backpack's dimensions are 20"x13"6". The rolltop component offers more storage space, perfect for hiking or camping, and the shoulder straps are contoured for comfort and safety when carrying heavy loads. The Escort can easily transition into your day-to-day activity with many compartments plus a laptop divider. The backpack's dimensions are 17"x13"x5". The slim style elevates the class of this look. The rucksacks both have an inner pocket for your secret stash and, similar to all of the bags Revelry offers, they are available in either the nylon or the canvas material.

The Confidant & The Broker Pocket Money Bags

Revelry has designed luggage of limited styles and many size variations as the company's focus is the functional purpose of its products. The aesthetic of the bags is what sets Revelry apart from its competitors. In the "personals" range, the Confidant and the Broker are smaller pocket money bags for the safekeeping of your valuables. Dimensions are a compact 11"x6". The bags are quite similar, the difference being the fastenings. The Broker has an interior Velcro fastening with an exterior zipper closure, while the Confidant has an interior Velcro fastening with an exterior Velcro flap closure. Both products provide the desired Revelry bag functions while keeping the bags airtight because of the closures, so your choice will be based on your personal style preference. 

The Stowaway Toiletry Kit 

The Stowaway Toiletry Kit has an altogether different design with a larger capacity compared to the other personals, perfect for your travel necessities. The Stowaway can carry items with a volume of 5L with dimensions of 11"x6"x5". It has many pockets, a divider inside, and padding inside to safely store your items.

Why we love Revelry

Through developing timeless luggage constructed of top-quality materials and with hybrid technology which has actually gone through rigorous testing, Revelry has quickly become one of the most recognizable and distinguished luggage and travel accessory brand names in the industry. Revelry customers also enjoy the privileges of the utmost safety as their larger luggage is lockable, in addition to protection from odor absorption and water damage. All this in combination with being incredibly high-end, Revelry products let you live your best life in fine style.

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