Mini Bongs, Dab Rigs, and Accessories – Incredible Shrinking Smokeware

by Chris Husong

Mini Bongs, Dab Rigs, and Accessories – Incredible Shrinking Smokeware

Smokeware is Getting Smaller!

Little tiny dab rigs, minimal bubble bongs, pocket-sized vaporizers, one-bud grinders, micro hand spoons, and even ashtrays – gear in the weed world is getting smaller! The question is, are these cute little devices doing the job?

Higher standards can fall by the wayside in a marketplace where products are getting smaller. The good news for consumers is that competition means products are designed for higher performance with quality materials at better prices!

Smokeware That Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

Every item in our selection of best mini smokeware in this Headshop guide means either a completely new piece of gear or a new take on an old product. The key requirement is that they must be the smallest versions. We'll also look at the reasons why smokeware is shrinking.

This shrinkage is happening across the entire spectrum of products. It seems like most products found in smoke shops are getting smaller. We’re seeing better manufacturing of parts and materials and much better designs.

It’s said that shrinking is related to “economies of scale” which means that as products improve and sell more, more efficiency is gained so more money is saved. So, lucky you, smokeware is getting better than ever in an ongoing cycle.

Our guide looks at smokeware like mini vaporizers and e-rigs, as well as mini bongs and dab rigs. We’ll also check out accessories including grinders, ashtrays, smell-proof storage, scales, and rolling trays.

Mini Oil Pens

Increasing power while reducing battery size along with more efficient heating elements add up to good news for dabbers. However, the main drivers are the growth of the CBD and concentrate markets. Oil pens and dry herb vapes use similar technology. Most oil pens use cannabis concentrate combined with PG/VG so the liquid evenly flows during vaporization via an atomizer heating element.

The Honey Oil Mini Mod v3 510 Vape Battery is the perfect example of convenient delivery.

Honey Oil Mini Mod v3 510 Vape Battery

The Honey Oil Mini Mod v3 510 Vape Battery has been upgraded with low, medium, and high voltage settings with an even more compact profile. We’re talking super small at around 2″ in length and easily fits in the smallest jean pocket. The 500mah battery life lasts for days with regular usage. A built-in micro-USB port makes for on-the-go charging with the included cable. Available in Matte Black. Wear it like a pendant with the included quick-disconnect lanyard. Perfect for concerts!

Mini Wax Pens

Heating elements such as atomizers and batteries are important features in wax vapes. Having a powerful coil is crucial when dabbing solids like shatter or budder. This makes all the difference in being able to efficiently dab all your concentrates. A powerful battery also keeps the heating element cleaner too. You can find a wide range of wax pens that vary in power, performance, and price, but some brands like Yocan still outperform in a crowded marketplace.

The Yocan Hive 2.0 Oil Atomizer works like a wax vape. You can feel the power, and the heft of its metal body is still very discreet. 

YOCAN Mini Box Mod Kit 

If you’re looking for a mini atomizer, the Yocan Hive Mini Box Mod Kit uses oil and wax cartridges. Features include a no-leak design, a magnetic connector for drop-in use, and an oil level check using the side window. Select oil atomizer resistance at 1.8ohm or wax atomizer resistance at 1.0ohm.

Mini Dab Straws

As the industry for smoking devices and accessories grows, shrinking gear isn’t just what the consumer wants; manufacturers want smaller gear too. With improvements in materials and artisans skilled at making glass, silicone, or metal dab straws, size doesn’t indicate power.

Our favorite little nectar collector is the Honey Labs Mini Straw, and not only because it has a titanium-tipped silicone nectar straw.

Honey Labs Mini Straw

Good things really do come in small packages, like the ergonomic wooden Honey Labs Mini Straw with a removable silicone mouthpiece. Titanium allows for optimal heat conduction and ultimately huge clouds. Compatible with titanium and/or quartz straws. Measures 4.5 inches in length.

Mini Dab Rigs

Dab rigs might just be the most important mini product in the industry right now. With the current leaning toward low-temperature dabbing, the emphasis is on efficiency as well as flavor. The focus on shrinking dab rigs means increased dabbing efficiency and the full flavor profile.

A scientific approach will help you get the most out of your dabs. Not only does this mean scientific glass rigs, but it also focuses attention on how the oil condenses. Because there is less space inside a mini rig, there is less wasted oil.

Invest in a good glass rig like the Goody Glass Twister Mini Rig 4-Piece Kit.  

Twister Mini Rig 4-Piece Kit

Goody Glass has delivered a new generation of collectible mini rigs that have been designed to minimize air contact while cooling the vapor, so you get the most flavorful rips every single time. Each rig in the collection has its own unique personality and function, so collect them all or give them as gifts!

Designed for a stunning visual performance, the 5-inch Twister is certainly entertaining. It features a 5-hole stem percolator with a continuously spinning recycler that refilters the smoke for exceptionally smooth hits. Comes with a 10mm quartz banger, bubble carb cap, and mini dab tool.

Mini eRigs

The mini eRig category has grown by leaps and bounds recently, mainly because of improvements in batteries and heating elements. This means that electronic rigs have truly made a name for themselves, like XVape and many other companies.

The powerful XVape Vista Mini 2 Portable Dab Rig is a handheld rig that features 4 LED-indicated heat settings optimized for all types of concentrate.

XVape Vista Mini 2 Portable Dab Rig

The XVape Vista Mini 2 Portable Dab Rig delivers a high-end experience at a reasonable price, making this purchase a no-brainer. The sleek, compact design easily fits in your pocket, purse, or bag. It includes a smell-proof carrying case that protects the glass bubbler attachment. It also includes an extra atomizer. It also has storage for your dab tools! 

Mini Grinders

Improvements in plastics technology along with precision machining mean weed grinders are not only getting smaller, but they’re also getting lighter while still shredding like their larger counterparts. Metal grinders are still preferred for superior materials that last. Selection is the best thing about improvements in modern technology. 

For a shredder that efficiently grinds one bud at a time, the small 2-piece Santa Cruz Shredder is perfectly pocket-sized so you can grind whenever and wherever you go.

Small 2-Piece Santa Cruz Shredder 

The Small 2-Piece Santa Cruz Shredder features a revolutionary tooth design and a strong rare earth magnet to keep the lid shut. Crafted from a solid piece of high-grade CNC aluminum, this grinder is scratch resistant, with square teeth.

Mini Dry Herb Vapes

One of the first types of products to miniaturize was the dry herb vaporizer. The first models were tabletop versions like the Volcano Vaporizer. These tabletop models had to stay home for power plugins until advanced battery technology made portable vapes possible. Portability is what consumers asked for and the industry has met that demand. With more powerful batteries came a reduction in the size of heating elements – and the mini vape was born.

The best mini dry herb vapes available today, like the Stratus Mini Dry Herb Vaporizer, feature hardware that is powerful enough to heat the quartz herb chambers.

Stratus Mini Dry Herb Vape

The Stratus Mini Dry Herb Vape has been called the world’s smallest dry herb vape. It’s perfect for your next party! Fits in Suits and clutches. Features include an ergonomic design with a 1000mAh adjustable battery, a large ceramic chamber, fast heat-up time, three temperature settings, and USB Type C charging.

Mini Hand Pipes

Most hand pipes are already on the small side, but we're talking much smaller with minis. These little pipes sure are cute, but even miniatured they offer some big features.

GRAV Labs has a nice selection of affordable mini glass hand pipes and spoon pipes.  Despite its diminutive size, you can still pack more bud in this piece than some chillums and one-hitters.

GRAV® Mini Spoon

Nothing says discretion and portability like a mini hand pipe you can wear as a pendant. The GRAV® Mini Spoon has a donut mouthpiece that can not only be threaded with a chain or a string, but it also cools the smoke and catches ash. 

Mini Bongs

We’ve seen mini versions of bongs for a long time. However, mini bongs are better than ever now because of tempered borosilicate glass. Great glass is strong, inert, heat-resistant, and cleans more easily.

The makers of the KLEAN Glass Mini Bong are known for their designs and this little water pipe is a true stand-out.

KLEAN Glass - Mini Bong

KLEAN offers the highest quality, heavy-duty glass that is made for connoisseurs by connoisseurs. This mini bong stands 8 inches tall and is made from 9mm thick glass with the KLEAN signature glow-in-the-dark stripe that separates it from other glass bongs. All glass pieces include a 14mm glass bowl, an ice catcher, an attractive display box, and everything needed to maintain your bong.

Mini Ashtrays

Whether you’re packing a bowl, filling a blunt, or rolling a joint, you’ll need to think about roach and ash handling at some point.

Consider securely disposing of roaches and ashes with the handy Myster Mini Portable Ashtray which is effectively 2 ashtrays in one when you flip over the top.

Myster Mini Portable Ashtray

This Myster Mini Portable Ashtray is a magnetic ashtray that comes with a stash tray but it’s a great accessory on its own! Close it up with the screw-on top and put it away without cleaning up the ashes every time. There is also a bowl stand and a pipe spike de-bowler to clean ashes out of your pipe or bowl. The magnetic bottom means you can store it on the fridge (or on just about any metal surface). Measures 55mm x 70mm

Mini Rolling Trays

Rolling trays have become essential smoking gear. With modern upgrades, you can find mini rolling trays that look just like miniature versions of the standard tray in wood, metal, and glass. They’re available from some of the top brands in the industry too.

Although there are many styles from which to choose, the STR8 Metal Mini Rolling Tray represents what mini smoking gear is all about.

STR8 Metal Rolling Tray - Rollin Rasta 

The STR8 Metal Mini Rolling Tray - Rollin Rasta measures 7.7 x 6.1 x 0.5 inches. It’s a cool custom-designed rolling tray in Rasta colors of black, red, and yellow that will keep a small amount of gear and your weed in place.

Mini Digital Scales

The world of mini gear has also affected scales. Many new models have been designed as mini digital scales and are weighed in grams since they are so small. These little scales are more accurate than ever before thanks to modern electronics and manufacturing.

Mini digital scales, like the TruWeigh Lynx Digital Mini Scale, are not only extremely accurate, but they are also designed with weed users specifically in mind. 

Truweigh Lynx Digital Mini Scale - 650g x 0.1g / Black

The 650g x 0.1g Truweigh Lynx Digital Mini Scale has standard weight auto-calibration and uses the flexibility of silicone to create a platform that holds much more than grams. Other features make this scale so very handy, like the fact that it weighs in g, oz, ozt, dwt, gn, and ct. Use it as a kitchen scale too. And, if you don’t need it on the counter for daily use, it folds up neatly and can be stashed away in a drawer. Includes batteries and a cover/tray. Measures 2.1 2.2 x 0.6 inches.

Mini Smell-Proof Storage

Storage is another universal need of stoners. People used all sorts of things for storage from cellophane wrappers to Ziplock bags. When cannabis hit the mainstream, glass jars were the main smell-proof storage. Now, airtight storage is available in a range of styles including vinyl travel bags and pill bottles in materials such as glass, wood, and plastic.

In the mini category, one favorite is the soft case Revelry Mini Broker Smell-Proof Zippered Small Stash Bag for small, smell-proof storage.

Revelry Mini Broker - Smell-Proof Zippered Small Stash Bag

The Revelry Mini Broker Smell Proof Zippered Small Stash Bag is a pocket-size version of a larger stash bag with a lockable zipper closure. Not only is it smell-proof thanks to a three-layered carbon filter system with a protective twill interior and a rubber-backed exterior, but it’s also water resistant. Measures 6 x 4.5 inches.


Mini is the wave of the future. So, take a look at the mini bongs, dab rigs, and all the other shrinking smoking accessories and upgrade your sessions. It turns out that mini tools not only preserve vapor and flavor, but they’re also perfect for portability, convenience, and price.

Check out all the minis and micros at, the best online smokeshop. You’ll spend less on smaller gear, but with all the modern materials and upgrades, you’ll get big and lasting value from your gear too!

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