Picking The Right Cannabis Storage Container

by Chris Husong

Picking the Right Cannabis Storage ContainerIt’s a fact. The quantity and quality of cannabis paraphernalia have significantly improved. However, don’t hand over your hard-earned cash yet! Because there are so many different cannabis storage containers available nowadays, here we’ll break down several popular options. Hopefully, we can make it easier for you when you're picking the right cannabis storage container for your needs and your stash.

Odor-proof cannabis containers come in all shapes and sizes. There really is something for every type of smoker. So, whether you're doing dabs, hitting blunts, ripping on bongs, smoking vapes, or rolling flowers into pre-rolls, there are a lot of cannabis paraphernalia companies competing for your cash. So, even though more choices can be overwhelming, that competition means better selection, better quality, and better prices!

Top 5 Cannabis Storage Containers

There are so many different cannabis stash containers available because there are so many different kinds of materials being used. There are upgraded glass jars and soft plastic storage containers. Airtight seals are available in hard plastic, metal, and wood cases. There are even odor-proof bags and luggage. So, there is just the right cannabis storage container out there to suit your needs, whatever your budget may be.

We know. With all the different kinds of materials, shapes, and sizes, finding the right storage container for your needs might take some time. But, we’ve got your covered - the top 5 cannabis storage containers listed here represent some of the best storage containers available today that will save you money and time as they save your cannabis from losing its potency.

  1. Medtainer

Grind, Stash & Store
The Medtainer storage and grinder system is made of durable hard plastic. With strong material and a great design, the grinder easily shreds dried flower with just a few twists and then stores it with a locking safety top.

The reason why the Medtainer is such a great buy for the money is because of its 2-part system. The outer shell is the grinder with spiked shredding teeth at the base of the outer storage container, as well as the underside of the inner container.

Innovative storage containers for cannabis have certainly come a long way in the recent past. Whether you’re rolling a joint, loading a bowl, or vaping herb, the Medtainer works great.

The two pieces of this container easily slide together for a great cannabis grinder, the finger grips make it easy to twist, and the locking mechanisms keep the lid on tight.

  1. RAW Smell-Proof Pouch

Smell-proof storage on the go
Discreetly transporting cannabis is what the RAW Smell Proof Pouch is all about. Featuring 5 smell-proof layers and other design elements, this personal stash bag might just be the right one for you. This smell-proof bag is just one of many other available storage solutions by RAW including pouches, cases, slings, and backpacks.

The RAW Smell Proof Pouch comes in 3 different sizes and will protect your stash with 5 smell-proof layers consisting of polyurethane-backed heather, polypropylene, and polyester, another layer of polypropylene, and aluminum-laminated silver foil sheeting with PEVA and knit backing. On top of that, the zipper is siliconized and water-resistant.

  1. The Future Logo Squadafum Ultraviolet Stash Jar

Cannabis In, Air And Sunlight Out
The preferred choice when storing cannabis is definitely glass. The SDF UV Future Logo Stash Jar is made of ultraviolet quartz that blocks out light. This helps cure and preserve your cannabis because it only allows ultraviolet and infrared light inside. This stash jar has a killer sleek look with the Squadafum logo in futuristic typography and is super easy to use.

The design of this UV pot may be simple, but it does an incredible job at keeping the air out. There are no buttons to push, just airtight insulation with the lid’s screw closure. Once you pack your cannabis inside, screw the lid closed, and the airtight seal is set.

We love this modern update to the smell-proof and airtight glass jar because it’s so simple and it works so well at keeping air and sunlight at bay. The SDF UV Future Logo Stash Jar eliminates both the air and sunlight problems at once! Plus, the jar comes in select sizes!

Comes in 50ml and 250ml sizes (and looks amazing next to your 14mm glass bong!).

4. Revelry Scout 17 Hard Case

Hard Shell Exterior, Foam Interior
When it comes to airtight, smell-proof, waterproof, lightproof, dustproof, and crushproof protection that is good enough for your stash, you need the hard shell Revelry Scout 17 Hard Case. It features heavy-duty clasps for strength and durability you can rely on.

The soft, form-fitted foam inserts inside the shock-protected, ABS plastic hard case. With 17.6 by 13 by 7.3 inches of protected space inside, it’s big enough and tough enough to carry your whole sesh. Dab rig bangers off the joint, bong bowls or even a small desktop vaporizer are carefully protected in compartmentalized storage.

The Revelry Scout 17 Hard Case is practically military-grade, and that’s good because your glass and stash are definitely worth protecting!\

5.  CVault Metal Containers

A Cannabis Humidor
And last but definitely not least, CVault Metal Containers are not only durable but also beautiful humidors for cannabis. At Headshop, these products truly are the best cannabis storage containers!

What separates CVault from the other containers is their focus on moisture control for your fresh stash. Controlling humidity is critical when choosing the best storage containers for cannabis. One of the best features is their platform in every CVault container for Boveda humidity control packs which come with your purchase!

CVault Metal Containers are available in sizes to meet all of your needs, but they all feature food-grade stainless steel which is incredibly durable and shock-resistant.

CVault containers hold their shape no matter what size. The short, wide design makes them ideal to stash under a bed, seat, or couch. It all comes down to the design and the shape that make this metal storage container perfect for an airtight fit while holding your stash.


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