Marley Natural’s Sustainable Smoking Accessories Made From Walnut

by Matt Hampton

Marley Natural’s Sustainable Smoking Accessories Made From WalnutAligned with the ethos of Bob Marley, Marley Natural is the official cannabis brand of the famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer/songwriter from Jamaica. The company produces the highest quality smoking strains and accessories, while also generously donating part of the proceeds around the world through various causes and charities. This is what Marley Natural is all about. Our focus in this article is on Marley Natural’s sustainable smoking accessories made from walnut.

Marley Natural is known for premium quality strains and next level smoking accessories. They have has quickly become the popular choice for serious and casual smokers alike. With a whole lineup of high quality yet accessible products that rival the competition, it is no wonder that Marley Natural has taken a prominent space in the cannabis industry. So, if you’re wondering about the company’s history, how they became so popular, and most of all, how you can get some of their amazing smoking accessories, let’s have a look behind the scenes.

Introducing Marley Natural

The company is called Marley Natural, and it is actually the official brand of cannabis reggae musician and cultural icon Bob Marley. His powerful influence is still felt by many, even though he passed away in 1981. Because of his influence, Marley Natural was started on what would have been his 71st birthday in 2016 with the assistance of his family.

Marley Natural promotes connectivity, positivity, and transformation as a testament to his legacy. The company does this via a selection of natural products that are inspired by Jamaica's vital energy. These products are specifically designed to enhance your cannabis experience. As Bob Marley said, “Herb is the unification of mankind”, and we couldn’t agree more!

More Than A Cannabis Company

Marley Natural has taken Bob Marley’s beliefs on positivity, unity, and social change, and put them into practice in their own company mission statement. Not satisfied with simply providing high quality smoking accessories, the company has also partnered with numerous non-profit organizations including Global Giving to support charity causes around the world.

These causes are varied, but the main focus has been on community and environmental benefits. These specifically include sustaining the livelihood of local farmers and fishermen in Jamaica, protecting and preserving the Rastafari culture, and locating employment opportunities for American ex-convicts.

Marley Natural directly impacts several worthwhile causes. It is important to understand this environmental and cultural consciousness when it comes to purchasing products from Marley Natural. When you know that your purchases will positively and actively contribute to these special causes worldwide, it becomes much more meaningful than what other companies can provide.

With their growing lineup of causes, Marley Natural leverages his legacy and their status for increased outreach to more environmental projects and communities, while continuing to produce their popular natural smoking accessories for everyone to enjoy.

Beautiful Walnut Smoking Accessories

Marley Natural's range of products is natural, yet sleek and modern. The look stands apart whether you’re looking to buy a new pipe, grinder, or rolling tray. And now that you know the company ethos is focused on protecting the environment, you will understand that Marley Natural creates its product line to foster respect for nature. The company has accomplished this by utilizing sustainably sourced materials without any chemicals or plastics in sight.

Marley Natural's products not only look great but they are also highly functional with walnut as the main material in their pieces. This beautiful wood is decorated with their seal of quality in the form of the company logo, whether it is a pipe, tray or lockbox. Smokers have so many choices when it comes to selecting a favorite because there are so many products available. However, we’ll feature several that are available here to showcase the best of what Marley Natural offers.

Marley Natural Wooden Tray

This premium, multi-use tray is a beautiful display piece that features a fully functional design. The stunning black walnut wood base is finished in teak oil with a contoured cutout corner designed for convenient pouring. This try comes with a wooden scraper and built-in magnet to fit the tray’s dimensions for an integrated preparation of your herb to perfectly complement your smoking ritual.

Marley Natural Lock Stashbox

Keep your stash under the most beautiful lock and key with this lock box. Crafted from gorgeous black walnut, this lock stash box features removable acrylic dividers to keep your stash in order and a sliding top that doubles as a rolling tray. A tubular cam lock safely secures your stash, while you store larger items in the main compartment. This essential companion piece beautifully and discreetly stores your smoking accessories.

Marley Natural Glass & Walnut Steamroller

Balancing classic form with a refined aesthetic, this beautiful steamroller is the perfect everyday smoking accessory. With a mouthpiece of black walnut wood and hand-blown borosilicate glass, this pipe will enhance your smoking experience. A curved wood stand comes with this steamroller for convenience and display. The distinctive straight pipe form delivers greater clouds of smoke and therefore greater intake.

Marley Natural Black Walnut Water Pipe

This high-end glass bong is made from hand-blown borosilicate glass that can withstand not only the occasional knock, but also heat with ease. Featuring a classic beaker design, the glass has a walnut base and chamber, making it a beautiful showpiece. Easy to use, this bong has the cannabis connoisseur in mind who is looking for an enhanced smoking experience.

As you have seen here, Marley Natural has lots of smoking accessories available, and while they differ in use, their high quality, functionality, and beauty connect them. Marley Natural is committed to creating the most unique and highly functional products. Beautifully designed, durable, and easy to maintain, their product line is made from black walnut that is sustainably grown along with glass that is hand blown.

With subtle Jamaican-inspired accents, this timeless bespoke collection was designed to enhance your smoking ritual. When you use Marley Natural’s products, we think you will agree with Bob Marley when he said, “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”

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