Shroomworks’ Functional Mushroom Extracts for Energy, Focus & Immunity

by Matt Hampton

Shroomworks’ Functional Mushroom Extracts for Energy, Focus & Immunity

What is shroomshot?

Shroomshot is a handcrafted elixir that contains living probiotics and pure medicinal-quality functional mushroom extracts. Shroomworks creates delicious blends for their shroomshots and shroomdrops that offer all the beneficial compounds of functional mushrooms.

What’s in shroomshot? 

Shroomshot blends consist of organic active and living probiotics and activated functional mushroom extracts. Shroomworks’ mushrooms are 100% organically grown on wood. The mushrooms are then carefully extracted via a hot water process that concentrates all the beneficial compounds. All products are independently lab tested for analysis of fungal beta-glucan levels, so you’ll know exactly what you're getting. Shroomworks elixirs contain fruiting bodies only, without grains or fillers.

About shroomshots

Shroomshots are available in three different formulations: Turkey Tail mushroom in Immunity, Cordyceps mushroom in Inner Energy, and Lion’s Mane mushroom in Mental Magic. Serving size is 3oz and available in a 12 pack or 24 pack.

About shroomdrops

Shroomdrops are available in three different formulations: Turkey Tail mushroom in Golden Immunity, Cordyceps mushroom in Energy, and Lion’s Mane mushroom in Focus. Serving size is 2 dropperfuls (2ml) with 30 servings per container.

Where can I get products by Shroomworks?

Headshop is proud to carry functional mushroom products by shroomworks. Browse our selection online at Headshop!

What are functional mushrooms anyway?

Mushrooms are not plants or animals, they are fungi. The term mushroom is typically used to describe the fruiting body which is the visible part of the fungus. The fruiting body (like fruit on a tree) is only produced under specific conditions in order to reproduce. This is usually where most of the beneficial compounds are found. Shroomworks uses only the fruiting body in its products.

Why use functional mushrooms?

Mushrooms are considered superfoods around the world because of their high nutritional value. People have used mushrooms for thousands of years to:

  1. Reduce stress and fatigue 
  2. Support cognitive function
  3. Improve physical performance 
  4. Stimulate the immune system

What are the benefits of functional mushrooms?

​Mushrooms contain numerous active beneficial compounds. Pharmaceutical companies understand this and spend large sums of money employing mycologists. There are teams dedicated to searching forests for new species of fungi hoping to find new medicinal compounds.

Almost 70% of the drugs that exist today originate from nature. Many of those drugs are derived from fungi. For example, penicillin is derived from the Penicillium Fungus and is a well-known antibiotic that has saved millions of lives. Krestor is an anti-cancer drug derived from Turkey Tail (Trametes Versicolor) that is commonly used in Japan. Ultimately, fungi produce chemicals that have the potential to benefit a wide range of ailments including viral and bacterial infections, cancer, in addition to stimulating the nervous and immune systems. 

How do functional mushrooms treat our ailments?

This may be because fungi are related to animals more than any other species including plants. In fact, the animal kingdom is actually a branch of the fungal kingdom. 

We actually share almost half of our DNA with fungi, and we are susceptible to many of the same types of infections. Many compounds in mushrooms are applicable to us. Compounds including antibiotics, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, as well as beta-glucans and triterpenoids, are valuable to our health.

Today we are confirming what cultures have known for millennia. Mushrooms contain some of the most potent active compounds that can be found in nature. Research validating the benefits of mushrooms are increasingly being published. Shroomworks’ mission is to share the healing powers of mushrooms in the healthiest and most delicious way possible.

Quality Control Measures

Shroomworks carefully considers which mushrooms to put into its products. The company upholds strict quality control measures as follows

Organically Grown 

Mushrooms require very specific environmental conditions to thrive. Because of their mycelial networks and permeable flesh, they can bioaccumulate pesticides and other toxins in the surrounding environment. Therefore, Shroomworks only sources mushrooms that are USDA certified organic and rigorously tested for contaminants. The company strongly advises against consumption of mushrooms that are not certified organic.

Only Fruiting Bodies 

If you think of mushrooms like an apple tree, the mycelium makes up the root system while the fruiting body (the visible part of the mushroom) is like an apple on a tree. Because most of the beneficial compounds are concentrated in the fruiting body, they contain 

higher concentrations of active compounds including beta-glucans and hericenones. Some other mushroom products use ground mycelium which often includes the growing medium such as oats or brown rice. These kinds of starches can constitute up to 90% of the product! But with fruiting bodies, you’ll know exactly what you are getting – 100% pure mushroom extract.


Beta-glucans and hericenones are the beneficial compounds contained within the cell walls of mushrooms. The walls are made of a tough material known as “chitin” which is indigestible. However, the majority of these compounds are water or ethanol soluble. Because Shroomworks extracts its mushrooms using hot water or occasionally alcohol, the beneficial components are drawn out and made bioavailable to us. Some other mushroom supplements use ground mycelium that has not been extracted, which means you’ll be getting only a small percentage of the active ingredients!

Live Culture

​​Shroomworks pairs its mushroom extracts with a live culture (kombucha) that contains 15 unique probiotic strains. Probiotics predigest nutrients which makes them more bioavailable to us. The company believes that this pairing enhances the benefits of the already potent mushroom extracts. In addition, probiotics produce beneficial acids that serve as a natural preservative which prevents the breakdown of the primary ingredients.

About Shroomwork’s Mushrooms

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane is a toothed fungus identifiable by its white cascading tentacles and grows on hardwood trees in North America, Europe, and Asia. Well known for supporting the brain and nervous system, unique nutrients like hericenones stimulate nerve growth factor which is important to maintaining and regenerating brain cells (study). Prolonged use has shown dramatic improvement in cognitive performance and mental retention (study). The Lion's Mane in Shroomworks’ products is organically grown and harvested by hand at the peak fruiting stage for maximum levels of beneficial compounds.

Turkey Tail 

Turkey Tail is a polypore fungal species found commonly throughout the world. Used to support immune system function, it contains high levels of special compounds called beta-glucans. Beta-glucans stimulate our immune response which helps us produce special immune cells which fight off viruses and bacteria. A Turkey Tail extract known as PSK is commonly used in Japan to strengthen the immune system of cancer patients. 


Cordyceps is a parasitic fungus that grows on insect larvae. When this fungus attacks its host, it replaces its tissue and sprouts long, slender stems that grow outside the host’s body. The fungus and the insect remains have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese for fatigue, kidney disease, and other ailments.Shroomworks’ products contain Cordyceps militaris which has become extremely popular because of its many health benefits.

About Shroomworks

Brothers Shawn and Justin Dunn established Shroomworks based on their passion for foraging wild plants and fungi in their local environment. During one foraging expedition, they came across the turkey tail mushroom and thus began their research. They learned about the importance of fungi in the environment and within our bodies. With this information, they started adding mushrooms to their homemade tinctures, tea, and smoothies.

When they decided that mushroom extracts needed to be brought to the market, they wanted it done the right way. They set high standards and were unwilling to compromise on the ingredients. They sourced their mushrooms from high quality farms that used pure extracts from mushrooms grown on wood. All the product ingredients are 100% organic without any chemicals or artificial ingredients. It is now their mission to share mushrooms with the world in the most delicious and healthy way


What's in shroomshots?

Shroomshots contain 1000mg of functional mushroom extracts and live probiotics, as well as adaptogens for natural clarity of focus, energy levels, and immune support.

What do shroomshots taste like?

Shroomworks has spent years creating delicious flavors without compromising on functionality. Shroomshots contain no artificial flavors or sweeteners. The flavors are derived from 100% organic fruits, botanicals, spices, herbs, and fungi.

What’s the best time to take shroomshots?

Schroomshots can be taken any time of the day but consider why you’re taking them. For example, taking Mental Magic Inner Energy shots before sleep may be too stimulating. 

Are shroomshots organic?

All products are 100% organic. Because mushrooms have permeable flesh that can lead to bioaccumulation of pesticides and other environmental toxins, sourcing organic mushrooms is extremely important.

Do shroomshots have to be refrigerated?

Yes, shroomshots need to be refrigerated because of the live probiotic cultures, to prevent over carbonation.

How long can shroomshots be stored?

Schroomshots will last for three months after bottling. You can check the expiration date on the sticker on the lid. 

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