New Headshop Product Roundup: 4 Heady Brands To Get Stoked On

by Chris Husong

New Headshop Product Roundup: 4 Heady Brands To Get Stoked On

We’ve brought in some heady new products to the online Headshop to start the summer season off right. Each packs a lot of fun, especially if you want to smoke a lot of bowls. And there’s also a drop-dead FANTASTIC herbal butter maker; we never knew it’s what we always needed in our kitchen cabinet.

Here are 4 new additions to the online Headshop lineup for your 420 pleasure. 

Easy Butter Maker - It’s Butterly Genius

All of us stoners love a good homemade edible. Unless you love to cook and make homemade butter, it can be a hassle to devote 3 hours of your day to the process. This herbal butter maker we found gets the job done in 10 MINUTES! 

Say goodbye to the oven and the turmoil of making cannabis butter at home. The Easy Butter Maker is made of durable stainless steel with just a few easy-to-clean parts. To make your butter, all you need are your herbs, your butter, some water, and a stovetop. Once the Easy Butter Maker starts percolating, you’re good to go!

Why it’s great: This is the fastest way to naturally cook herbal butter at home that we know of. It’s so easy and definitely less messy than traditional methods—you won’t destroy your kitchen or have to scrub dishes in the process.

What to know: As to whether to get the 1-stick or 2-stick model, here’s what we recommend– Get the 1-stick if you make cannabis butter occasionally. If you really enjoy baking with cannabis and so do often, go with the 2-stick. The 2-stick is also a good option for people who like to make other types of herbal butter with rosemary, lavender, etc. It’s not just for cannabis!

Headshop staff rating: 5/5

Endo - NEW Rose Heights Line

Endo has a fantastically unique line called Rose Heights with all-natural pink cones. The Rose Heights cones have the ultra-thin paper Endo is known for, with a natural pink dye. Get the slow, even burn you expect from Endo in style! Endo’s rose cones are conversation starters and a colorful departure from the traditional joint/blunt. 

These are eye-catching for headshops, wellness shops, and for display in your own living room or kitchen. The Rose Heights line from Endo has an aesthetic edge, and the vibes are overall bright and happy. We like what we smoke with Endo.

Why it’s great: The Endo Rose Heights Line of rose-flavored cones comes in unique, bright packaging that’s pleasing to the eye. These look great on your stoner mantle and also make great gifts.

What to know: These cones are named rose because of their pink color; they are not rose-flavored papers. When we find those (and they’re all-natural), we’ll let you know.

Headshop staff rating: 4/5 

Glass House - High-End Glass Bong & Dab Accessories That Last

Glass House puts an incredible amount of intention and ingenuity into each of its smoking accessories. Appropriately named, their focus is on super-sturdy glass work for bongs, dabbing, and more nuanced smoking experiences like using terp pearls. All the Glass House bangers we selected for Headshop are extra-thick, perfect for dabbing with high heat. 

The male bangers are made with pure quartz. Engineered to be the perfect size and shape for increased vapor and potency, Glass House is a staple of the smoker’s toolbox. Buy it now. Keep it forever. These things are seriously durable and made to last.

Why it’s great: We are in love with the Glass House Egg Terp. It’s highly nuanced and ideal for smoking with terp pearls. Terp pearls enhance the flavor of your rips and are thought to enhance vapor production as they spin around. Made entirely from pure quartz, the male bangor by Glass House has an egg chamber with the largest surface area for terp pearls to spin naturally. 

What to know: Glass House smoking accessories don’t come with terp pearls: pick some up if you need more. We love these cheap terp pearls that glow in the dark. 

Headshop staff rating: 5/5

Stratus - Cheap Glass Bong & Dab Accessories

Stratus is already a popular Headshop brand with an array of dabbing accessories and indestructible silicone pieces. What’s new in our catalog is their glasswork, an affordable collection of bongs and pipes. You can't go wrong with any of their items, from the futuristic glass sphere bong to solid pipes. Stratus also makes a beautiful Gandalf pipe that’s hugely popular with our customers, but you may have to keep checking back with us. Unfortunately, it’s often sold out.

Why it’s great: The Stratus glass line is highly affordable, so if you need a new glass piece in the $20 to $60 range, you’re in luck. 

What to know: We really dig the stubby KISS pipe from Stratus that comes in a couple of different design options. It’s a good catch-all glass pipe with an average-size bowl and a stem that does not narrow. AKA, it’s easy to clean and scrape out resin when in a pinch. Oh yeah, it’s also under $20.

Headshop staff rating: 4/5

Stoners: Stay tuned.

Stoners, stay tuned for more awesome brands and product features to be added to the Headshop online catalog. If you’re looking for a heady brand on our site and don’t see it, drop us a line, and we shall investigate.

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