New GRAV Product Round-Up, Including GRAV’s New Glass Bundles!

by Chris Husong

New GRAV Product Round-Up, Including GRAV’s New Glass Bundles! 

We’ve added some of the newest GRAV brand products to our online Headshop as we head into the spring. We can always count on GRAV for premium quality borosilicate glass pieces and these pieces don’t disappoint! Each one is packed with features, upgrades, and enhancements – perfect if you like to smoke plenty of bowls.

Plus, you won’t believe the jaw-dropping Glass Bundles by GRAV. Each bundle has three to four of its most popular pieces. There’s the Bowl Bundle, the Collectors Bundle, the Dr. Pink Bundle, and the Sip Series Bundle. We can’t decide on a favorite. You’ll definitely be wanting one of these for that special someone (and one for yourself, of course)! 

Here are the latest additions to the online Headshop lineup. 

GRAV® Coffee Mug Bubbler

Jumpstart your day with a mug from the new sip series. The design of the GRAV Coffee Mug Bubbler looks familiar but disguises a bubbler that is very effective.  

Featuring a fixed fission downstem, the smoke pathway and the percolator are conveniently built right into the handle of the mug.  The size of the bubbler chamber and the great hand feel might just make this coffee mug bong your favorite smoking session of the day. 

The height is 7" to the top of the straw and 4" to the top of the mug. The 14 mm joint is female with a 14mm cup bowl. This bubbler works with the GRAV 14mm 90° Male Banger.

GRAV® Deco Beaker in Silicone

Combining form with function, the GRAV Deco Beaker is a silicone and borosilicate glass beaker bong with both straight and curvy lines in an art deco vintage style. The base of the bong has a gentle outward curve that is wider than standard beakers, with an easy-to-grip mouthpiece at the center.

The base and mouthpiece of the Deco Beaker are protected with silicone covers. This designer bong effectively maintains the classic beaker functionality with dense silicone cushioning the typical areas of breakage. The brand preserved the quality of the hit by not changing the bong shape.

Features include a removable downstem joint, modular downstem filter, and cleaning caps. Adjustable silicone parts easily disassemble for cleaning.

This affordable, damage-resistant bong will enhance your sessions!

GRAV® Bowl Bundle

The GRAV Bowl Bundle features six of this legendary brand’s bestselling bong bowls. These glass bong bowls are made of borosilicate glass and fit a 14mm downstem. Having multiple bong bowls allows you to continue smoking if a bowl is dirty, broken, or lost.

The Caldera glass bowl is perfect if you like longer sessions and larger hits. That also makes it spot-on for group smoking experiences.

The Basin glass bowl is an easy-to-load stylish bowl best for shorter sessions for two people.

The Octobowl has a glass screen designed to hold plant material in place and catch tar and ash. it also has an arm on the side of the bowl for safe handling. The larger capacity of the Octobowl is ideal for use with bigger bongs and upright bubblers.

The Helix glass bowl is perfect for single bong hits. It has side handles which make it easy to draw.

The limited capacity of the cup bowl is made for smaller bongs and Helix™ pipes.

The larger capacity of the funnel bowl is ideal for use with bigger bongs and upright bubblers.

GRAV® Collectors Bundle

GRAV has created an awesome collectors bundle with some of its most popular glass pipes. Now you can enjoy smoking however you like with this nicely curated selection that includes the legendary Gravitron, a bubbler, a hand pipe, and a taster.

The 2.0 Gravitron® is an upgraded version that offers significantly thicker glass, as well as a tighter seal with an improved platinum-cured silicone grommet. Lifting the bottle is easy due to the flange at the top of the neck. Now, the 14 mm female ground joint works with any 14 mm male bowl.

The Rain Bubbler is curvy and fits perfectly in your hand. the rips are heady, smooth, and pack a punch. The interior walls are curvy as well, which helps swirl the water around to cool it. 

The Mini Helix Spoon has a Venturi chamber mouthpiece, and three airway intake holes for cooling and spinning the smoke. The Helix design not only filters the smoke, but also conserves plant material. No water or other accessories are required to use this hand pipe.

The 16mm Octo-taster has silicone skin that is cushiony with rubber-like shock-absorbency. The cap at the end of the taster holds your flower in place, and the mouthpiece is pinched like pinched an ash catcher. The device is pocket-sized and easily portable. The silicone skin is removable for easy cleaning.

GRAV® Mr. Pink Bundle

Can't get enough pink? Yeah, well then, the Mr. Pink bundle is for you! Each pipe is especially sexy in pink.

The special ergonomic design of the Bell Chillum lets you hold it in your knuckles. By cupping your hand around the mouthpiece, you can inhale from the Bell Chillum without touching your lips which makes it the perfect pipe for sharing with friends.

The Bauble Spoon has a larger-capacity bowl that angles away from your hand. The mouthpiece at the neck is wider which gives the smoke more space to move. Plus, it looks super slick.

The Spherical Pocket Bubbler works with a 10mm quartz dab banger, a 10mm flower bowl, or a perfectly rolled joint or blunt. The piece is compact and discreet, and you also get water filtration with the bubbler chamber. The bubbler has a sturdy flat bottom and fits in the palm of your hand.

The Hammer has been reimagined in this version with a 38mm wide can, which means it can rest easily when stored. Smoke diffuses through a fission downstem and 0.5” of water for cooling.

GRAV® Sip Series Bundle

The Grav Sip Series Bundle is modeled after well-known drinking containers. All these glass pieces have been redesigned as bongs.

The Slush Cup Pocket Bubbler is perfectly sized to fit your hand, a coaster, or a cupholder, and it offers a great deal of water filtration for such a small footprint. The 14mm Dewar-seal joint is recessed and flush with the upper edge of the bubbler to maximize the volume.

The Milk Carton Bubbler is a functional bong with an open body to allow for diffusion. The opening at the spout of the carton is narrow to prevent any splashback.

The Coffee Mug Bubbler has a comfortingly familiar design and hides a bubbler that is fully functional. The built-in smoke pathway and the percolator are in the mug handle. The chamber size and the comfortable hand feel make this coffee mug bong a great way to start your day. 

GRAV® The Flower is Female Poster

The Flower is Female is an exclusive poster by GRAV created by Savina Monet, also known as the Queen of Cannabis Collages.  The focus of her collages is on removing the stigma around cannabis flower and its users.

This cannabis-related artwork celebrates the censored and pushes back on policing both flower, as well as the female form. It's also designed to get around the algorithm as the nudity reveals no nipple and the flower has no familiar leaf shape.

This poster art is completely run by women from the concept itself all the way to execution. Learn more at The Flower is Female: Art by Savina Monet Pushes Back on Censorship.

GRAV® Quartz Vape Straw with Dab Dish

The GRAV Quartz Vape Straw is one of the easiest ways to dab. This quartz vape straw is dense with a comfortable mouthpiece and a tapered cone end. The tapered end can be heated up with a regular torch on a low setting or a pen lighter. The straw heats up quickly in just a few seconds for a great hit.

For easy access, dabs are placed on the thick borosilicate dish. For convenient and tasty dabs, the dish can be held while using the vapor straw. The straw’s shape is designed specifically to prevent rolling. If you don't want to carry a dab rig, a vape straw is a great alternative. Just dip it and sip it.

GRAV® Clear Vapor Straw & Dish

The GRAV Vapor Straw & Dish is the easiest way to smoke concentrate. The tapered end of the straw is heated using a lighter. Because the high heat can seal the straw, we don't recommend using a torch). The heated tip is placed into the concentrate while inhaling through the straw. 

The tapered tip and pinched restriction of this piece are designed for safe vapor consumption. In addition, when you put the straw down, there is a marble roll stop to keep it in place. The Vapor Straw & Dish is also perfectly portable, so it’s easy to take a sip on the go.

GRAV® Rocker Sherlock

If you're looking for big hits, the Rocker Sherlock pipe delivers them with style. Available in assorted colors, this pipe has an easy-grip design, meaning both hands can easily and naturally reach the carb.

Sherlock Holmes smoked a pipe called a gourd Calabash dating back to the 1600s and its popularity remains to this day. The original Sherlock pipe shape has been reimagined in this glass pipe in a shape a little more novel and robust.

During use, the Rocker Sherlock stays perfectly balanced. It only rocks gently back and forth if bumped, instead of falling over. GRAV suggests tipping the Rocker Sherlock to see how many rocks you can get without falling over!

GRAV® Working from Home Sandblasted Spoon

Available in assorted colors, the GRAV x Pleasures Sandblasted Spoon pipe has a frosty and matte finish. The mouthpiece is inverted to prevent accidentally sucking in ash whenever you take a hit from this spoon pipe.

GRAV® Working from Home Sticker Pack

This cool sticker pack is reminiscent of a high school locker from the 90s. Each sheet contains seven stickers and features the Working from Home Logo, Spoon Pipe, and Bong. Just an easy way to remind your coworkers that you know how to have fun.

So, sit back and relax with a smoke, and get ready to click through these links. Happy shopping!

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