RAW Cones vs Rolling Papers: The Question of Our Time

by Matt Hampton

RAW Cones vs Rolling Papers: The Question of Our TimePeople who like to smoke joints and spliffs have their own way of doing things. Everybody rolls a joint a little differently, and what your joint ends up looking like and smoking like depends on a few things.

RAW– the famous purveyor of uber-popular hemp rolling papers– makes easy-to-use cones that give more consistency to the joint smoking experience.

Here’s what you can expect when smoking a joint with RAW cones versus your typical rolling papers.


A lot of smokers are more than happy to stick with RAW cones versus rolling papers when they want to smoke a joint. Here’s why:

  • Incredibly easy to load your herbs - Compared to using traditional rolling papers, loading your joint with herbage is so much easier with a RAW cone because they were designed primarily for this purpose. Instead of needing a flat surface and dexterity to evenly spread dried flowers and herbs on a paper, you simply hold the cone with the filter side down. Then, you can add your herbs by hand or pour in.
  • Consistent burn (won’t run) - Even the most skilled joint rollers can experience a joint that runs with rolling papers. The result is wasted herb and an interrupted smoking experience. Because of their design and material, RAW cones don’t run. Herbs and flowers burn more evenly, which is a huge plus.
  • “Healthier”- RAW cones are made from unbleached paper, with no added dyes, chalks, nor anything else undesirable. Versus traditional rolling papers made from less healthy materials, it’s a more natural, health-conscious choice.
  • Built-in filter - When you’re rolling a joint with rolling papers, you’ll of course need to have a filter. If not, your dried herbs can end up in your mouth. Not to mention, the joint will not hold its shape and integrity. RAW cones have built-in filters, so you don’t have to search for a little piece of cardboard next time you go to roll a joint. It’s also great that you know you have a legit filter every time with a RAW cone versus leaving filter-making up to human error.
  • Good for more than one session - Joints in rolling papers are typically smaller than what you get with a RAW cone. This means you may be able to keep your joint around for more than one session. And because RAW cones are more durable and hold their shape better, they aren’t as prone to getting messed up the way used paper joints are.


While it’s easy to sing the praises of RAW cones for joint smoking, old-fashioned rolling papers still hold their ground in a few areas. Here are some drawbacks of using cones instead of papers:

  • More expensive - If you smoke joints regularly, it will be more expensive to use a RAW cone every single time versus rolling papers.
  • You may use more herbs - It’s hard not to add more herb to your joints when using a RAW cone because they can handle more. While not a bad thing, you may find yourself using more herbs than you’re used to if you make it a habit.


Well, we’ve reached the end of the pivotal discussion regarding smoking joints with RAW cones versus rolling papers. At the end of the day, here’s what you need to know–

RAW cones are awesome in that they are easy to load and can make bigger joints with more even pulls that last longer. That said, they will cost you more than your average rolling papers, so take this into account.

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