GOLD at The End of The Rainbow: Headshop’s Product Picks for St. Patty’s

GOLD at The End of The Rainbow: Headshop’s Product Picks for St. Patty’s

It’s almost St. Patty’s Day here at Headshop. And while the holiday is most widely celebrated with green beer, green attire, and even green rivers in cities like Chicago, we’re focused on a different color for St. Patrick’s Day this year 

We love GOLD! Who doesn’t? Check out our favorite gold smoking accessories from Headshop that, with a little herbage, are sure to bring out your inner leprechaun. Enjoy!

Our Top 5 Headiest GOLD Products for St. Patty’s

1.  Best GOLD Grinder - Shine 2" Grinder


Grinders are a smoker’s best friend, and this model is just plain fun. The look brings us back to childhood days dreaming of treasure. And as a functional grinder for dried herb, this little guy really does the trick. With sharp teeth and a convenient 2-inch size, it’s great to keep as your go-to at home or to throw in your bag and take with you. Headshop’s grinders come with 4 pieces, so you’ll be able to save your delicious kief with every use. Don’t break the bank on gold when you can spend under $20 for this beauty.

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2. Best GOLD Home Vaporizer - Volcano Classic Vaporizer Gold Edition 


If you want the granddaddy of all vaporizers, it doesn’t get much better than the Volcano. Unless you get the gold edition! We can’t think of a better gold vaporizer on the market than the one you see here. Not to worry, it still does all the same things the original Volcano by Storz & Bickel is known for… it’s just a bit more flashy, a bit more fun, and a lot more GOLD. The Volcano vaporizer is known for producing super-clean vapor that fills into the balloon bags. If you are considering buying, don’t be intimidated– the Volcano is very easy to use, and once you get into the groove, you’ll be puffing billowing clouds on St. Patty’s Day or any day of the week. In style.

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3. Best GOLD 420 Party Accessory - Shine Gold Cones

Are you having a St. Patty’s Day party? Or are you attending one? Green beer gets a run for its money as the best party accessory for St. Patty’s with these gold cones. They’re a fun, shiny treat and make a great conversation starter among your fellow smoking friends. These gold cones are made from legit 24k gold that’s safe for consumption. Even though the material is obviously different from your more traditional cones, you can still easily load your herbs and roll with ease. These make a great gift for any occasion, really, but they will certainly make you the talk of the party at any 420 St. Patty’s Day festivity.  

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4. Best GOLD Gift for Irish Smokers - Shine Rolling Tray


Imagine you finally get to the end of the rainbow. You see Snoop Dogg. Alas, he’s rolling a blunt on this gold rolling tray! This forever smoking accessory has just the right amount of flashiness without the cheap-looking effect. We love the gold-plated hardware and overall design; and at under $35, it makes an affordable gift that’s high-end to beat. Up close, the design on this gold tray is beautiful, while from afar it’s a definitive statement piece. Shine is the same rad brand that makes the gold blunt wraps and gold rolling papers, so for even more GOOLLLDDD accents, throw those in the cart too for your St. Patty’s party.

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5. Best GOLD Bubbler under $40


Finally, we decided to go with another gold smoking accessory under $40 to round out the list. This sleek gold bubbler is great for your herbs with a small size and large diameter mouthpiece. Perfect for on the go or smoking at a St. Patty’s party, the metallic coloring shines without looking cheap. While not as sexy as a gold Volcano vaporizer, this is a nice bubbler for people who love dried herbs to have nearby. If it’s left lying around the house, it doubles as a nice, gold accent. Plus, it won’t break the bank!

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