How to Find Weed-Smoking Friends

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How to Find Weed-Smoking Friends

There’s nothing wrong with getting high on your own. Sometimes, you find the perfect strain that makes you feel euphoric and creative, and you can explore new riffs on your guitar, play with new techniques on your canvas, practice your writing, or pursue whatever other creative endeavor that ignites your soul. And sometimes, you just want to chill out and toke up with some friends.

If your circle isn’t down with THC, you need to find weed-smoking friends with whom you can spend time and enjoy different strains. There’s nothing like sharing the joy of frosty nugs or purple buds with someone who just gets it. 

You know what you like, which strains to select, and you’ve probably got an awesome collection of pipes, bubblers, and bongs. Why not share all the goodness with people who can meet you at that same wavelength while you get high together?

Times have changed, and finding friends to smoke with has gotten a lot easier. Before, it was all underground, and you had to be connected to the right dealer to be connected with the right people, and even then, you weren’t sure if you could talk openly about it. With so many states having legalized marijuana, you now have tons more options for connecting with like-minded folks.

Where to Go to Find Weed-Smoking Friends

How to Find Weed-Smoking Friends

Although you can definitely set up connections online the way you would with a dating site, you have to be able to meet up in person so that you can enjoy your high with other people. Today, you can find cannabis-themed events in your city so you can pack up all your goods, head out, and get to smoking with new friends. For example, there may be events that combine weed with yoga. Have you ever tried that? It’s sublime.

Another set of events that could be marijuana-friendly include live music performances or networking groups. Check out sites like Meetup or even Pot Guide to check out what’s available in your area. Can’t find something that appeals to you? Set up your own 420-friendly event and welcome all the stoners who live by you.

Cannabis-Friendly Cities

To uplevel your cannabis experience, you have to be in an area where it’s legal. Whether you live in one of these cities or you’re willing to travel, the best spots for upgrading your weed smoking experiences include:

  •  Los Angeles, California
  •  Santa Fe, New Mexico
  •  Chicago, Illinois
  •  Portland, Oregon
  •  Boulder, Colorado

The cannabis scene is lively and continues to grow in all these areas that have legalized marijuana. Meet other stoners and check out local attractions like the Canyon Road art scene in Santa Fe or the Wisdome immersive art park in L.A. When a buzzing cannabis scene is already cemented into an area, it’s easy to find stoners to explore the area and hang out with.

Other Options

To start your connections online, you can check out different cannabis forums like the subreddit r/trees. When you visit these online communities, you can get the guidance you need to access smaller communities based on your local area.

You can also check out dating sites to connect with 420-friendly singles. Some people don’t smoke weed and don’t like it. Instead of matching with the wrong person who doesn’t vibe with your lifestyle, you can use niche dating apps for cannabis consumers and keep it real from the start.

If you’re feeling bold, you can also just ask whoever is around you at a local event or party. Cannabis is no longer living under the stigma that once housed it; instead, now it’s being celebrated and is used in even the most refined environments. Being straightforward about your lifestyle and desires can help foster the connections you seek with other weed smokers.

How to Make Friends with Other Weed Smokers

How to Find Weed-Smoking Friends
Arguably, it may be easier for stoners to make friends than others. When you smoke, you gain a different perspective on life—it’s like a filter for life that helps you focus on what’s actually important. Worries that were keeping you down life off of you as if they were oil droplets separating from water that is you. You remember what makes life worth living—and that’s a connection to others.

You may get a bit more philosophical when smoking and wish to share your theories on what life is all about with friends who can meet you on that thought cloud. With stoners, all you need to do is light up and let the moment take you all on a ride. Conversations are easier, you already have bud acting as the glue between the two of you, and you can rest easy while blowing smoke clouds into the sky.

A word of caution, however: stoners are still people, and while the great majority are super chill, there are always a few snakes in the crowd. Be mindful of people who always show up empty-handed—they may just be using you to get to the goods and explore your bubbler collection. 

There should always be an energetic exchange with friends, stoners, or otherwise. It feels good when things flow naturally and there is an equal give and take. Being taken advantage of, on the other hand, never feels good.

Why Find Weed-Smoking Friends?

How to Find Weed-Smoking FriendsBecause smoking alone all the time gets boring. Yes, it has plenty of perks, and sometimes all you want is to smoke and go to sleep, but when you’re high, watching a movie, and you notice something only a stoner could notice, it’s better when you can turn to your buddy right next to you and spend that moment in awe together. Plus, laughter is medicine. When the giggles come on, those are moments best shared with friends.

More people than ever are venturing into cannabis products. Some were always curious but wanted to stay in line with the law. There’s a whole new community of new stoners out there that would love to meet, toke up, and share life experiences with you. 

Marijuana has a way of bringing people together, no matter what their backgrounds are. Get out there, find weed-smoking friends, and have a great time!

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  • Gary

    Howdy, we live in San Diego (Del Cerro) and looking for friends who like to smoke weed.We are seniors but we are a lot of fun.

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