New Year, New Gear for Stoners at Headshop

 New Year, New Gear for Stoners at Headshop

Non-stoners’ New Year’s resolutions usually mean losing weight or exercising more. Well sure, we might want to do that too, but mostly we’re thinking about getting the most out of our cannabinoids along with a little organization. We like the idea of adding doable things to our list of resolutions. Why? Because resolutions can oh so easily become just a setup for failure. They always seem to add extra pressure to life instead of inspiring lasting change. So, if you’d like to get more out of your smoke sessions and organize your smoking gear, here are some New Year’s weed resolutions you can actually follow through on.

New Year, New Gear

New year, new gear, new vibe. Consider adding some of these awesome new pieces to your smoking collection. Bongs are one of our favorite ways to taste all the terpenes in hemp flower. But, maybe you’ve thought about switching your method of delivery. If you’re concerned about health and wellness and would like to eliminate combustion methods, there’s a whole new world of gear available that will make the switch as easy as possible. Whether you’re ready for a new dab rig, e-nail, heating device, or stash gear, all the cool new smoking gear is right here waiting for you at Headshop

Resolve to Try New Ways of Enjoying Weed

Fun New Year’s resolutions can include trying new things, especially if that means trying new ways to enjoy weed. Try smoking a new flower strain, cooking your own edibles, or buying a new device that you’ve always wanted. New experiences foster new vibes, new memories, and new ideas for future good times. 

The Evolv Cricket is a pocket-sized portable dab rig with CFD-engineered airflow that delivers waterpipe smooth flavor and dense vapor clouds. Whether you use the Cricket one puff at a time or for an entire session, you’ll get a full 24 hours of use per charge. The Cricket offers adjustable temperature controls, extreme efficiency making little dabs deliver big effects, and less wasted material. Heats up in 2 seconds and cools down in 5 seconds. CNC machined from billet stainless steel.

Or, you might prefer the Stache E-Nail which is a heating device that is digitally controlled for consistent heat settings with the touch of a button. The kit comes with an E-Nail controller, a 14mm quartz nail, a heater coil, a power cord, a silicone storage container, and a carrying case for the best at-home smoking experience. Designed to last for thousands of hours heating between 700-1000℉ with a recommended heat for the quartz nail of 650-750℉.

The Elon Device is a state-of-the-art rechargeable device that contains a concentric heating mechanism. You’ll get fast biodelivery and high bioavailability of cannabinoids in a controlled dosage without any harmful combustion. The Elon comes with a patent-pending blade, a temperature regulator, and battery level and usage sensors. The button-less design heats up in 5 seconds and offers 10-15 sessions per charge. Comes with rapid type-C charging port.

If you prefer an old-school water pipe, we suggest trying out the new Ceramic Hexagon Water Pipe by BRNT Designs which is inspired by the intersecting planes and angular forms of architect Daniel Libeskind. This bong is truly unlike any other. In terms of style, the Hexagon is a real coffee table showpiece, the ultimate in modern aesthetics. In terms of function, the Hexagon delivers the smoothest rips you will ever find. Available in white, red, gold, teal, bronze, pink, and blue.

Resolve to Organize Your Smoking Gear

While lots of people are planning to get organized in 2023 by getting rid of all the stuff they no longer want or need, we think organizing your smoking gear with new storage solutions is another great way to start the new year.

For example, the BLAZE Wooden Rolling Tray by Bluebus is a bamboo rolling tray set designed to hold all your supplies. It comes with 2 bunker jars, a phone holder, a tin case, an aluminum grinder, 2 metal cones, 2 cone funnels, a metal packing stick, and miniature scissors. Whew!

Another incredible product by Bluebus is the Discovery Storage Box, a bamboo box with storage compartments. It comes with a magnetic board, a sliding rolling tray, 3 odor-proof glass jars, an aluminum grinder, 2 metal cones, 2 cone funnels, miniature scissors, a metal packing stick, and much more – actually everything you need for stellar smoking sessions (except the weed). Available in Natural or Black. Amazing!

Lastly, the Malua by BRNT Designs is a modern and very discreet storage container which means this gorgeous stash jar doesn’t have to be hidden out of sight. Created in BRNT Designs’ signature hexagonal shape, the Malua combines aesthetic form with practical function. Whether you want your Indica or Sativa, the split-storage system and airtight seal of the Malua make for effortless organization and storage of your precious strains. Small size available in Pink Marble or White Marble. Large size available in White Marble and solid Black, White, and Yellow. Makes a great gift!

So, how about some new gear for the new year? With a little help from the “resolutions” above, you’ll be glad you rang in the New Year with us at Headshop!

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