How to Pick The Right Dabbing Gear

by Kyle Gantzer

Dab Gear

In the cannabis community, dabbing only continues to increase in popularity, so it’s good to know how to pick the right dabbing gear for you. Understanding what type of dab rig and accessories are suitable to your dab style can greatly improve your dabbing experience. For example, knowing what concentrate consistency you typically smoke is an important factor when picking the right dabbing gear.

The Right Dab Rig

Selecting a dab rig is the first step. We think the simpler the better, for beginners anyway. There really are endless styles of dab rigs available. We suggest starting on the low end and getting comfortable with the dab rig process before buying a more expensive piece. Smaller dab rigs provide more flavor and a richer terpene profile.


Reclaim Catch

Something to think about is where the reclaim (the non-vaporized oil left behind after dabbing) will go and how easy that will be to clean. It can cause a buildup over time that will affect the flavor of your dabs (plus it looks dirty). Look for dab rigs with a built-in reservoir that catches the reclaim. You can add a “drop-down” attachment to dab rigs that don’t have a reclaim catch. The drop-down fits between the rig and the banger or nail and will make collecting the reclaim easier.

Titanium Nails

Titanium nails are the standard for beginners. This is due to the durability and longevity of titanium, although some flavor is lost when dabbing on titanium. The hot metallic taste can mask the terpenes. Also, titanium nails are used at higher temperatures (800°- 1000° Fahrenheit) unless you have a carb cap. A carb cap is an accessory that covers the unit and allows the heat to be redirected back to the oil. Carb caps are a must-have item for getting a lower temperature dab.

Quartz Bangers

Many dabbers prefer to use what is known as a “banger.” A banger is like a bucket heated with a torch that you drop your dab of concentrate into once you reach the right temperature. Quartz does a good job at producing a flavorful dab when used for low temperature dabs (400°- 600° Fahrenheit). A carb cap is necessary to get convection heat in the banger to vaporize your dab better.

There’s a range of carb cap and banger combinations available, from standard and thermal buckets, to quartz castles, to troughs, to bubble and directional hover caps.

How to Pick the Right Dabbing Gear in 4 Steps:

  1. Look for a rig that has a built-in reservoir or reclaim catch (if not, add a drop-down attachment)
  2. Try an easy-to-use and long-lasting titanium nail, in spite of the metallic taste.
  3. Get a carb cap to fight the metallic taste
  4. Try a quartz banger

It will take some trial and error to find the right dabbing gear just for you. But have fun trying out all these different combinations along the way!

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