Stash Gear: Headshop's Must-Have Items

Stash Gear: Headshop's Must-Have ItemsPreserving your dry herb so it tastes fresh every time requires you to pick up some good stash gear for weed. A good airtight container is a quality investment, and humidity-controlled environments keep your bud from going stale. There’s no point in shelling out cash for high-quality buds if you’re not going to keep them looking and tasting as fresh as possible. 

The more seasoned you get as a stoner, the more you can explore weed accessories that make your life a little easier. Below, we highlight some of our favorite brands and must-have items every stoner could make use of.

1. Boveda 69 Large Humidity Pack

Nobody likes dry, crunchy weed. Use this humidity pack to keep your stash fresh. Each pack is individually wrapped and doesn’t require activation. With Boveda, you can enjoy more with less mess and fewer worries. Purchase this in a one-count or stock up with a 12-count box.

2. Evak Glass Container

Evak offers glass containers for storing your goods in different sizes. Go for the mini or compact sizes for something easy to carry, or invest in a 24-ounce or 46-ounce container for storing your big purchases. These containers are designed to keep your bud in the freshest state possible. Store your stash, push the lid down, and all excess air is expelled without compressing your contents.

3. High Elevation Blue Sole Stash

This humidity-controlled stash container comes equipped with a humidity pack and a grinder plate. It’s got a mountain top design and is available in small, medium, and large sizes. The small can fit 1/4 ounce of flower, while the large can fit a full ounce.

4. Illuminati Green Sole Stash

Sole Stash also offers a container with an all-seeing eye printed all around it. Like the high elevation container, this one is available in small, medium, and large sizes. It’s also humidity controlled and includes a grinder plate. Make this storage container a part of your Sole Stash stoner collection.

5. Kannastor Gr8tr v2 Series Grinder

This unique grinder is modular by design, meaning you can customize it to make it work for your needs. It’s equipped with multiple chambers to help you get the most out of your herb. It’s slim enough to be pocketable and is engineered for a perfect grind.

6. Revelry Stowaway

Available in several colors, including gray, marine, and navy, this stowaway bag keeps all your dry herb and concentrates in one secure location. It’s roomy enough to fit all your essentials and features a carbon filter system and rubber-backed exterior. 

It’s heavily padded and keeps strong odors from escaping. When you need to freshen it up, just pop it into the dryer for a few minutes and all trapped odors get released.

7. Stash Tray Bundle

This new and improved magnetic stash bundle includes a stainless steel rolling tray, a strain container, a four-part grinder, an innovative ashtray with a pipe cleaning spile, and a leatherette stashbox. It’s designed to be the only rolling tray you will ever need. When you have everything included in one place, you can create an efficient ritual when it comes time to prep for your smoke sesh. The magnetic attachments keep your tools tidy and portable.

8. The Battpak by Octave Power Bank

This handy power bank doubles as a secret stash box. Just use the “adult proof” button to open the stash compartment and keep your goods secure along with your credit cards, cash, and papers. The included strap keeps it all secure.

 This power bank also contains a sleek stainless steel magnetic tray that’s great for use when you’re traveling, especially when you’re enjoying concerts and music festivals. There’s a three-way USB/type-c/USB mini cord and the design features vegan leather hand stitching.

9. The Interceptor Personal Smoke Filter

When you need to intercept smoke and smells, turn to this personal smoke filter. It’s designed to neutralize and depollute resin particles with a built-in HEPA filter. Filtration is 99.97% efficient. It’s small but mighty, measuring four inches tall and two inches wide. This is a must-have item to have on you whenever and wherever you smoke.

What Every Smoker Needs

Essentials for every stoner include:

Yes, some of these are kind of a given; but we’re stoners, and we need reminders. 


A grinder sets you up so that you don’t miss out on precious pieces of bud or kief. Choose a grinder with multiple chambers so that it can catch your kief and preserve it for later use. You can use your fingertips or nails to break up your bud in a pinch, but then that sticky stuff that stays on your fingertips goes nowhere. You could be using it to get high!


A lighter is another obvious must but being that stoners often (accidentally) pocket each other’s lighters, you should definitely have several on hand. 

Spoon Pipe

The spoon pipe is a basic stoner piece that you can take wherever you go, stashing it easily into a pouch, backpack, or pocket when you have to run. 

Rolling Tray

A rolling tray is great because it gives you one contained location to do what you do. Set up your rolling papers, grinder, and anything left behind or dropped gets picked up right away. Plus, you don’t leave any evidence behind when you’re working on different surfaces.

Bubblers and Bongs

Bubblers and bongs are a much better way for you to get high. Because these include water, you get a smoother rip every time. Regular smokers can use a little help with getting smoother hits. 

With a bubbler, you’re helping to diffuse some of that harshness and can enjoy a smoother smoke. 

Stash Gear

Once you have all these accessories and cool devices, you always need a place to stash them. Make sure you pick up some solid stash gear with different compartments that keeps all your pieces safe. Bonus points if you pick up a stash container that conceals odors. We love the smell of dank weed, but not everyone does!

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