Organic Renewable Vaping Without Lithium Using Magic Flight

by Matt Hampton

Organic Renewable Vaping Without Lithium Using Magic FlightMagic Flight’s Launch Box

The Launch Box is a portable, organic, long-lasting dry herb vape that was created by Magic Flight for the enjoyment of pure plant essence. Valuing craftsmanship over outsourcing overseas or using inferior materials, Magic Flight does not use any toxic substances in their products. They promote the philosophy of choice and encourage making the highest choice with organic renewable vaping without lithium using Magic Flight.

Started in 2009, Magic Flight created many different renditions before they hit on the Launch Box and broke into the portable diffuser market. A truly unique product, the Launch Box is designed to diffuse the essence of plant material, dry herb, flower, and cannabis just below the combustion point – all this without any smoke or fire hazard, liquids, chemicals, or any other additives.

Solid Wood and Stainless Steel Construction

With the consumer in mind, the Launch Box is made here in the USA and is constructed of solid wood, a beautiful, organic material that is also durable, renewable, and impact resistant. Different types of wood are available but bright Maple, deep Cherry, and rich Walnut are favored and finished with food-grade mineral oil. Magic Flight’s large selection of wood types and finishes is simply incredible. And you can customize your wooden piece (or the acrylic cover) with decorative laser-etched designs.

The screen and fittings in the Launch Box are all stainless steel because of its strength, resistance to corrosion, and sustainability.

There are no moving parts in the Launch Box, except for the swiveling acrylic cover. Transparent and impact resistant, acrylic material was also selected due to its safety characteristics with high heat and no off-gassing. You can easily view the plant material and vapor in the trench through the cover. The cover also protects the plant material from spilling. There is a small hole on the box where you can put the “straw” for inhaling vapor, although many prefer to use it without the straw. This is also where you can see the orange light that indicates the battery is engaged. 

No Lithium Batteries, No Cartridges, No Harmful Additives

Many vape pens available today use cartridges and liquid additives. They are often sold without an ingredient list or any meaningful research on the long-term effects of these additives. Cartridges are often filled with liquids, solvents, preservatives, additives, and other harmful chemicals. Vape pens must have a specific liquid viscosity to function properly, thus these additives are included. Additionally, the lithium batteries used in vape pens to convert the liquid into huge clouds of vapor can be harmful as well. The Launch Box does not use cartridges of any kind or any of these dangerous substances!

Experience The Plant Essence Like a Fine Wine

The Launch Box is uniquely designed to be safer in contrast to vape pens that use additives. Because you control what you are diffusing, you control the quality. Magic Flight recommends using the highest quality organic plant material, dry herb, flower, or cannabis in your Launch Box.

Essentially the Launch Box allows you to experience the plant essence like a fine wine as you detect the various flavors, subtle notes, and nuances of the various strains. The low volume of discreet vapor includes only the pure essence of the plant material.

With the Launch Box, you can experience the pure essence of your favorite dry herb, flower, or cannabis, or even a blend of plant materials. Dried herbal blends are increasingly popular as an alternative for those who want to quit smoking tobacco.

Rechargeable, Recyclable, Long-Lasting Batteries

Because Magic Flight values health and safety, they use a rechargeable battery of nickel metal hydride (NIMH or Ni-MH). Other batteries on the market are lithium which are known to create fires; thus, they are unsafe with some countries even restricting their import. Magic Flight does not use lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are difficult to recycle. They also do not use nickel-cadmium cell (NiCd) batteries because the waste is toxic to the environment. Environmentally conscious, Magic Flight uses Ni-MH batteries that are not only rechargeable, they are also long-lasting and better for the environment with Harding Energy’s recycle program.

Magic Flight Accessories

Magic Flight also offers a plug in Power Adapter 3.0 with a wall adapter and car port to power the Launch Box without batteries. The power adapter is for use at home or on-the-go. With Launch Box you have the ability to transform just one product into an entire rig with accessories.

Using just the batteries alone, the Launch Box is a terrific little vape. But when you add in the power adapter, various whips, and water accessories, you can see how the Launch Box rivals the performance of much more expensive products such as the Volcano Vaporizer. It’s quite a good deal for anyone who wants professional quality without making a large purchase.

Only the proprietary accessories manufactured by Magic Flight work with the Launch Box, so you know you can trust the quality. Using accessories by another brand could damage the battery port.

Mastering the Launch Box

With the Launch Box, everyone’s rig will be different. The base product is a simple battery-powered wooden box that has a trapezoidal oven with a trench that fits in the palm of your hand. However, it performs differently for everyone. There may even be a learning curve for newbies. It truly is a unique unit that takes practice, like other mechanical devices such as the DynaVaps. But, once you master its operation, the results can match or exceed any comparable vaporizer.

The two main ways to use the Launch Box is either by taking one long draw or by taking a several small pulls in a row. For one long draw, engage the battery and then very slowly pull from the mouthpiece for 5 to 10 seconds. If the plant material overheats you didn’t draw quickly enough, and if no vapor is produced you may be drawing too quickly. For several small puffs in a row, engage the battery and take small “sips” from the mouthpiece every few seconds. This lets the vapor build up inside the trench between every draw.

Of note, it is important to grind your dry herb very fine for the best performance. This increases the surface area of your herb which produces better vapor.

If you need more tips, just know that there are online communities built around this device and tons of resources available that will get you up to speed with the Launch Box in no time.

In Conclusion

The Launch Box advantage helps you enjoy the benefits of pure plant essence safely and cleanly. Magic Flight also offers a limited lifetime functional warranty.

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