How to Keep Your Cannabis Fresh For Longer With Boveda and Integra

by Chris Husong

So, you think you stored your cannabis properly. At least it looked fresh when you bought it with colors of bright green and frosty orange trichomes. Bummer, now your stash is dry and crumbly. 

Cannabis will lose its potency if it’s not cured properly. Without vital moisture, not only do you burn through dry bud quicker, you’ll lose the trichomes and resins that carry psychoactive properties. Over time, the potency of your stash will degrade, along with the terpenes that hold all the incredible flavors and aromas of cannabis. In this article, we’ll discuss how to keep your cannabis fresh for longer with Boveda and Integra.

Boveda and Integra have found a solution to this common storage problem. Moisture is important, as is a vacuum to retain freshness. Depending on the product you’re storing, there must be a certain level of humidity. 

There are certain foods and medications, for example that are sensitive to moisture. You’ve seen this in products that contain those little “silica gel” packages. The manufacturers needed to take the humidity level into consideration for those products. It’s the same idea here.

About Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control Packs

At Boveda, the secret is salt. They have created "Humidipaks" which store saltwater between reverse osmosis membranes which emit water vapor at levels that can be customized for different products.

Cannabis is best stored at about 54-63% relative humidity in a tightly-sealed container. Boveda’s Humidipaks accomplish this exactly. You put your cannabis in an appropriate container with a Humidipak which will ensure the optimal amount of moisture retention for your flower. You will notice the difference in how your cannabis burns, how it tastes, and how the high hits you.

The Humidipaks retain water without leakage. Boveda also offers one of the tightest seals you can find in light-proof containers available in various sizes and at affordable prices (they even have a 320-gram container).

Boveda knows that ideal storage relies not just on retaining moisture, but eliminating moisture as well. They have managed to achieve the perfect balance between moisture retention and elimination in order to reach the exact humidity levels needed for different scenarios.

About Integra Boost 2-Way Humidity Control Packs

Not to be outdone, Integra Boost also has small humidity packs that your stash will easily fit in. They have a non-toxic aqueous glycerin membrane that regulates the humidity in your container at 55%, closer to the dry end of the spectrum.

You can leave the humidity packs in your containers for up to a month without airing them out. If you like to hide your stash or only dip into it occasionally, this is super convenient.

The Integra Boost humidity indicators will save you the hassle of opening up your stash to see if your pack is all used up. Instead, just see if the purple dot has turned blue. If so, then you’ll know it's time to change your pack.

A 4-gram pack will do if you have less than 12 grams of flower. If you're storing up to 28 grams or an ounce, an 8-gram pack is ideal. You can even store up to 1 pound of cannabis in your (450g) in a 67-gram size humidity pack.

While we’re discussing cannabis preservation, here are some general curing principles to follow:

Quality Control Measures You Can Take

There are a lot of quality control measures you can take if you are growing your own cannabis. After harvesting, cultivators typically hang their crop upside down to dry in a room with controlled temperature and humidity before trimming the buds and storing them in a container, such as a tightly-sealed glass jar, to cure.

Take all the recommended steps to prevent mold from ever forming on your buds. Mold will appear gray and crumbly and, if it’s allowed to spread, it will ruin your whole stash. Should this happen, there are some steps you can take to restore quality. It might help if you allow air to circulate in the container by opening it several times a day, but not if you can't dedicate the necessary time and attention.

  • You can utilize a second curing process by storing your cannabis in a tightly sealed glass jar and adding a small slice of citrus peel from an orange, lemon, or lime. If the weed was poorly cured the first time, this second curing could make up for that. Now, the citrus peel trick could cause mold if you leave it in for too long. Fortunately, there are good options for keeping your weed fresh, and Boveda and Integra Boost can prevent these kinds of problems from occurring in the first place.
  • Of course, storing your stash in a cool, dry, dark area is very important. Exposure to light, particularly UV light, will damage your buds. Avoiding temperature fluctuations is important as well. Temperatures between 77–86 degrees Fahrenheit will cause mold and mildew to form, so don’t allow your stash to get too warm. Hot air rises, so try to store your stash close to the ground if possible, i.e., in the basement or downstairs, in the bottom drawer, on the lowest shelf, etc.
  • Again, avoid high temperatures when storing cannabis. On the other hand, the refrigerator is not a suitable cool, dry place to stash your weed. Freezers are even worse. Defrosted cannabis will be extremely degraded and the trichomes may detach.
  • Lastly, consider that an electrical charge can dry and degrade cannabis. So, don't store your stash near electrical appliances or substances that can conduct a charge, i.e., plastic bags. Sure, we know you’ve gotten many stashes in plastic bags before. They will keep cannabis fresh for a short period of time, but don’t rely on plastic bags long term. Investing in good containers and Boveda or Integra Boost is the way to go.

Boveda and Integra Boost Humidity Control Packs

Ultimately, these are the solutions that the cannabis industry has been looking for to keep weed fresh. Properly storing your buds in the best condition is now easy with the Boveda and Integra Boost humidity control packs. So what are you waiting for? These products are really a no-brainer at preserving freshness, aroma, and potency – all this at an affordable price and available for purchase in our online shop at Headshop

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