How to Pack a Bowl (Easily and Artfully)

by Chris Husong

How to Pack a Bowl (Easily and Artfully)If you’re new to smoking herbs and flower, you might be trying to figure out how to pack a bowl the easiest way possible.

On the other hand, maybe you’re a veteran smoker who’s open to what we think is the best method (HINT: read on for our bonus step that explains how to load a truly artful bowl with an extra surprise).

No matter what brings you here, grab your pipe, grab your lighter, and let’s get to it!

How to load a bowl easily and artfully 

This isn’t rocket science, but it is ritualistic. Packing or loading a bowl– this is the same thing– can be a very calming experience, whether alone or with friends. Feel free to relax and get into the ritual. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your pipe or bong
  • Your dried herbs/flowers
  • A lighter
  • Grinder or scissors with bowl/cup (technically optional, but HIGHly recommended)

    1. Have your pipe or bong on hand. While not a necessary step, the best bowls come from relatively clean pieces, so keep this in mind. It only takes a couple minutes to run hot water through your pipe to remove excess resin. 

    2. Get your herbage ready. Take out a bit more herb than you think the bowl requires, as this can later be used as a top off or for a bigger bowlpack.

    3. Break up your herbs and flower. You have a few options to break up your herbs in step 2:
  • Use a grinder- Honestly, this is the best way to make sure your bowlpack burns evenly and isn’t harsh on the lungs. Grinders are cheap and they’re a smoking accessory that will make your life easier and your smoking experiences better.
  • Use scissors with a bowl or cup- Don’t have a grinder handy? No problem! Grab a small bowl or cup, put in your herbs, and use scissors to cut into tiny pieces.
  • Use your hands- Some smokers prefer simply using their own hands to break up flowers and herbs to pack a bowl. Though it doesn’t have the awesome texture and consistency you get from using a grinder or scissors, it will do the trick.

    4. Time to pack your bowl. 
  • If using a grinder- Gently pour your ground-up herbs into the bowl of the pipe or bong. You can also use your fingers to carefully shovel. Once full or at your desired volume, gently pat down the packed bowl with your finger. Don’t push too hard, as it will be difficult for air to get through and give you wasted hits.
  • If using scissors with a bowl or cup- Same as grinder instructions.
  • If using your hands- If you are breaking up your herbs by hand, you will be loading them directly into the bowl as you break down the buds.
  1. BONUS STEP- Get a small scoop of kief from your grinder and lightly spread it on one half of the loaded bowl. This is an artful move that lets you enjoy a couple kief hits without depleting your kief supply :)
  2. Smoke. Inhale. Enjoy!

Packing a bowl isn’t hard, but…

Loading a bowl obviously is not a hard task. But as we mentioned, it is ritualistic and even artful. People are very nuanced about the way they pack their bowls, and now, you can be too. Don’t forget the artful kief step! It’s really worth it. 

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